Sunday, 23 December 2012

La Vie En Rose

Dear readers,
On the Winter Solstice, which also happens to be our ninth wedding anniversary, I had a few hours of peace and a burning desire to sew a Christmas gift for Angélique.  I simply wanted to create something from my heart and to embrace its imperfections.  Noëlle The Cat was born.  She is made from a beautiful piece of raspberry pink linen and a tiny piece of festive fabric with candy canes, snowmen, gingerbread men, and hearts.  I embroidered a smattering of holly leaves on her legs and arms and sewed a lot of love into her simple clothes.  I hope Angélique smiles when she unwraps her.*

Merry Noëlle testifies to the fact that my heart is lighter these days.  Gaspard our dog has fully recovered and is back to his usual blithe self.  Every day as I watch him wolf down his food I smile and count my blessings.  Yesterday as we took him in to have his stitches removed I thanked the vet for the remarkable work he had performed.  Such joy and just in time for Christmas too!
The whole family save Mickaël has been sick over the past week or so.  Now we are all better.  The preparations for the festive days to come have fallen into place quietly with the minimum of fuss.  Glitter has been painted on stars, felt tree decorations stitched by a very patient Tristan, and pheasant and red cabbage have been purchased for Christmas Day together with a Bûche de Noël.  On Christmas Eve we will eat oysters and sip champagne.  My brother arrives with his guitar on Christmas Eve so there will be music to accompany our laughter over the next few days.
I have been knitting Turkish Delight in quiet corners and tranquil spare moments.
Simple and elegant Beck with a little twist!  If you are in need of a peaceful knitting pattern this holiday I urge you to choose this one by Dani Sunshine.  Those sweet little cables, which are clevery mirrored on the cuffs, were my first attempt at cable knitting and delightfully easy.  You could choose a second colour to weave in and out of those cables for a little extra fun and texture.  The pattern is crystal clear and its designer a pleasure to communicate with over on Ravelry.  Should you have any questions she will return like a shot with friendly advice. 

Madelinetosh DK in the Fragrant colourway.  Every time I wear this I smell lush pink roses and see glistening blocks of rose-flavoured Turkish Delight (Loukoum) which bring me back to my years in Greece.  Those were happy times during which many kilos of Loukoum were enjoyed! 

You will find my Ravelry notes for Turkish Delight here.

And now my friends I will leave you to enjoy your fesitivies.  May your hearts be full and your Christmas peaceful.  I wish you happiness and simple pleasures.  I will raise a glass to you all for your support and gentle words over this past year and I will continue to post during 2013 in my usual sporadic fashion ;-)  I have a few dreams and projects to share with you.

Love and cheer to you ALL!

A bientôt,


* Whilst the pattern is my own, Noëlle The Cat was totally inspired by the work of the Hungarian artist, Eszterda.


  1. Noelle is a perfect gift, created with love. I'm sure she will be a favourite friend.
    Pleased to read Gaspard is doing so well, his recovery will have helped to lighten your heart.
    Lovely jumper, really like the colour you chose.
    Very best wishes to you and your family for a very happy Christmas.
    Carol xx

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    I am so happy that Gaspard is well. Noelle is a beautiful gift. Your raspberry pinks are perfect for the upcoming festivities. I hope your holidays are truly wonderful.


  3. Hello Stephanie
    So very happy to hear Gaspard is well. What a relief for you!

    What a beautiful gift! I feel sure Angelique will love her and for many years to come too.
    Ahhhh is that you?????
    Turkish delight .......with a name like that it must look good and it does :-)

    Have a fabulous Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year.

