Sunday 28 August 2011

Strawberries and Cream and My First Giveaway!

Word is out; autumn is on its way. Here in Touraine a chill in the morning air foretells the shift between seasons as summer yields gracefully to autumn.  The angle of the sun is lower now too, making the light less intense and enhancing pure reds and their complementary greens.  When ambling through the vineyards this weekend we observed rich clusters of glossy berries in the hedgerows like rows of jars of jam shining like jewels on kitchen shelves.

Today is wash day.

And while the leaves of our cherry tree undress as the green pigment chlorophyll very slowly  breaks down I find myself embracing the promise of hedgerow crimson fruits and lazily ripening green grapes while feeling nostalgic for summer strawberries.  It's normal; we are on the cusp of two seasons cheering on the hedonistic pleasures of autumn and mourning those long, idle summer days of our childhood innocence.

This week I turned to my childhood memories and drew inspiration from Kate Greenaway.  In a letter she wrote to her dear friend John Ruskin in May 27 1897 her love of gardens shines through:

"I often think [...] that a little door leads out of the garden wall into a real old flowering garden, full of deep shades and deep colours.  Did you always plan out delightful places just close and unexpected, when you were very young?  I did.  My bedroom window used to look out over red roofs and chimney-pots, and I made steps up to a lovely garden up there with nasturtiums growing and brilliant flowers so near to the sky.  There were some old houses joined to ours at the side, and I made a secret door into long lines of old rooms, all so delightful, leading into an old garden.  I imagined it so often that I knew its look so well; it got to be very real.  And now I'd like somehow to express all this in painting, especially my love of old gardens with that richness of colour and depth of shade."

Extract from M. H. Spielman and G. S. Layard, The Life and Work of Kate Greenaway (Bracken Books, 1986).

My Strawberries and Cream are a dress and pantalettes the pattern for which I found in dear Valerie Janitch's The Kate Greenaway Doll Book.  I think most of you will heartily agree the garish strawberry fabric, which appeared in the lining of my Potager Bag does not exactly recall the delicate Regency style garments Greenaway used to paint and draw but it celebrates how I feel about this time of year.  For a touch of authenticiy a very dear friend of mine, who collects nineteenth-century fabrics, gave me an antique piece of bed linen for the pantalettes.  The material is so thick that I almost broke two needles whilst sewing it last night!

If you would like to discover more about the connection between Jane Austen and Kate Greenaway I discovered this informative post on Jane Austen's World.

Let us talk about my GIVEAWAY!

A few days ago I was reading this post written by dear Annie in which she writes about a read along of Jane Austen's novels she has signed up for here .  I suddenly jumped up, rushed to my book shelves and found a spanking new book:

Why is this book in the cherry tree?

This book is fabulous!

Have you seen it before?  It was first printed in 2009 and offers a stroll through the gardens that Austen would have known and visited, from Bath and London to the houses of friends and family in Hampshire, Warwickshire, and Kent, yes KENT - did you hear me, Pomona ? ;-)

It is full of lush photographs and period drawings, social history and biographical details together with delicious excerpts from Austen's novels.  The bibliography is rich with information for Austen fans.

As Fanny Price, the heroine of Mansfield Park, observes, 'To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure, is the most perfect refreshment.'

I am offering this book - and I love the recipes for Mrs Norris's Dried Roses - as part of my giveaway.

But that is not all!

To raise a cheery glass to the onset of not-too-distant AUTUMN I am offering a knitting pattern of your choice from the wonderful Alana Dakos's Never Not Knitting Autumn Collection.

To Enter My Giveaway:

1.   You need to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post.  Feel free to start following me now :-)

2.  If you blog about this giveaway on your own blog please let me know and I will enter you twice for the giveaway.

3.  This is, of course, an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!

4.  You will need to visit the Never Not Knitting pattern store and chose which Autumnal pattern you would like to win.  Come back here and tell me in your comment which one you would fancy.

5. This giveaway will finish on Sunday September 11th at 11pm.

Good luck and have a magical week.


  1. What a delicious little dress.:)
    Yes I mourn the passing of summer but if autumn must come then the Cream & Sugar cowl would definitely be cosy! What a lovely book Stephanie, thank you for your very generous giveaway.
    Vivienne x

  2. Thank you for the mention - and have you come across the book, Jane Austen in Kent? Apparently she had dinner at the house of my dear departed grandmamma, (and perhaps even strolled through the gardens there).
    My favourite pattern is Cosette - I love knitting shawls, and the picot edge looks lovely, especially in a contrasting colour.

