Thursday 19 September 2013

The Meadow Hare Winner

Oh my, oh my!
If I have chosen to portray a small part of Mademoiselle Flower Meadow below it is simply because I wish in some magical way I could give a little piece of her to every single wonderful soul who participated in this giveaway both here and on Madame Millefeuilles.  But that just wouldn't work, would it?  A winner must be chosen and before the very obliging Random Number Generator did its job this morning a lot of additions and, dare I say, a smattering of multiplications needed to be performed with the wonderful list of hopeful shares on Facebook and the numerous cheery comments on this blog.
Before I announce this flowery Demoiselle's destination I really would like to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my sincere heart.  There will be other giveaways, I promise!
So, this little hare is off to Germany to  live with Bärbel, (aka The Garden Fairy).  Please Bärbel, could you send me your address via e-mail?
I will be returning in a few days.  I am dreaming away, stitching and knitting during this wonderful everyday life we live.   I wish you all well.
A très bientôt,

Friday 6 September 2013

Flower Meadow Hare - GIVEAWAY!

Dear readers,
Inspiration, I am sure you will agree, may be found in many corners of our lives.  These past few days I have looked for it in the books I read whilst snuggled up with Angélique*, and in the merry profusion of wild flowers, sparkling in the September sun, which, I swear, seem to lift their swaying heads as I approach them on my way to the vineyards.
 Enchanted flower meadows don't just exist in Belle Ile En Mer; I've stumbled across quite a few here in France and there's even one a few minutes stroll away from our home. A 'Van Gogh cornfield or a mad technicolor Liberty print' as Katherine Swift describes them, they are composed of a clever mixture of native and non-native hardy annuals which flower over an extremely long period from mid-June through to early November.  The one nearby, alive with bees and brilliantly charged with colour, boasts blue cornflower, brown-eyed susans, toadflax, yellow corn marigold and self-heal amongst others I cannot name yet.
 A fabulous source of inspiration.
And so, dear friends, to celebrate your kindness and generosity and the past two years of Millefeuilles I have created Mademoiselle Flower Meadow as a GIVEAWAY to you.
She has been such a joy to stitch.  A little Liberty lawn (from the fabric used to make Angélique's summer dress), the softest merino fingering yarn from The Uncommon Thread in the Meadow Grass colourway, a few strands of hand-dyed silk and cotton threads to embroider those meadow flowers and my last piece of 1890s pale yellow lace to trim a pair of bloomers.  Oh, and I mustn't forget the 1940s ivory lace on Miss Hare's skirt either!
 So, if Mademoiselle Flower Meadow finds favour with you there are three ways to win her and you can try all three ways to give yourselves some extra luck.
First, all you have to do is to leave a comment at the end of this post.  Everybody is welcome regardless of where you live or whether you are a regular reader of Millefeuilles.
For a second chance, if you wish, you can mention this giveaway on your blog or put a link in your sidebar.  Please feel free to choose the picture your prefer for that.
Finally, if you are on Facebook, there is a post about this giveaway on my page which if you LIKE and SHARE will give you another chance to win.  Don't forget to leave another quick comment here once you have done the deed to let me know.
This giveaway will close on Tuesday 17th September and I will be using the Random Number Generator to pick the winner.
Thank you ALL for your encouragement and for leaving such kind comments. 
A bientôt,
* The four illustrations above are from three books all of which are illustrated by my current favourite artist; Charlotte Gastaut.
Charles Perrault, Les Fées
Charlotte Gastaut, Le Grand Voyage de Mademoiselle Prudence
Hans Christian Andersen, Poucette


Sunday 1 September 2013

Forget Me Not

Dear readers,
This is not a blog post as such.  I simply wish to let you know that I am sending you all a warm hug from France.  I am mastering the art (again) of treading carefully whilst I replenish my iron levels (again).  Despite this temporary state of fatigue I am feeling hopeful and excited about current projects and the school year ahead.

Sometime in early summer my blog, Millefeuilles, turned two.  I have experienced so much sweet generosity from so many of you and I would very much like to offer you all a gift; one of my limited edition hares - not Mademoiselle Forget-Me-Not featured below - but a special creature which captures the beauty of summer dreams and the glorious transition into early autumn.  I will be posting pictures of her here during the course of this week and offering you a chance to win her.
In the meantime I am concentrating on my three dear children and helping them, I hope, to prepare for their return to school tomorrow.
Héloïse is embarking on her final year of school...
 Tristan who may be living great changes thanks to his music...
 and finally, Angélique who is starting pre-school (maternelle) tomorrow: a big change for this three-year-old daughter of mine (and her mother too).  I'm wishing for a smooth transition for for all three of them.
 So, I will see you in a few days and I hope you all have a wonderful start to this first week of september.
A très bientôt,
ps Dear Claire, I am busy dreaming of Rapunzel and exquisite yarns.

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