Saturday 19 December 2015

Movement and Change

Dear readers,

In his book, Colour and Culture, practice and meaning from antiquity to abstraction, John Gage brings to light that the Greek words for purple seem to have had a double connotation of movement and of change.  This could be accounted for, he explains, both by the many colour changes involved in the dyeing process and by how its lustre reflected back the light of the universe lifting this colour somewhere between the secular and the sacred (p.25).

These past months have been, and continue to be, a period of movement and of change for my children and I.  The transformation we are enduring is perhaps not visible but certainly it is deep and strong and holds the potential for beauty and lustre too.  Pain makes us grow, does it not?  Tristan's music, Héloïse's love of theatre and my need to create bring us moments of shared joy, as do our wonderful friends, of course.  I have been beavering away at mice, rabbits and kittens for Christmas markets and orders and feel excited about facing new creative challenges and projects in the new year.

I am holding onto this blog by the skin of my teeth; confidence in my voice is lacking and I  feel almost embarrassed about how unoriginal I have become but whilst I write these awkward words I am chuckling at myself.  I have faith that time will bring clarity to myself and to Héloïse, Tristan and Angélique.  In the meantime I admire my children for striving forth every day and remaining full of integrity.

I am so sorry this post is a meagre one but I simply wanted to reach out to you all.  2015 has been a horrendous year in so many ways but when I look back the good that has come out of the past twelve months by far outweighs the pain.  I hope you all have the peace and joy you deserve over Christmas and I look forward to sharing the new, hopeful year with you. 
The Ravelry notes for this purple shawl, made for a dear friend a few weeks ago, are here.

Stephanie x

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