    Pomona x

  3. Seeing those adorable clothes pinned to the line really does show a particular change of season.

    Visiting your posts is always such a pleasure.
    I have seen that book, but had not before know about the wonderful knitting site. That lady is a marvelous designer, and knows how to make hand knitting really sing. I loved two of her autumn designs...the Oak Grove Mitts and the Autumn Vines beret. They are very charming, and look like they'd be fun to knit. Best wishes. xo

  4. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway.. that sounds like a lovely book.
    My favourite pattern is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.
    Thank you for this lovly giveway!

    Ashley xxx

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    How lovely to come and visit you today and see what you are up to.
    Love the sweet dress and pantalops hanging on the line.
    Always hard to say goodbye to summer, but then I think Autumn is such a lovely month too.
    The book looks gorgeous and what a wonderful giveaway. Also the knitting patterns are all so fabulous, love the Cedar leaf shawlette and the little girls, cute bird hairband.

    Have a happy week

  6. What a wonderful giveaway :D Jane Austen and gardens, who could resist! And a knitting pattern!! I'm with Pomona, it would have to be the Cosette wrap :)

    Autumn is on it's way here too, and yes the leaves are undressing, as are the trees ... there were lots of fallen leaves blowing about in the wind today!

    Thank you for the mention dear Stephanie. And for the link to the Kate Greenaway article. Those lovely pantalettes look just like something out of one of her pictures. So sweet :D

  7. Oh ma belle, this is a fabulous give away!!! I LIKE "The Birds" headband!!! YES!! And that book. Just the cover alone makes my heart sing! I enjoy a lush green garden with puffy white flowers. I do follow you and please enter my name!

    Have a delightful week ahead mon amie! Anita

  8. Fabulous giveaway - I'd love to join in spite of the fact that I have won many giveaways and oftentimes feel that I shouldn't enter any more!! I'd love the Sugar and Cream Cowl pattern should I be lucky enough to win please. I am so enjoying your lovely blog and that little dress and pantaloons is beautiful as are your words which sum up what I feel about this time of year so beautifully.

  9. I haven't come across the book, but it looks (and sounds) gorgeous and I loved the way you made me feel all nostalgic about the season with your wonderful words.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I didn't mind at all. N x

  10. Good morning lovely Stephanie!...
    I am will be returning to blogland as soon as my girls leave for university but I could not resist a few visits to my favourite places this morning....and of course I would love to enter your beautiful giveaway!
    I think my girls would love the appropriately autumnal 'Oak Grove' mitts if I were to win (and I may even have time to knit myself some too!)
    Your little strawberry dress is so pretty....the mix of old and new combine perfectly....
    Thank you for offering such a generous Giveaway..
    Susan x

  11. Such a pretty outfit. I love the strawberry fabric.
    Wow what a fab giveaway. The book is lovely and the pattern I really like is the Cedar leaf shawlette.
    I`ll pop a link on my blog.

  12. Wow, a beautiful post as always and such a generous giveaway.
    Much love to you lovely lady.

  13. oh wow -i love both seedling and cloudy day!

    thanks for stopping by :)
    what a small world, i spent a few years growing up near tours!

  14. p.s-i'm bookmarking your blog as i can't find the follow link ;)

  15. Oh I love the strawberry dress, what fabulous fabric! Definitely feels like autumn is arriving here and pretty quickly too. Great giveaway, my favourite is the Cedar leaf shawlette :-)

  16. Hi Stephanie,

    The little dolls dress and trousers look very sweet! You chose some lovely fabric.

    I know the books by Kate Greenaway. I have a very old one in my cupboard (Book of Days). It's nice to leaf through now and then and look at the beautiful drawings.

    Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway. You were right. I do like the book very much! I didn't know of it's existence and I would very much like to attend your giveaway. I will put a link on my blog.

    I have to admit I am not that much of a knitter, but more a crocheter. I hope that is no problem?