    Amanda xx

  4. I love little Noelle, Angélique will adore her new little friend! Such good news about Gaspard, he has made such a good recovery. :) Your sweater is gorgeous, such a pretty colour and beautifully modeled too!
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas dear Stephanie, I hope you and your family have a wonderful festive time and best wishes for 2013!
    Vivienne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I was so relieved to hear Gaspard has fully recovered after giving you all such a scare. I'm sure Angelique will love Noelle the cat. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. I'm glad you will continue your blog next year and I will look forward to seeing you new creations and ideas.
    Sarah x

  6. Dear Stephanie, ahhhhh this post has made my heart sing. So happy to hear Gaspard is all well (I was so afraid as that is how we lost our last dog but I didn't want to tell you about that before). But you are all of you well again which is the best gift of all. I love the cat for Angelique, such a lovely treasure for her for years to come. And oh Stephanie, that sweater on you is perfect, and I am sorely tempted to start one this minute because I have that very yarn in Antler waiting for a project, but I have to stop copying everything you do. Although, you must know, imitation is the best form of flattery, right? I am so happy to hear you will keep your blog going (however sporadic you may) as that is a gift you send out to all of us. Merry Christmas! Love, C

  7. Dear Stephanie - both you and Noëlle the cat look charming and befitting for this Christmas season in crushed raspberry. Delightful new about Gaspard, and also the fact that you will continue to be in the blogosphere. Enjoy your family Christmas which sounds perfect.

  8. What a reason to celebrate, a healthy pup, a lovely heartfelt gift and a new beautiful sweater that looks fantastic on you.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Lovely new makes ... your jumper is beautiful and who couldn't love Noelle ... have a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a lovely 2013 ... Bee xx

  10. I love your little kitty. I'm sure she'll be loved a whole lot!
    A post full of happy and beautiful things, in fact! :-)
    Marry Christmas to you, dear Stephanie!

  11. Wonderful raspberry creations of yours! You look gorgeous in your new jumper and I'm certain Noëlle the cat will be loved for many years.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy christmas Stephanie!
    Jess x

  12. Your new jumper is beautiful as are you, and may i add that it is so wonderful to 'see' you.
    You are so talented, Noëlle The Cat is divine, i think she will be dearly loved.
    So SO SO happy to hear about Gaspard's recovery, terrific news.
    wishing you and your lovely family a very merry christmas time, filled with peace, love and happiness and look forward to reading your blog in 2013 (yay!)
    love jooles x

  13. Noelle, you and your jumper are beautiful...
    So glad Gaspard and your family are recovered.
    Wishing you much merry making Stephanie.xxx

  14. So glad that Gaspard is well again, and that the family has recovered in time for Christmas.

    Your sweater is marvellous, as is Noëlle.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours dear Stephanie x

  15. Each and every time that i see one of your dolls, I am totally amazed. They are so beautiful and well made.
    Your Christmas sounds idyllic. Hope that it's perfect and joyous.
    Rosie xx

  16. What a relief to hear that Gaspard is back to his normal self Stephanie, I am ever so pleased for you all,oh and that the bugs are out of the way before Christmas!
    Beautiful and clever and pretty knitting, I love this jumper, you are such a fast knitter, it takes me an age to knit something for myself. I am also sure that Angelique will really love M. Noelle, she is so carefully crafted and the detail, oh the detail. Angelique will no doubt grow to appreciate all the little touches made with love for her. Here's to a wonderful time withfamily this Christmas,may it be filled with love and joy and much merriment Stephanie xox I look forward to seeing a little more of your world through your blog in 2013 x Penelope

  17. Love your pink cat and your new knitted sweater!!!
    Buon Natale,
    xxxxx Alessandra

  18. How fantastic to hear Gaspard is healthy and happy, and long may he remain so! The jumper and the cat are lovely. Wishing you a very happy Christmas, Maggie.

  19. Wishing you a very joyful Christmas, filled with good things! :) x

  20. Oh Stephanie, both are just super gorgeous....and hello!

    The warmest of Christmas wishes and I hope you have a wonderful time with your beautiful family.

    Much love and here's to 2013.

    Nina x

  21. You are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside Stephanie. Pleased to hear that Gaspard has made a full recovery and that you are all feeling so much better. I think you could be adding a new line to your crafting. Angelique will love her so much.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and I hope you have a great 2013.

    With love.x

  22. Good morning my beautiful STEPHANIE! Your darling little one is going to love her kitty as she opens up her gifts TOMORROW! I just remember my momma sewing goodies for me and loving every stitch.

