Sunday, 25 November 2012

An Announcement

Dear readers,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Mickaël and I are slowly returning to reality after a magical weekend for which I am so very grateful. I will be back as soon as my feet touch the ground to share my joy with you.
In the meantime thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes and eager response to my little gift offer.  Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy (my latest customer order) has an announcement to make!
Who will win Eowyn Ivey's The Snow Child?
The answer (according to the Random Number Generator) is:
Melissa from Julia's Bookbag! 
Melissa, please send me your postal address so that you may enjoy this book during the sparkling days of Advent!  Let's share the excitement of reading it together.
I wish you all a very, very happy new week.
A bientôt,


  1. lovely mademoiselle dotty poppy very pretty
    greetings leon10

  2. well done to the winner! sweet little mushrooms on her dress and the little beads on her wrists. Very lovely! Heather x

  3. Congratulations to Melissa,glad you had a magical weekend.
    Sarah x

  4. Dear Stephanie,

    It's good to hear you and your husband had a lovely weekend! It's fun to spend some time together now and then! Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy looks as sweet as her friends. She will make someone very happy.

    Congratulations to Melissa for winning your delightful book.

    Happy new week!


    Madelief x

  5. I just love her knitted sweater.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Dear Stephanie,

    Happy belated birthday greetings and so glad that you had a magical weekend.
    Congratulations to Melissa, she will be thrilled.

    Wishing you a happy weekend ahead

  7. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday and weekend away Stephanie! :)
    Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy is so pretty, I love her sweater, just the thing for these chilly days!!!
    Congrats to the lucky winner, I hope she really enjoys her book!
    Happy week ahead,
    Vivienne x

  8. Happy belated bithday sweet lady, can't wait to hear all about it!
    what a lucky winner, i have read this book and it is just beautiful.
    what a pretty little lady Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy is, you have magic in your hands Stephanie
    love jooles x

  9. I WON????????????????!!

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!! Oh I am just thrilled. What a perfect way to start the holiday season!

    Thank you so much darling Stephanie!! I will email you my mailing information asap :)

  10. Hello Stephanie,
    Congratulations to Julie.....it looks to be a very interesting read.
    Dotty Poppy....where do you get the names from.....or does something magical whisper in your ear? They are always so fitting for each of your Hares. She's so lovely....the embroidery....the toadstool fabric......gorgeous.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. sorry that should read congratulations to Melissa.....

      A xx

  11. I love all the little details on this beautiful hare. Congratulations to Melissa on winning "The Snow Child".

  12. I am so pleased you had a marvelous time away, Dotty Poppy has won my heart over again lovely Stephanie, she's a beauty xox Congrats to the winner x Happy week ahead x P

  13. Congratulations to Melissa! Happy reading!
    Love Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy!

  14. Congratulations to Melissa..Your latest creation is so beautiful..I love the little ladybird !
    Happy Week
    Thea x

  15. Oh boy sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated to you and glad your husband took you on a magical weekend.

  16. BRAVO BRAVO!!! What a lovely win my dear! The winner is quite lucky and it is always so fun to receive a gift in the mail! Oh Stephanie, thank you for visiting me tonight! I was away from the computer today or rather, Blogland; I am taking a writing class and I have some major assignments to complete, not to mention some much needed Etsy orders! I see you are enjoying your art as well as I am!

    I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR about your lovely getaway with your husband! NINE YEARS, HUH? Oh dear, Ruben and I are going on 31 years! Where does time go? Oh my dear friend, thank you for your presence at my blog. It is always so wonderful to hear news from you. Big hugs to you and enjoy the coming holiday celebrations! Anita

  17. lovely giveaway and lucky winner! I'm so glad you had a sublime getaway- we all need those! Have a wonderful week.
    xo Nancy

  18. Lucky Melissa! (And I LOVE the author's name - Eowyn - anything so Tolkienish is bound to be wonderful.)

    I do love Miss Dotty Poppy's flower-and-ladybug theme, and her little dark-red sweater makes me want one of my own. That yarn is beautiful and the little beads just perfect.


  19. congratulations to Melissa!!
    Lovely xmassy bunny!!! ;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  20. Hapopy Melissa! Congrats to her :O)
    And thank YOU for this lovely Giveaway!
    Have a happy week,

  21. such a lovely announcement, much happy reading for Melissa!

    and I adore mademoiselle dotty - perhaps your sweetest bunny yet with the little beads around her cuffs, all of us who sew and knit know how much care you put into these, Stephanie

    Barbara x

  22. Congratulations to Julia. I have seen this book in the shops and been attracted by it's cover. Your new little hare is gorgeous! Much love to you, Linda x

  23. Congratulations to Melissa, and I now have the joy of going to the bookshop to get my copy - always a great adventure! The bunny is lovely, thank you so much for sharing, Maggie.

  24. Lucky Melissa, lucky whoever the new hare is travelling to, and by the sounds of it, lucky you. So glad you're happy dear Stephanie :)

  25. Congratulations to Melissa. Love this latest Mademoiselle. Such a wonderfully rich red and the beading on the jumper is so effective.

  26. Happy belated Birthday to you! Congratulations to Melissa!

    The newest hare is darling. I love the colors of her ensemble.

    I hope your holidays are full of happiness.


  27. Hola! tu blog es encántador, me gusta mucho. Saludos

  28. I am half way through this book and I'm loving it! I have a 'thing' for books about magical snowy worlds! :-)

    1. Me too Carly! I am such a snow child at heart. It's good to discover that you are too.


  29. Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy is possibly my favourite yet (but then I think that each time that you create a new one!). So glad you had a magical time Stephanie - pop back and tell us all about it won't you? and congratulations to Melissa x

  30. Dearest Stephanie, Thank you for the sweet Thanksgiving wishes! I am thankful for your friendship! I am so happy you had a lovely birthday weekend sweetie! I look forward to hearing about it! Oh my! Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy is so beautiful and sweet! Your work is exquisite! I love the colors and fabrics you used! Your customer will be very, very happy! Congratulations to the winner of the book! I know they will enjoy it! Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend!
    Much love, Paula xoxo

  31. Congratulations to lucky Melissa! ...(and you know that I think Mademoiselle Dotty Poppy is beautiful...I think perhaps my all time favourite although it's really an impossible choice)....Wonderful, magical stitchery in your new festive header,Stephanie!
    Hope you are having a great week,
    Susan x

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