    Wish you a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  17. i found the follow link ;0
    i'll blog about it today :)

  18. Hello Stephanie What a wonderful combination - Jane Austen, gardens and knitting! Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway, I would love to read the book. My favourite pattern is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette, should I be a lucky winner.
    I love your autumn post, I too am noticing the turn of the season this weekend.
    PS In answer to your question over on my blog, I have knitted a yoked cardigan with my Ciltrano yarn, but haven't photographed it yet, and can't direct anyone to the pattern as I used a combination of two!
    Enjoy your week and thanks again!
    Helen x

  19. I have just found your blog,not quite sure how.Tours is one of our favourite places.Our daughter did a school exchange when she was 15 with a school in St Avertin.We have kept up the contact ever since and whenever we are in the beautiful Loire valley we visit our friend in St Avertin.Ishall mention your giveaway on my blog and the pattern I like and my granddaughters would love is the Molly beret.I've got my fingers crossed!

  20. Dear Stephanie,
    What a lovely giveaway! Thanks very much for the information, I´m up to my eyeballs with work, so unfortunately I haven´t got the time for visiting blogs at the moment and probably would have missed your giveaway. Of course I´d love to win this gorgeous book and one of these beautiful knitting patterns! It´s quite difficult to make a choice here, BUT if I were the lucky winner I would love to get the pattern for the Adult Spring Garden Tee. :-)

    I will add a link to your giveaway in my blog.

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  21. Hi Stephanie, what a yummy post. My dolls were falling over themselves to admire the tiny togs on the washing line. We love books here and have all the titles you mentioned in your post except the fabulous 'In the Garden with Jane Austen'. Please enter us for your generous giveaway and after much changing of minds we've selected the watermelon pattern. Thank you for popping into flutterby patch and leaving a nice comment. In answer to your question about which pic I like best. . . . I'm a flutterby by name and nature and today it's the Wildsmith boat, tomorrow it will be one of the others! Eli x

  22. Whoops! I forgot to say that Belinda Jane has given your great giveaway a special mention on my post.

  23. Oooooo count me in for this lush giveaway!
    I have a stack of Austen books on my bookshelf from my uni days of studying English Lit (I must re-read them- my favs are Northanger Abbey and P&P, of course) so I'm very interested in this book.
    And I've popped over to Never not Knitting and I love the cloudy day beret.
    Have a great week.

  24. Dear Stephanie,

    What a glorious book!
    I love hearing anything about Kate Greenaway, not to mention John Ruskin. This reference of Kate imagining a secret garden is fabulous.
    Thank you for such a generous give-away.

  25. What a generous and beautiful give away. A lovely book full of garden delights and a knitting pattern, oh I would have to choose Chloe, what a sweet little shrug for a little girl.
    I too used to imagine doors leading out to a secret garden when I was younger, perhaps I need to let my mind wander again.
    I think the strawberry material is gorgeous.
    x Sandi

  26. My, what an unusual give-away. I linked here from Little Cotton Rabbits. I really love your little Rose (Robin Egg) Cardigan.
    As for Alana's patterns it would have to be Playful Stripes Cardi, perfect for my charity knitting

  27. Oh this is very popular!!

    Firstly thank you for letting me know about your little give away, feeling a bit special to be able to enter...
    Wouldn’t it be great to have a garden... i have a rosemary pot in my tiny kitchen, and that’s the extend of my garden! the book makes me dream;
    I absolutely adore the cloudy day; i love the colour, the design, and .. the name!
    well good luck to all :) :)
    xo sandra

  28. Just stumbled across your blog. It's lovely, so I have started to follow you. I would love to join your giveaway. My favourite pattern is Cedar Leaf Shawlette, knitted up it would so go with my new top which I made yesterday. :)
    Love the strawberries and cream outfit. Be careful the flower fairies don't take it from your line, its so beautiful. :)

  29. This little outfit looks ...yummy!

    Jane Austen? Yes, please!!! Thanks for the links! I love Jane Austen.
    I haven't knitted in ages, but I could definitely remember how it's done in order to make the Shawl Collared Cowl; it's gorgeous!
    Ooooh, I dream of autumn! Your words are fab!