    Congratulations on nine years of matrimony my dear! May LOVE rule forever in your household and thank you for a year of total joy. Anita

  23. Great news re Gaspard... Love the jumper the colour is fantastic on you...! Noelle is a delight... you seem to just ooze with creativity!! Seasonal Greetings to you and yours... wishing you inner contentment and good health fot 2013.

  24. happy to hear gaspard is well!
    love your sweater, i think i have that very same yarn : )
    merry christmas to you and yours...

  25. lovely to hear that gaspard is recovering so well!
    and a pretty christmas noel cat namened noelle so cute!
    have a happy and nice christmas days with youre loved ones
    greetings leon10

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Stephanie, wishing you have a ***Magic Christmas***
    Love your knitting and you cat Noelle looks so cute :o)
    With lot of love from Moscow
    Natasha & Fam

  28. Hi Stephanie!

    Your cat is just fabulous, so much character and no doubt it will be treasured by your little girl. Equally lovely is your jumper and that colour is just gorgeous on you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Mel x

  29. Dear Stephanie...Little Angélique will adore her gift from you and such very pretty colours...Merry Noëlle will be treasured! Your 'Turkish Delight' project is beautiful too and I agree, cables are great fun!...I'm so happy to hear that your home is back to full health in time for you all to enjoy Christmas...Wishing you a happy and peaceful time at enchanting Millefeuilles!
    Susan x

  30. love your sweater :) So glad your dog is better, I've been thinking of him!! Merry Christmas!

  31. Noelle is a triumph! I really, really like her, and I am sure that Angelique will too. I am so glad to hear that Gaspard has made a full recovery. The jumper is very beautiful. I wish I could knit like that.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas!

    Gillian x

  32. Oh Stephanie, Noëlle The Cat is purr-fection! I do love your Turkish Delight too - that colourway is so delectable so the name is spot on! It's good to read lots of good news from you, may your Christmas and new year be filled with love and laughter x

  33. I can tell you are having a merry holiday already with the return of that adorable little pup!!! May the rest be as peaceful and full of love and hope!!

    (adore the jumper...lovely photo!!!)

    Merry Christmas, Stephanie!

  34. Stephanie, you have sent us lots of Christmas joys in this post...rosy little Noelle is going to be much loved, Gaspard's return to full health just in time for festive treats, and letting us see you beautifully modelling that exquisite new sweater in the super Madelinetosh yarn...just wonderful!

    Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas, as we all begin to look forward to the happiness to be found in the New Near.


  35. I send you armfuls of Christmas Wishes dear Stephanie and thanks too, for the joy and delight that your wonderful postings have imparted and your friendship too, in the warm and thoughtful comments you generously give. I have decided to step away from my blog but I will pop over here from time to time to say hello.

    This evening as we enjoy an evening of good cheer with dear friends I shall raise a glass of something bubbly to you and your lovely family. Salute!

    With love

  36. Hello my friend, I am SO pleased that your Christmas is all set to be worry free and peaceful. I imagine you are sipping that champagne by now so enjoy. I am raising a cup of tea to you since we are 8hours behind and there is still much to do, and wish you only good things for 2013. Your Cat and jumper are both delightful, I must look up your Ravelry notes as I am starting a knitting course in January and cannot wait for it, although I suspect it will be something for my girl that gets chosen!
    Lovely to see your beautiful face Stephanie, it is always a treat to see who one as been chatting away to. I really should do the same!
    Merry Christmas
    Kate xox

  37. Merry christmas to you! I'm so happy you dog is better, it makes all the difference doesn't it. Your jumper is such a pretty colour, lovely. And your new cat, well that sweet pink stole is just gorgeous I'm sure she will be loved. Heather x

  38. Merry Christmas, love the cat, especially in that colour...
    Sue Xxx

  39. Merry Christmas, dear Stephanie to you and your family.
    Love sweet Noelle the Cat and I know that Angelique will be so happy with her gift.
    You look pretty in your new pink jersey and I also love knitting cables too.
    So glad to hear that the family and Gaspard are all well again.
    Happy Anniversary and holidays.


