Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Dear readers,
"This was the day for eating simnel cake, with its layers of yellow marzipan and eleven marzipan balls on top, said to signify the twelve disciples minus Judas.[...] The yellow of marzipan, the yellow of eggs, the yellow of saffron: the colour of spring."

Katherine Swift, The Morville Hours, (Bloomsbury: London, 2008) p. 101

I will keep my message short and sweet for once!  I wish you all a peaceful, Holy, happy Easter full of flowers, love, and, dare I add, chocolate.  I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and that there is laughter and sunshine for each and every one of you.

 I am delighted to write that I am taking Héloïse, Tristan (together with his guitar), and Angélique to see my parents in England in a few days' time.  We've all been waiting eagerly for this opportunity.  Poor Mickaël, who is suffering from a Badminton induced injury, will have to stay behind and keep Gaspard the dog company.
To celebrate Easter I have created a springtime hare whose name is Primrose Pascaline.  An egg yolk yellow flowery skirt, embroidered apple blossom and violets on her ankles and a pair of bloomers made from a patchwork of spring flower fabrics.  My favourite fabric of all is the Liberty you can spot on her Easter egg filled skirt pocket.  It has pretty cowslips on it! 

If you are interested in giving her a home you may find her here.

I should add that I intend to cease hare-making production in the near future.  'Hurrah', some of you might cheer!  All good things come to an end.  And new doors open, I believe.

Happy weekend to you all,



  1. Beloved soul,

    I DARE SAY CHOCOLATE! OH YES! Bring it on, NOW. hahahahahahhaah

    And look who has been laying Easter eggs! Your creations are full of joy and such beauty my dearest. Enjoy your stay in England and I wish you my best. I just put up a quick post, for I cannot be gone long from blogging. I have been UNWELL for two weeks now, going to the fourth doctor on Monday. But peace has a strange way of ruling this body....peace to YOU. Anita

  2. Primrose Pascaline is so perfect in every way. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter and a wonderful trip back to see your parents.

  3. Dearest Stephanie...Primrose Pascaline is quite delightful in her Springtime frock.
    Wishing you and your loved ones Easter joy!

  4. Hi, Stephanie! I like Primrose Pascaline: it's so cute and pretty! I remember a little rabbit that I took 6-7 Easters ago...:) Thank you for these moments who I spent on your page! I like your blog and your toys... So pretty!
    Kiss you! Happy Easter!

  5. Primrose Pascaline is adorable and I love so much its yellow skirt and bloomers ... Fantastic! Enjoy your stay in England and come back safe.
    Best wishes to all of you!

  6. Quel joli nom, Primrose Pascaline!
    Joyeuses Paques a tous!

  7. Dear Stephanie,

    All your hares look so beautiful! What a sweet looking one Primrose Pascaline is. I think someone will snap her up soon :-)

    Hope your husband will be fit soon (and the dog not too bad company) Wishing you and the children a lovely time in England with your family!

    Looking forward to see your sweet little gift :-) The beautiful hare you made for me is sitting on my bedside chair. She always makes me smile!

    Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  8. Have a lovely time in England with your parents Stephanie!
    Little Miss Primrose Pascaline is just adorable again.

  9. I love these bright colors on her. I think she's one of my favorite out of all of your creations.

  10. Sweet friend! How I love these yellows, and now I have a craving for a taste of my childhood...those little eggs were so delicious!

    Stephanie, thank you for coming by. You mean a lot to me, and you are so wise. These days of slowing down are the opportunity to reflect on what really is important. WIshing you a delightful day of observing nature, enjoying your trip, and being with your beloved family. HUGS DEAR ONE! Anita

  11. Awe, I have to say that I'm very sad to hear that your hare making is coming to an end! :( I have loved and admired every single one of them especially my own pretty Mademoiselle Bloom and Mademoiselle Pascaline is no exception.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy Easter and a wonderful trip to the UK!
    V xxx

  12. Happy Easter dear Stephanie, to you and your family and enjoy your time away with your parents.
    Love sweet Primrose Pascaline with the little violets on her ankles.
    Sending hugs and best wishes

  13. Happy Easter to you Stephanie and your lovely family,
    xxxxxxx Ale

  14. happy easter dear stephanie, she is the sweetest bunny yet. love that bit of liberty. xoxo lori

  15. Such beautiful photos and such a pretty hare. I am sorry to hear you will not be making them for much longer. A very happy Easter to you and your family and have a wonderful time in England.

  16. Happy Easter to you and your family Stephanie. Your latest creation is beautiful and I love her patchwork bloomers. Enjoy your trip back to Blighty.x

  17. Hey Stephanie, another delightful hare and such a pretty name too......
    I can't imagine anyone cheering as hare production comes to a stop.....you make such beautiful creations.
    I guess a new door will be opening and your fingers will be busy stitching something new and wonderful .
    Hope you have enjoyed the Easter break, we have had the pleasure of the company of my 2 nieces from the UK and it has been a joy. Have a wonderful time with your family, safe travels.