  30. Oh you are so kind..what a beautiful book sitting in a cherry tree. I am enchanted by the wee roses are red & violets are blue headbands. Do you think it would be silly to knit one for me? Keep my hair out of the way when I am gardening ; ) Goodness that antique fabric must be robust breaking two of your needles like that. The worst thing is breaking them & it is night time & realizing that you have no more : 0 I look forward to seeing French autumn vistas through your eyes & with your delightful descriptions. Much love my friend X0X

  31. Yes please! Sounds interesting and if I'm lucky enough to win I'd love to get my needles around the Shawl Collared Cowl. We have horse chestnuts falling in the woods now which is a sure sign of the season change.

  32. Oh those are such sweet dolly clothes! I Love Jane A! And Kate G! What a wonderful giveaway you are having. I would love to enter. The garden book looks amazing. I am not the worlds best knitter, but the shawl collared cowl looks really nice. (All the patterns look wonderful, especially some of those with leaves, but I don't think I'm advanced enough to figure out how to do those.)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Dear Stephanie,

    Please count me in! This book indeed looks, and sounds, wonderful.

    I am a big fan of Alana. Apart from the designs I already own from her, I think Cloudy Days is my next favourite. So very pretty.

    The dress and pantalette are darling!

  35. Thank you so much for the visit today-I am so glad that I now have a chance to win this lovely book in your giveaway.I am now a follower of your lovely blog.
    I will post about the giveaway on my sidebar too.

    Take care ,

  36. I am now following your lovely blog. I adore the fabric you picked for the dress!

    Thanks so much for your chance.


  37. Hello! What a very beautiful blog you have. Your lovely embroidered bag has given me an idea for some amazing old embroidery patterns my granny recently gave me (they're from 1933!)
    I'd love to enter your giveaway, thank you
    Emily x

  38. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting and introducing yourself. I look forward to reading more about your world in the Loire. Don't worry about including me in the draw - I have an embarrassing number of garden books - I am just glad to say Hi! in return.

  39. I would enter for the book alone. I fell in love with Mr. Darcy at the age of eight, and Miss Austen has long been one of my triumvirate of favourite authors. (Now that I think of it, all her heroines show a proper appreciation for the beauties of nature, so the book seems very appropriate.)

    Have you read Claire Tomalin's excellent biography of Miss A?

    The Shawl-collared Cowl looks like something my limited knitting skills could tackle successfully. And it would keep my ever-chilly winter neck warm.

    I like that strawberry fabric.

  40. Hi Stephanie
    What a sweet little outfit!
    And what a wonderful giveaway!
    The book looks a gem. Being both a great fan of Jane Austen and a lifelong resident of Kent, I would be particularly excited to have a chance to win this giveaway!
    I have popped over to that wonderful Never Not Knitting website, and were I so lucky to win, would choose the shawl collared cowl pattern please.
    Thanks for the chance to enter this great giveaway Stephanie!
    Gill xx

  41. Hello Stephanie, such a beautiful book (and the garden here needs an inspired approach!)
    I've spent ages looking at all the gorgeous patterns (I always listen to the Never Not Knitting podcasts too as well as Hoxton Handmade) and have finally chosen the Cedar Leaf Shawlette (but any pattern would be perfect)
    happy knitting and gardening
    love Barbara x :)

  42. I've just discovered your wonderful blog whilst blog hopping, how lovely to find a blog covering two of my favourite things, knitting and gardening. I've read back through your previous posts, what a delight. I visited the Loire Valley whilst I was at school and remember it fondly, though I would have got so much more out of the trip had I been older (I was 13 at the time). What a wonderful giveaway, the book looks so interesting. I've taken a look at the Never Not Knitting website and though the Sheepish pattern looks lovely, I don't have any littlies to knit for anymore. Therefore, as my littlest littly is rehearsing for Les Miserables at the moment, I will plump for Cosette if I win. I've been looking for a shawl pattern to knit for my mum and this looks perfect. I am now following you and have added your giveaway to my sidebar.