  40. Merry Christmas to your and your family! I am glad that Gaspard is feeling better now! May you have a lovey time during the holidays!

  41. Beautiful Stephanie!!! How lovely it is to see you!!! You look divine in your rose jumper. Oh AND THE CAT. Julia saw it, and she wants a cat. We need to talk about what kind of kitty you could maybe make for her??

    SO happy about your doggy. Glad you all are on the mend. Have a lovely holiday sweet friend. The book isn't here YET, but I'll be sure to let you know the second it arrives!! XOXOXO

  42. Dearest Stephanie,
    Such a delightful post, filled with happy things! The delicious colour of raspberries, a festive feline, beautiful stitches, and an improved Gaspard makes my heart sing!
    Wishing you and your lovely family a splendid holiday...may each moment be filled with love, peace, and light!
    Judy x

  43. noelle is just gorgous- such a lovely colour- infact she matches your 'turkish delight' wondefully!

  44. Dearest Stephanie, it sounds like you have orchestrated a beautiful stress free holiday...I am loving the oysters and champagne....I always have made oysters Rockefeller Christmas Eve for years, they have become a tradition! I have pared down significantly this year, but need to more so! I am missing my home, but with the grace of God will enjoy it for next Christmas....sending you love and best wishes for another lovely , creative year ahead...filled with love, health and happiness! N.xo

  45. Your sweater is so pretty against your lovely skin. Noelle is such a piece of wonderful art. You always are so meticulous about details on your hand-sewn projects making sure it is at its best!

  46. How joyful ! A Merry Christmas all in pink. Noëlle cat is absolutely cute and the turkish delight jumper a perfect match !
    Warm wishes, dear Stephanie, for you and your family -including Gaspard. Let's keep a pink mood for the new year.

  47. Hello Stephanie, what a delightful blog. I am joining you as I think I might like to have a beautiful handmade Hare sometime in the near future. They are so beautiful. you have crafted real character into these lovely items. Wishing you and yours a peaceful joyful 2013!

  48. Oh look at you lovely Stephanie, what a lovely color, as I sat and read this post, especially about your Turkish Delight, I have the scent of a Rose Musk candle wafting around me. I think your year is going to end in a happy way with things settled on a few fronts, your little Gaspard is now recovered, oh and an Anniversary to celebrate.
    Wishing you all a peaceful, happy New Year full of love and time spent with loved ones.
    xx Sandi

  49. Ma belle,

    What a delight it always is to see your comments. You are one of those people with whom I feel a connection and to know that you can SEE the vision of beauty in each FEUILLE DE PAPIER in my creation, is just a supportive feeling of friendship. It took me all of December to make, and I am delivering it in my SUV this week to the shop. Lucky for me, this shop is situated on a very prominent shopping ave. in an affluent section of town. I want to take what photos I have and the photos that the shop's photographer is taking and show Tiffanys and other big department stores. I don't know if this will take me where I was hoping it would (to make a living from this), but I know that the satisfaction of having taken on and having finished such a piece is the prize itself.

    Many wishes to you dear friend for a sensational and surprising year. Anita

  50. Hello dearest Stephanie...I'm just calling back to wish you and your lovely family a most wonderful 2013 and to thank you for the kind words that you left on my blog today...It is always a treat to visit you at the enchanted Millefeuilles and yes, you are right, I feel we are all going to have a wonderful year!...(I've made a special wish just to make sure!)
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  51. this is you?! i came here to catch up and return your precious hospitality and find you, your beautiful self. dear stephanie, i think so much of you, and now the gift of seeing the lovely person behind this lovely blog feels so good. i love love your sweater, and now i know what i need next, this shade of pink for me. it's exquisite. a beautiful knit, what an expert you are. and the kitty, oh my goodness. i wanted to wish you the happiest of new years too, filled with much peace and lots of love.

  52. quelle est jolie cette Minouchette tout de rose vétue! une vraie beauté!

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