Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Gift in the Potager and Rumours of a Giveaway!

Thank you so very much for your kindhearted comments on my last post. Some of you had me chortling.

  The very good news is that there is hope for Kent dwellers as there now seems to be a new spin on this underrated county.  It would appear that my photographs of The Large Blue Door and the Large Stone Wall contributed to depicting a fairytale side of Kent.  However I feel it is only right and proper to set you right for - shock horror - these pictures were unintentionally deceptive!  They were, in actual fact, taken in my village here in France on my return from England.  The splendid door is adjacent to our friendly butcher and the stone wall constitutes part of the local parish church.

I am so glad I have cleared that misunderstanding up.

Let us move on.

This hot and humid morning my husband and I took Little Miss A down the steep hill, past the church, which is locked and peaceful in August as our very pleasing-on-the-eye priest is on leave, and for a walk through the allotments.

Children have such good eyes and sometimes spot details we adults would sadly walk past unwittingly. 

Angélique was, for instance, drawn to the raindrops on these splendid greens. We might not have seen those had she not pointed them out.  Thank you my dear.
This, however, we all spotted in the neighbouring cabbages!
There is nothing wrong with our eyesight, then ;-)
The strangest thing about this bag is that wherever we wandered it just kept popping up.

Amongst the roses
Infront of the tomatoes.
Even behind the strawberries.

Like it or not it is certainly a most suitable bag for a potager, don't you think?

And as we peered down and looked at the childlike scene depicted on it...
Angélique squealed excitedly and indicated the little girl in the top righthand corner who seemed to be moving and gesticulating towards the aforementioned greens.
'Have you seen these?', she seemed to be saying.

Oh, my goodness...

And, oh, WOW!

The Madelinetosh fairy had delivered.

DK in
 Celadon (my favourite of all colours)
Mansfield Garden Party

And because I feel blessed beyond words by these gifts I shall be organising a giveaway this week.

Please pop back soon. 

For those who do not believe in fairy tales I should point out that the cross stitch design is by Perrette Samouïloff and the bag is my own pattern. I hope it will be useful for carrying around my next knitting/embroidery project.

Have a fabulous week.


  1. Oh my Stephanie, what a gorgeous bag! Loving the cross stitch panel (the designer is new to me) :D Wouldn't it be wonderful if I headed off to the allotments here come the dawn and found something similar ;) Sadly though I don't think we have Madelinetosh fairies in North Wales!

  2. What a garden of riches, and you are an amazing photographer. those big beads of water on the cabbabge leaves, the wonderful sort of pale minty colors and that perfect bag. The material on the side you picked with the roses is a beauty too.

  3. Did you make the bag? It is divine! I want it! So beautiful! It looks so lovely where you live. xxx

  4. I knew there were fairies at the bottom of the garden, however in your garden they seem to be happy to flit all over it and touch it with magic. Your daughter is gorgeous.
    x Sandi

  5. Such a cute little curly head.

    The fabric on the bag goes perfectly with the cross-stitch panel. And I love the strawberry lining.

    What will you make with that beautiful yarn? "Celadon" - what a nice word. It sounds good, it looks good, and it represents such a delicate lovely tint.

    I'm fascinated by those pointy tomatoes.

  6. Kent has disappointed once again - the only thing for it is to head south or west . . .

    It is a a very sweet bag, as is the little fairy in the pink dress.

    Pomona x

  7. Children are the right height to spot treasures like that - beautiful photo's of the raindrops.
    And the bag is truly gorgeous but my heart squeezed to see it on the soil! "Pick it up" I cried!!
    Isn't Celadon the best colour naming word in the world?

  8. What a beautiful bag, and a gorgeous little girl Angélique is too! I love the cross stitch design, it is lovely - will have to look up the designer you mention, I've wanted to give it a go for ages (to add to my list of things to try!) Have a wonderful week, Jenny x

  9. What treats were found in the potager that day! I think the bag looks so pretty, and love the combination of cross stitch with fabric in that way. And the delicious yarn is going to be wonderful to knit with...I look forward to seeing what you make.
    Helen x

  10. Stephanie,

    I am enchanted beyond my own imagination!!! That first photo of the raindrop on the cabbage leaf...I thought it was a silver charm, placed on the cabbage!!!! Then as I moved on, your tour throughout the potager became even more fairytale like, and that BAG! OH MY, that bag....with the sweet stitches that only remind me of my mother, who stitched everything with a stroke of genius and love. ANGÉLIQUE is a beauty, even though there is only a back shot! And of course she would notice all the details....children often DO!!

    It was so nice to see your comments this morning dearest! AND to learn that you too HEAR and SEE the mathematical dance in the most difficult yet elegant of music! You play the violin and the OBOE? Now both of those, along with THE CELLO are my other dream instruments. The harp of course was always in my heart as a child; while my father was not looking, I would lift the top of his piano and run my little fingers across the harp of the piano. The noise of course would send him running after me!!!

    Clair de Lune, along with other masterpieces, leave me in awe and asking, "What was the composer thinking?" Well, I could ask that of any one of us who create a thing of beauty. I bid you a FABULOUS WEEK..I go back to school this Wednesday to prepare for my 50 students who will come back to us next Tuesday. Oh how this was a short but lovely summer!


  11. Yes, I did gasp when I spied your gorgeous wool!
    and I adore your knitting bag and want to begin cross-stitching immediately!
    Barbara x

  12. What a darling little poppet your Angelique is..I can hardly believe that Anna was just like that once. When she was precisely that age she loved to get amongst the cape gooseberries & find the little yellow fruit in their cases. Such pretty fabrics & yarn. Can you have too many bags? ..always seems to be such a lovely way to make use of smallish bits of loveliness. Much love Catherine x

  13. Such a beautiful post --- thank you!

  14. What a gorgeous bag! You have been busy stitching then, I love the designs on Creative Poppy :-)

    I'm soooo jealous of your gorgeous new yarn, what beautiful colour mixes, what have you planned for it?