  43. What a pretty blog you have- I have not heard of this book but I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and her stories. The book sounds fascinating. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely book.
    I will be back to visit your blog again.
    Warmest regards,

  44. What a delicious post! Not just the dress, which will make heads turn, especially when your daughter wears the ensemble of dress and pantaloons, it will be ADORABLE, but the quotes you give us. I really love the quotes you give us in your posts, they inspire. Just last night I was browsing through some of my vintage flower names and descriptions books, my bedtime reading. And One of my favourite reads recently was a book by a Mr.Arkell titled "Old Herbaceous", written back in the 40's, it's a real charmer. So really this post combines two of my favourite things, literary garden books, and knitting patterns, both of which comprise bedtime reading for me. It doesn't get much more perfect than that. Oh, I also have Katherine Mansfield's "The garden Party and Other stories" sitting on the bedside table. Bought after your recommendation. I've just read the entertaining and interesting introduction by Lorna sage, and am just about to wade into the pleasurable depths of the first story "At The Bay".
    This is a very generous giveaway Stephanie, thank you very much. I've just looked ay the wonderful new patterns from Never Not Knitting, and fell in love with the Autumn Vines Beret pattern. It touched a chord in me, because I've just started knitting a lace dress, and I'm finding it hugely enjoyable, to my surprise. I shall put a link to your giveaway in my Friday post, as it's such a wonderful giveaway, and anyway, your blog is such a wonderful read it will be a pleasure to alert people to it. I shall have to keep my fingers very crossed on the 11th September, and hope I win! Vanessa xxx

  45. Thank you so much for your comment, and it's always so lovely to discover new blogs! I am now a follower, so probably very cheeky of me to enter the giveaway, but can I go for it anyway?! I love Jane Austin, and I live just a few miles from her Hampshire house (although quite shameful that I haven't visited there for quite a while). I will post about your giveaway on my next post and the cloudy day beret is definitely my fave!

    Have the most super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  46. Ah man those clothes are just so cute!

    I've popped over from Coco Rose's. I love meeting new people via the comments on others blogs. I have a friend who would adore this book so I hope she'll enter too. I've emailed her your link.

    If I won I'd choose the Molly hat, it's lovely.

    Off for a nose around now, your blog looks like a joyful place to spend some time.


  47. Oh, the dress is sooo cute!

    And thank you so much for the book mention.

    I may also thank you for your visit in my blog;-)

    kind regards
    from Betty

  48. Thank you so much for your visit and invitation. Your blog is absolutely beautiful, and who could resist such a wonderful giveaway. I must say; the cedar leaf shawlette pattern is my favourite.

    I look forward to seeing more of your lovely posts. And the sewing… oh the sewing! I can only envy your skills in that department, simply gorgeous!

  49. Morning I was visiting Abby's Paperie Garden and read your comment so I just had to visit and see your giveway! I love your blog it is very 'fresh' looking so I will be following you now :-)! I am also doing a very tiny first giveaway it you would like to go look!

  50. I love Kent so much and have heard of the book, such a beautiful corner of the world. Would love to own the book :-)
    I have visited the Knitting site and love the shawlette, what a wonderful knitting site!
    I have also added your giveaway to my blog. Sooo please add me for a chance to win!

  51. What a wonderful giveaway, the book looks fabulous, and I would choose the shawl collared cowl :) I think I might need it this autumn...
    Sue Xxx

  52. Thank-you for visiting my blog and saying lovely things! I would love to win your giveaway - the pattern I'd choose is the Molly hat to give to my lovely friend Cuckoo.
    Jo x

  53. Just found your lovely blog. The book looks great. If i was lucky enough to win I'd like the Molly pattern. Perfect for chilly days in Edinburgh xx

  54. Good luck with your giveaway sweetie I'm sure it won't be your last.

  55. How nice to find your blog, via the lovely Vanessa! I love the Cedar Leaf Shawlette, should I be the lucky winner. I invite you to visit my blog, too.. nice to meet you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. What a lovely outfit strawberries and creme! This is such a wonderful give-a-way.
    Love Jane Austen and have read, re-read and seen the movies again and again... I am a hopeless romantic I'm afraid.
    I would love to win your give-a-way, the Garden book and the pattern... but goodness which to choose? the Cedar Leaf Shawlette I think.
    So fingers crossed and thank you so much for the opportunity! And now I am a follower too:)

  58. What a lovely blog x

    I would like to knit the Amelie sock pattern.

    Thank you for doing the great giveaway.

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x

  59. Your blog is lovely and the giveaway so generous. Thank you! Since I have a beautiful little granddaughter, I'd love to knit the Playful stripes cardigan or the Sheepish cardigan.