    Claire Xx

  18. Miss Primrose is a beauty, I will miss you hare making, they are delightful. Have a wonderful visit with your parents.
    Hugs and Happy Easter,

  19. Very lovely, the colour is beautiful...

  20. Stephanie, I send lots of Happy Easter wishes to you and your family.

    Mlle Primrose really is a wonderful representative of all that is fresh and beautiful and fun about springtime. Her colors sing!

    Hoping you all will have a fine time in England, and that those family members remaining in France this time will be along for the next visit.

    Now, you have raise my curiosity about what you will be creating next.


  21. Happy easter dear Stephanie ! I love Miss Primrose Pascaline. As usual every detail is perfect, from her little pocket to your embroderies. A good and colourful compagny for easter! I must say that I will miss your misses hares...but I'm also sure I'll love what will be coming instead. Enjoy your holidays.

  22. A really lovely hare, so beautifully made. I hope you're having a good weekend, and that you have a lovely trip to England. CJ xx

  23. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family dear Stephanie and best wishes for a wonderful trip to England! I hope Mickaël's injury is much improved soon but at least he has gorgeous little Gaspard to keep him company! :-)
    Primrose Pascaline is beautiful...such pretty colours and I love her patchwork bloomers!...but no more hares?....Oh my, I will miss seeing each new Mademoiselle in all her finery, Stephanie!
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  24. Happy Easter Stephanie! The saffron yellow is just beautiful, perfect in its spring-ness!

  25. Happy Easter Stephanie, enjoy your trip to England, the sun is shining today! Heather x

  26. What a sweet bunny! Your fabric selections are always so perfect. Have a great time on your trip!

  27. Happy easter to you and your family!!

  28. Happy Easter and happy travels to you as you visit England! Primrose is such a happy bunny, she just sings springtime, and the fabrics you choose are, as with every bunny, exquisite. I will be sad to not see any more bunnies, but I am quite curious about what is on the horizon for you, no doubt something creative and beautiful, I can't wait to find out! Chrissie x

  29. Hello dear Stephanie
    I'm running late with my Easter wishes - but I'm sure you had a lovely one!
    What a wonderful time to visit your parents - what a joy for them to have their house filled with family and hearing the sound of children's happy voices - bliss.
    I've been to England several times but never in Spring - oh to see the sheets of bluebells in the woods - it is my dream!
    Beautiful hares and bunnies you've made - they are exquisite.
    Shane x

  30. Very belatedly - you may already be in the UK - Happy Easter my friend.

    Your hare is exquisite, just as all her sisters have been, but even making such beautiful creatures must pale after awhile, particularly when they take so much work.

  31. Hello Stephanie, what a beautiful blog you have! Thanks for visit:-) Katerina and Helena /Yarn sisters:-)

  32. Hi there, just catching up. I hope that you had a good Easter and that you are having a good weekend now. Primrose Pascaline is beautiful! xx

  33. I'm finally catching up, and sending good wishes at the beginning of May. I hope your Easter holiday was a lot of fun.
    The Morville Hours - a book I love and have purchased over and over again as a gift for one friend or another. I was delighted in the winter of '13 to find an English gardening magazine that featured the garden. Of course I kept it!

  34. There are blogs, that when I discover them I find them so interesting that I go from post to post, further and deeper in their blogging past.
    Yours my dear truly is such a one! I think you have the most enchanting blog I have found! Your writing is so beautiful, your photos as well. And your hares and mouse people are sweet and lovely and SO masterly executed, with all that delicious and often vintage material - lace and linen and ribbons. And oh that little spice of stitchery on the legs and arms - did I see some on the ears too? WOW!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog! :-)

  35. I forgot: Maybe you would consider NOT to stop giving birth to your hares? Please! :-)

  36. Dear Stephanie - so sorry for this very late comment. What a lovely Easter post, and I hope your Easter was all that you wished ours to be. Miss PP is very lovely indeed, and I must say those props are making me peckish!

    So glad to hear (on Facebook) that you had a good trip to England. I hope your husband is feeling better by this time. :)

  37. Love the sweet photos, all those colours...lovely :)
    And how adorable those skirt and bloomers...
    Hope you had a nice visit to see your parents...

    Lovely greetings, MJ

  38. Dear Stephanie

    A belated Happy Easter to you and your family and I hope you had a wonderful time visiting your parents in England. Kent is truly beautiful at this time of year ....

    Primrose Pascaline is a delight in her pinnie and citrus colours and Mademoiselle Bloom has been looking a little lonely of late .... ;-)


  39. à très très bientôt alors !!
    toujours aussi joli par ici!!!!!!

  40. Here I am a week later, only just catching up with your lovely post and hoping I'm not too late for your giveaway.

    Your stitching is quite perfect. Sweet violets, I can almost smell them!

  41. Thank you very much for this article as always very interesting


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