  15. What a gorgeous bag Stephanie!!
    As for the yummy yarn, I wish I lived near that allotment!! It is so beautiful. :) You do have a pretty little fairy of your own there!
    Vivienne x

  16. Stephanie, this picture has so much magic... i am discovering your blog post by post, i love it, it is full of delights! xo sandra

  17. I'll believe in Anything if Madelinetosh popped up in my garden. Lovely post. Thanks!

  18. good to meet you stephanie....love the bag....and your posts

  19. Your blog is so very beautiful I had to award you the versatile blogger award. I do hope you don't mind. You don't have to accept it of course.
    Much love to you.
    That bag is gorgeous by the way.x

  20. Oh, but this little bag is simply darling!

    Scrumptious new yarn. I've always wanted to try Celadon - it's been sitting in my wishlist at Eatsleepknit for quite a while. I think I'll get it next time I order. :)

  21. WOW! that is one amazing allotment!
    I would love some of those wooly greens seeds ;o)
    Such a beautiful bag, you are so clever
    jooles x

  22. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I have really enjoyed having a look at yours, and know that I will be visiting again and again.

    Ahhh, that sewing machine question. I have done a bit of research, and am so happy to have been able to confer with my pals at the Purl SOHO shop where beautiful yarn and fabrics live.

    My choice is the Janome Jem Gold 660. It will be delivered sometime this week, and I so look forward to giving it a trial sew. I used to do so much sewing but, as that vintage Singer aged, kept doing more "hand" sewing, and redirecting my interests to knit and crochet.

    Your garden is lovely with with magical yarn produce.


  23. Dear Stephanie,

    What beautiful photographs you have shown today, and you must have had a lovely day out amongst the potager garden.
    Your daughter is so precious and sweet and isn't it neat that they can spot things, we may not see.
    The raindrops on the greens are lovely.
    Your cross-stitch bag is fabulous and I also love the colours of the skeins of wool.

    Happy Wednesday

  24. I've just found your blog, and I love it! :)

    Beautiful photos of the raindrops! It took me a while to realise what it was, it looks almost magical! :) I love the bag too - and that yarn is just divine!

  25. hiya, many thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog...the joys of knitting yay! so pleased I re-found it!

    Love your blog

  26. I would so love to chance upon yarn growing in cabbages in a field, it's the stuff of dreams isn't it! And you got the Madeline Tosh! I'm so looking forward to seeing how it knits up, that will be exciting. I always find that being a small person myself has huge advantages, I really see things closer, it's very noticeable how far from the ground I feel when I wear high heels. I don't know if I'm small enough to have noticed the emeralds sitting in the cabbages though! Vanessa xxx

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. What a beautiful post - love the rain on cabbages and indeed the fabulous bag. That yarn is making my mouth water and generating a serious case of Wanties in me! I'll be back for some more of this sort of thing.

  29. What fabulous surprises and riches in your allotment ... found by the pretty little girl in the pink dress.

    Thank you Millefeuilles for your lovely comment and I'm so glad I have found your beautiful blog!


  30. gorgeous gorgeous bag and that yarn is to die for - scrummy

  31. coucou Stéphanie ,
    c'est toujours un ravissement pour moi de passer quelques minutes par ici, et pour tout dire l’anglais me demande quelques efforts mais si vous traduisiez ce serait aussi beaucoup de travail...
    Merci pour votre fidélité

  32. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I've had a very enjoyable read of yours on a very wet, dark day here! Love your photography. Looking forward to reading more.

  33. Love your bag and your wool might even be enough to tempt me back to knitting when the gardening and preserving season is over and life has turned back inside. I haven't quite got over the shock of discovering a dropped stitch far, far back in my current sock project. Maybe I will just buy some celadon and start again!

  34. Oh Stephanie,

    It is a delight to see your wonderful comment this morning as I prepare to help my husband paint the exterior of a new addition to our home. The air is cooler, but not cold. It is surely a SIGN of the sweet September that is coming. SO YOU START Sept. 1? Ohhhhh, you believe in the same things I do:

    To get kids to WORK and having them not EVEN KNOW IT because they are having fun at it ( I used to have a theatre production in my French language arts class) but I can no longer use it, for THEATRE ARTS has been cut from the curriculum. But I try to make FUN and smiles happen. LET US BEGIN my friend. Truly, it is a joy to know you are a kind COPINE, AMIE, and colleague.

    Have a wonderful day out there in beautiful France, Anita

  35. Love this post it really made me smile and giggle. The bag is just amazing. I am in love with it! The details of the cross-stitch have in my awe.

  36. Just the sweetest of little girls. And a gorgeous bag. (I'm a huge fan of fairy tales.) And oh my goodness, the beautiful colored yarns in the garden patch too. What amazing fairies you have in your garden!!!

  37. You're amazing in making pictures! Make the projects you made even prettier!

  38. I love your beautiful bag and the lovely x-stitch! I love fairies too! xoRobin❤

  39. What an absolutely gorgeous bag!!! I wonder if I could find a bag like that at the bottom of our garden?

  40. Hello again! Just popping by to answer your question. The dolls take me about a week at the moment, fitted around other things, like my teaching and my daughter. So sadly, ages right not. I hope to speed up and make them to sell now I have more time.
    Do tell me any doll ideas. xxx

  41. What clever photos! Great ideas! Beautiful yarns! You make such lovely, creative things. Have a wonderful week!


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