  60. The book looks just fabulous!
    My favorite pattern is the Seedling one.

  61. Wow..... I think I'd go for the Oak Grove gloves. I could make a pair for best and a pair to use in the garden. I'm sure I'd be out pottering if I had that book to inspires me.... In fact I think I might have to go out for a potter and a bit of weeding right now.... ;)

  62. This looks a fabulous book! I will have a closer look on Amazon!
    I love the shawl collared cowl - it would be just perfect for watching my son on the rugby pitch this winter!

  63. Oh what a truly lovely giveaway. Thankyou so much for hopping over to remind me, and yes, I have always been a fan of Jane Austen and I am in dire need of knitting instruction. I've been so terribly busy that I've hardly been blogging at all! I'm so glad I got over here in time. Please do pop me in the hat if that's OK. Thankyou!

    Those little clothes are just perfect.

  64. Oh sorry - this is not an attempt at an extra entry, just the name of my favourite pattern, which I forgot to mention - it is the seedling hat.

  65. Hi, thankyou for visiting my blog. I would love the headband patterns as I would be a fledging knitter and I could make them for my little peach.
    I would really love the book. I find it hard to find English language books here and so it would be fantastic to win it.
    I put a link on my blog.
    I am in love with the Frech site and love it sooooooo much.
    I love the way you incorporate nature into your pics. It is so ethereal and lovely. xxx

  66. Bonjour! I found your blog through Eli's Flutterby Patch. You have such a charming place, and love doll clothes, too!

    I would love to enter your giveaway. I think I could manage the Cosette shawl pattern. :)



  67. Hi, I have just found your blog and become a follower. I love the quote you included in this post, and I would also love to enter the competition, as that book looks amazing.(I cannot knit however, so would have to forego the knitting pattern) Thanks

  68. oooh! What a beautiful, beautiful book! I am a *bit* of an Austen fan :D please do enter me in your lovely giveaway!~!

  69. I have just joined and I am so excited. What a joy it is to have found your blog through Do you mind if I knit. The book and pattern is a great giveaway. I just checked out ever not Knitting and I chose the Shawl Collared Cowl. What lovely patterns. Thanks again. Madelynb

  70. I have just joined and I am so excited. What a joy it is to have found your blog through Do you mind if I knit. The book and pattern is a great giveaway. I just checked out ever not Knitting and I chose the Shawl Collared Cowl. What lovely patterns. Thanks again. Madelyn

  71. Stephanie ma belle,

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME! Oh how I enjoy your world, and YOU. Your words of kindness will go with me as I start off my day with a smile, and of course a nice set of pearls, a polka dot dress and fun activities to get to know one another!

    The air must be getting chilly out your way; here it is still humid but soon will be cold. I love the cool weather, school and the holidays. Oh, I JUST LOVE LIVING!


  72. I am so pleased to have discovered you and your blog ~ I am in the Charente Maritime, and it is also chilly here now too......I am following you now and would love to win the book ~ I have a cooking book about Jane Austen, so a gardening one would make a pair! I love gardening and specialise in heirloom herbs ~ some of which I bought from Villandry last time I was there in May this year.
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  73. I would love the seedling beret!

  74. Oooh Stephanie it is a wonderful giveaway, thank you for the tip off!! Would love to be entered - I used to live in Winchester but never in fact made it to Jane Austen's house - shame on me! As for the knitting patterns, well I actually can't knit, but it is on my 'to learn' list so with that in mind, the pattern I would choose would be cloudy day hat. not sure if I could pull off wearing it, but would give it a good go!!
    Have a lovely rest of your evening xxx

  75. Glad I found your blog - through Attic24.
    I would love to win the Jane Austin book and the headbands patterns.
    Lovely site.

    Take Care.

  76. I just loved your blog and I wish I could win this awesome book.
    About Never not knitting patterns, I loved the cream and sugar cowl.
    Lots, lots of greetings from Mexico

  77. WOW! Just discovered your lovely, lovely, lovely blog! I'm trying to solve the riddle of the cute clothing you have been working on. Generally I have to NOT be trying to think for these things to work (if that makes sense) :).
    That book cover makes my heart sing, I know it will be a blessing to whomever is the recipient. If I were to be the lucky soul, I would have a hard time choosing between the Shawl Collared Cowl and the Cream and Sugar Cowl (the other patterns are amazing as well, but, alas, I have no little girls to knit for)- but it would have to come down to the Cream and Sugar.
    Thanks for your generosity! We are all thankful for the chance.

