Sunday 18 December 2011

A Gift for Pierre

I was about to embark on a fascinating comparison between early seventeenth-century lace and garden parterre designs but I think I will postpone that delight until after Christmas.
 I believe most of us are too wrapped up in the frenzy of festive preparations to be able to concentrate on anything else.
Therefore I will keep things short and sweet.
A little boy has arrived in our lives.  After long years of waiting my French cousin and her husband have become parents to a beautiful eighteen-month old child who has winged his way to their mountain home from Manchuria.
 His name is Pierre and he will be spending his first Christmas 'en famille'.
This pullover is my gift to this special boy.
Pattern: Knitbot Sock Yarn Sweater
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock in Silver Fox.
Details on Ravelry  (under the name Ornamentation).
This week I have felt gratitude. I received my giveaway gifts from Sue from Mr Micawber's Recipe For Happiness.  I was in awe of the generosity and care involved in all the treasures I received and as you will see below there was magic woven into the presents she selected for me.  I was moved to see how it was possible to share common passions and most importantly I feel that the virtual Sue has become more real to me as I hold her presents in my hands and admire them.
 These decorative mittens were created by Sue and if you too have fallen in love with them click on this link to find a crystal clear tutorial on how to make them.
 This tiny little bag, which was crocheted in winter colours,
 contained these fairytale earrings.  
 Be still my heart!  They are exquisite in colour and simplicity!
 Wait!  There is more!  This book is a treasure chest of delightful patterns inspired by Jane Austen and fascinating historical facts about knitting and textiles.  I absolutely adore it and will be packing it into my Christmas holiday suitcase of treasures so that I may take the time to choose a pattern I may make.
 I would like to make this red capelet for Angélique!
And for those who know how much I hanker after gardens in winter...
There is inspiration to be found everywhere!
 Miraculously, the chocolate has not been devoured yet although it is Héloïse's favourite.

Thank you Sue and thank you also to my new followers and ALL the encouraging, heartwarming comments you have written. Coy Mademoiselle Hiver is blushing to learn how pretty you find her and is preparing for the Winter Solstice Ball.

A bientôt,



  1. What a fabulous idea - the Jane Austen knits! I will have to look for that. I hope you and all your family, including its newest member, have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I am sure Pierre will look adorable in his lovely soft pullover. The Jane Austen knits book looks very inspiring - I wish I could knit! The presents you received were very thoughtful. They would make me very happy too. Enjoy your chocolat!!!!

  3. Welcome to little Pierre. I am sure he will be so warm and look beautiful in the gorgeous pullover you have made him.
    I bet you cannot wait for your Christmas holiday.
    Much love to you.x

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I am always pleased to read them :-). Glad to hear I am not the only one who doesn't know what to cook for Christmas yet. I am in good company!

    Congratulations on the birth of your little nephew. The sweater you made for him looks lovely. His parents will be very pleased with your beautiful gift!

    Love the give-away you received too. The mittens look adorable and that book.....I didn't even know a book like that did exist! Looking forward to see which pattern you will use.

    Happy new week & good luck with the Christmas preparations!

    Madelief x

  5. Ma belle,

    I hope you got my comment on your last post that I wrote this morning....I so appreciate your visit and lovely comments and this post is truly magical. The colors of the baubles leaves me breathless. I love this shade of blue and your gift to Pierre is just as darling and ethereal as any other creation you have made. AND THOSE EARRINGS are truly beautiful my sweet!

    I wish you a peaceful and marvelous NOËL en famille. Anita

  6. Oh I do love the colours in your post Stephanie, so very beautiful! :)
    Your little sweater is a gorgeous 'handmade with love' gift for your new little family member.
    And the mittens and earrings are delightful. :)
    V x

  7. Delights abound! The little sweater is a perfect gift and will be treasured, I'm sure. And your gifts from Sue are just wonderful.

    Will Mademoiselle Hiver share her ball gown with us? And will you, dear Stephanie, please not leave us waiting too long for your thoughts on parterres and ancient lace?

  8. Hi Stephanie, love the colours of those christmas baubles. What a cute sweater you knitted; it looks so soft and cuddly and again that beautiful colour.
    The mittens are soooo adorable, aren't they? Saw them on Sue's blog already too.
    Thank you so much for the comment you left on my garden walk. Even, or maybe especially in winter, when most time is already spent inside, I am drawn to go into the garden whenever the weather allows it.
    Have a wonderful last week before christmas,

  9. The words "early seventeenth-century lace" instantly bring to mind portraits of Henrietta Maria decked in satin and lace. I look forward to the comparison with parterres!

    Congratulations to your cousin and her family. What a beautiful sweater for the new little son.

    I'm so glad you liked your gifts. It was great fun putting them together for you. (Also, I forgot to tell you that the earrings are kyanite and glass with sterling silver.)

    Have a wonderful and warm Christmas trip - are you still going to the roulotte? And yes, we will be listening to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at the same time - it will be Saturday morning for me but afternoon for you.

    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Your beautiful blog is posted in my favourite colours today. The little jersey is so lovely. It's too hot for knitting here in South Africa, but I am inspired to try one for my little nephew once it cools down.

    Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  11. Your sweater is lovely.How great that Pierre has found a loving home.I love the look of the Jane Austen book.My OH was asking me this morning what I wanted for my birthday in January and I had no ides,now I have!

  12. Bonjour Stephanie! a while ago i tried to visit you and i could not access your page, i was devastated! so i am glad it’s good again. welcome to the petit garcon :)
    and the mittens are just so cute!

    Actually, I was doing my little Santa tour before i take a break, i was coming around to drop off a shining star for you :) and wish you a Merry Christmas!
    xo sandra

  13. Those mittens are adorable....and what a beautiful pullover, I love the colour.

    Lou xxx

  14. Dear Stephanie,

    the pullover is really wonderfull.

    The Magazine looks really great. It just went on my amazonlist, thanks for sharing it and your visit at my blog.

    kind regards and merry christmaswishes

  15. What a beautiful gift you have for Pierre, Stephanie !
    Your giveaway presents are lovely too !
    Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time !

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Such a lovely, enchanting post as always Stephanie...my bedtime read this evening!...I adore your sweater for little Pierre....this is certainly going to be a very special Christmas for your family...
    And your lovely Jane Austen inspired knitting book...How I would love to have a browse through it!...I even see a reference to Mr.Knightley on the front...(a close second to Heathcliff in my opinion)
    Wishing you a wonderful festive break with your family...remember to pack all your lovely treasures..
    Susan x
    P.S I love Mademoiselle Hiver in your previous post...such a star!

  18. It's a pleasure to see every bit of this post.

    The little pullover sweater for Pierre is a charming design.

    Your Christmas ornament is beautiful.

    I've seen that Jane Austin pattern magazine, and liked the look of it. I admit I did leaf through it at a newsstand without my glasses, and so don't know if it is a one off or if there might be future issues featuring designs in tribute to other writers or artists. It's a great concept.


  19. How wonderful, a new family member! Pierre will feel so warm and welcomed in that lovely sweater. And I love the colours in your post, gorgeous!

  20. Dear Stephanie,
    I love everything about this post - the wintery colours, the little pieces of clothes (congratulations to your cousin and family), the beautiful earrings and of course this gorgeous Jane Austen knitting magazine!!! I MUST google for this one...

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

    PS: Reisblume (rice flower) is the name of the perfume I used in my soap. I don´t know the plant either but it does seem to exist in several variations.

  21. Hello!
    I am in love with those tiny little gloves and the beautiful earrings! And I also hope the newest member of your family likes his new jumper as much as I do! What a lovely gift, I also hope you enjoy that delicious chocolate (G&B's chocolate is one of my many weaknesses!). Have a wonderful Christmas, I shall look forward to visiting you again in the New Year.
    Much love
    Julia x x x

  22. I feel like a want to don a knitted cape and skip through the snow in my satin slippers now. SO lovely to hear about Pierre. BW's.

  23. What a lovely name, Pierre! A new baby at Christmas is so symbolic isn't it. Just wearing the jumper you have made for him will give him happiness, let alone all the love he's surrounded with, what a wonderful life he'll have, I'm sure of it. The tiny mittems are so sweet and precious, what a lovely gift. All the best with your preparations for Sunday. Vanessa xxx

  24. What a fantastic book. Love all Jane Austen (Regency)fashions. I'm sure Pierre will have a great Christmas and will look so handsome in that lovely jumper.

  25. Des tons turquoises qui adoucissent l'ambiance , des mailles douillettes , des créations qui réchauffent ...voilà un billet délicat dans lequel il fait bon plonger !

  26. Welcome to little Pierre! I wish him a very Merry Christmas with his new wonderful family. I am sure he will adore the beautiful creation made by his amazing Auntie! Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

  27. Oh, many congrats to your cousin on their new little one! What an exciting time, Christmas is so fun through a child's eyes. And this little sweater is gorgeous!
    I'm thrilled to see a Jane Austen knits magazine! thanks so much for the peek inside!~

  28. how lovely the sweater, and precious the gifts.

    i wish i had gotten to the bookshop earlier, the jane magazine was already sold out by the time i did. i can't wait to see what you'll make!

    merry merry christmas stephanie!

  29. Congratulations on the new arrival in your family, I'm sure Pierre will be happy in his new family. That is a lovely sweater in a beautiful colour.

    Well done on winning such fabulous pressies, those mittens are adorable and I'm off to find the pattern for them :-) The earrings are beautiful, I like simple earrings too.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

  30. Short and sweet, sounds like the perfect thing. Christmas baubles... I can't seem to get enough of them.

    Thank you for your comment today. It feels good to know eyes and hearts are listening to my work.


  31. What a beautiful sweater for Pierre. The madelinetosh always works up so nice! Lucky you getting such thoughtful presents from your blogging friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  32. Hi Stephanie,
    What a beautiful, wintery post!!! I LOVE the colours in all the photos!!! little Pierre will look dashing in his sweater - it's sooo cute!
    The Austen knits book looks right up my street (although I'd have to find a talented knitter to make the beautiful things in it FOR me - my skills are NOT there yet)!!! I NEED that Little Red Riding Hood cape!!!


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