  78. Thank you for your generosity. This is a wonderful giveaway! I chose the shawl collared cowl. I am new to your blog, but enjoying the beauty you have shared. Have a lovely day! Twyla

  79. I would love to read the Jane Austen Book.
    Alana's patterns are fab.

  80. I would like the shawl collared cowl pattern. Jane Austen books are on tap for my book club this month. The books would be perfect

  81. I would like the shawl collared cowl patter. Jane Austen books are on tap for my book club this month. The book would be perfect to share.

  82. The book looks like a wonderful treat. Thanks for the chance. I would love the Cream and Sugar Cowl pattern, although it is difficult to decide which pattern I like the most.

  83. hi
    Thank you very much for this giveaway. I would like the pattern for the garden tee please.

  84. Your blog is lovely. So is your giveaway, thank you. :)

  85. I have just discovered your blog and it is beautifully written with absolutely lovely photographs.

    What a delightful addition to a literature study that book would be for my home educated daughter and me.

    I can't decide between the Amelie socks and the Autumn vine beret pattern. Either pattern would be very welcome in my home.

  86. Hello Stephanie. I finally got back here after the summer holidays have drawn to their close! Such a lovely giveaway - I am already a follower and I love the Cloudy Day beret pattern. Hope your week is going well x

  87. First visit to your blog and definitely became a "follower." I know I will enjoy visiting you.:-) I love "Never Not Knitting's" patterns and already own several, but do not yet have "Sugar and Cream Cowl" so that would be my choice. Love that Jane Austen book.


  88. Liz in Missouri (USA)6 September 2011 at 19:55

    What a lovely little dress! I can just see a wee little mite running about the garden chasing bunnies and smelling the last of the summer flowers in an outfit like this.
    Just lovely!

  89. What a gorgeous giveaway, that book looks beautiful.
    I think I would like the 'oak grove' pattern.
    Thank you for letting me know, I somehow missed this!

    B xxx

  90. Hi thanks for the message about your giveaway.

    That book looks right up my street!

    If I am lucky enough to win, as I dont knit could youchoose somebody else to win the pattern?

    Thanks again, I'm going to have a look at the book online now.

  91. What a beautiful giveaway! I love Jane Austen and the regency period! So would love to enter!

    I posted your give away at my sidebar and follow.

    and at Never not knitting, my favorite would be the Shawl Collared Cowl,

    thanks for the chance!

  92. by coincidence I found your blog...and I am so happy that I found so many inspirational thoughts, pictures...The book is lovely so the "Oak Grove" Mitts.
    Thank you for the giveaway and for your very nice blog! Best wishes..

  93. Hi Stephanie, Thank you for visiting me. I would love to enter your give-away, thank you so much! I love your blog. I visited the patterns and love the cedar leaf shawlette. Have a nice day. xoRobin❤

  94. This is my first visit! What a nice giveaway, very generous of you. I am crossing my fingers. LOL

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  95. I LOVE your blog......thank you for sharing a tiny bit of the world with me... I would so enjoy the Shawl-collared cowl...so very comforting and cozy...I knit each day as I tend my husband who is dealing with brain cancer and it brings great comfort to my soul...

  96. Count me in your giveway. I'm sure I'd enjoy the Jane Austen book.

    And yes, I'm a follower!

  97. OOOO what a fabulous giveaway... I would definitely want to try the Amelie sock pattern, they are soooo pretty. And how amazing is that Jane Austen book, what a great find.

  98. Having just found your blog, I am delighted to be a new follower.

    Thank you for the giveaway and the introduction to this wonderful book. If I am not the lucky winner, I shall be purchasing it for my dear, dear friend Diane.

    I enjoyed looking at the patterns--Sheepish is my favorite. However, I am not a knitter, so if I win, would it be possible for you to choose a knitter from the other comments and pass a pattern along to her?

    So glad to meet you. I'll be back.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  99. Hello Stephanie, thank you for inviting me over and you're right it is indeed a lovely giveaway. If number 100 is the lucky winner, I would choose the Cosette shawl, it is beautiful.

    Kate x

  100. It is a difficult decision to choose which pattern since they are all lovely. I think I would like the Sheepish pattern for one of my grand-daughters.

  101. Just mentioned you on my blog http://cablingkaren.blogspot.com Karen x


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