Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Frosty Gift (To You)

Dear readers,
Generally speaking November does not get a good press.  I don't know about you but I would like to relinquish all notions of a four-quartered year.  The ragged interface, for example, between autumn and winter, which could be considered a short, hybrid season in itself, usually occurs in November, I think.  Rotting leaves turn into a fragrant mulch. Birds still berry in the woods.  The damp air is full of distinct noises; dripping branches and seedpods like tiny rattles on the trees.  The air here in France is cold without being chill.  We no longer fight the urge to close the shutters tight come early evening.  We become homebodies mostly.
And then the first, magical frost comes.
"There's nothing like a touch of frost to add glamour to the winter garden.  Like hard white icing on a dark fruit cake, it transforms the stuff of everyday life into something special - a birthday or a christening instead of the usual Saturday teatime in front of the telly."
Katherine Swift, The Morville Year (p. 244).
I love frost!  Don't you?  And I thank Katherine Swift for raising it the thrilling heights of birthday celebrations for I realise now that, undeniable aesthetic values aside, for decades I must have associated the first frosts with my November birthday.  Yes indeed I will be celebrating gaining another year this week.  On the day itself I will be eating out  with a precious friend at our favourite local haunt, La Part Belle and for the first time ever in our nine years of wedded bliss (hee, hee!) MIckaël is taking me away for the weekend to a surprise destination whilst his parents sweetly come and look after our children. I am as excited as can be!
Aside from making 'Eve's Pudding', using my favourite fragrant Blechard apples with a touch of lemon zest, or ''Chocolate Puddle Pudding' served when the children are home from school with a little cream or vanilla ice cream I had to channel my excitement into something more creative and less calorific! 

Here is Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver (Winter Sky), an enchanted hare, who represents the most magic of all natural beauty; the unique snowflake, the silvery and intricate calligraphy of Jack Frost (I loved him as a child), the glaze of ice on water, a deep winter sleep, and in particular the winter sky. When I first arrived in France fifteen years ago I settled down in a little fishing village on the Normandy coastline and would follow the country road to get to the nearest town, Bayeux. My first winter left me breathless with excitement. I would slow my car down and gasp at the mist swirling over the frosty pastures and the sky pink, grey, and mauve, with occasional flashes of orange as the sun lazily woke up. It was so beautiful.
Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver loves to gaze at the winter landscape suffused with pink light. She will clap her hands with pleasure when the first frost or snowfall occur. In the long evenings when the curtains are drawn she will be supremely content sitting in an armchair with the candles lit and reading a good book such as "The Secret Garden". She is very feminine and quietly spoken and very fond of white icing sugar and silver balls on cakes.
Ivory silk (from Angélique's christening gown) line her ears.  Silvery embroidered snowflakes cover her slender feet and long ears.  Translucent glass beads have been knitted into her little tunic which, to my mind, contains all the colours of the winter sky I first found in France by the sea all those years ago.  And, best of all,  a beautiful ivory lace, HANDMADE by a specialist lacemaker, trims the trousers. It's intricate, regular pattern reminds me of Jack Frost's delicate designs on icy windowpanes and the effect of frosty parterre designs in Baroque and Renaissance gardens. It's the same as the one I used for Mademoiselle Autumn Serenade (hi Claire!).  This little hare appeared in my Etsy shop yesterday and disappeared again, as if by magic, not once but twice (oops).
 In short I have made her, partly, to celebrate my fast approaching birthday, and my favourite books, which I always dip into with every first frost; Marina Warner's book "The Skating Party", and my favourite part of Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" which describes the Great Freeze in London in the sixteenth century.
Do you see the book on the right?  A few days ago Lori, in an inspiring post in which she reveals the most stunning reindeer shawl she knitted herself on her return from adventures in Alaska, eagerly shared her opinion of Eowyn Ivey's The Snow Child.  She wrote; 'the snow child is about homesteading in alaska in the 1920's. magical, delicate, poignant, a beautiful story. and the art work on the cover, LOVE that too'.  It did not take me long to order two copies of this book.  One of these I would like to gift to you.  My copy is patiently sitting on my (dusty) bedside table.  I longingly brush a finger over its beautiful cover every night when I creep into bed well past midnight.  I have many hares to stitch for Christmas, you see, and little time to read.  I love the idea, however, of sending this book out to someone special and reading it together; simultaneously.  Another small connection in this vast world we live in.

So, dear readers, this is my small birthday present to you.  If you are interested in reading The Snow Child simply leave me a comment.  I would be most grateful if you could become a follower too, although it is by no means essential.  (Of course if you care to 'like' my facebook page, Madame Millefeuilles, I would be equally thankful.)  I will announce the winner in a week's time.
'Til then, I wish you all a beautiful week and thank you so much for taking the time to visit.
A bientôt,
ps Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all our friends across the seas.  I will raise a glass to you on my birthday :-)


  1. Your rabbit is absolutely beautiful, wish i was as skillful!

    I would love to be included in your generous giveaway, I am already a follower.


  2. Mademoiselle Ciel D'Hiver is like a snow crystal - one of a kind & exquisite as are all your creations. As I have my own copy of The Snow Child, just want to share that whoever receives this book will be mesmerized. A beautiful & moving story based on an old Russian tale. Of course having just returned from our 4th trip to Alaska I continue to be in love with all things Alaskan!

    Happiest of Birthdays & have a lovely celebratory time away.

  3. You always move me to tears Stephanie with your beautiful words and your even more beautiful hare with her soft and silky ears and delicate embroidered features and I wished she was mine. The Secret Garden is my all time favourite children's book and even now if the film appears on the tv nothing will move me from it as I watch the transformation of the garden from a wilderness and Dickon to a happy and healthy boy. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Enjoy the time away.x

  4. Hello Stephanie -such a beautiful little lady and what a beautiful post. I love your description of winter in Normandy - such wonderfully clear air seems to make the cold mornings sing.

    Should love to read The Snow Child, it looks an interesting story.

    Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your break away.

    Best wishes, Sue xxx

  5. Bonjour Stephanie,,,,, I was sooo happy to stumble across your blog. I too am in France, Normandy, and I know beautiful Bayeux so well, its one of my favorite places.
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway and could definatly use a lovely new book to get me through the winter.
    Bonne fin soirée
    Nicky xxx
    PS Mademoiselle Ciel d'hiver is absolutely stunning! Well done!

  6. Hello, Stephanie

    I've been following Millefeuilles for awhile now and enjoy the mixture of your handcrafted arts with your flare for writing. (I mentioned you in one of my recent posts, "Homey Pastimes".)

    Thank you for the book draw and here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday.


  7. Hello Stephanie, I have read the book, actually read it in about two days, its a lovely story that had me totally lost in Alaska for a while :-) So, happy Birthday to you enjoy your book , please don't enter me...... just thought I'd say Hi xx

  8. Happy Birthday Stephanie, let us hope that our winter will be magical but less severe than the Great Freeze!

    Beautiful, enchanting Hare.

  9. I always find myself floating when I read your words, Stephanie! Uplifting and so very inspiring.
    I too love the way the low clouds move across the landscape and leave behind a sparkling world. So beautiful!!!
    So, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my friend! I know it will be wonderful! And I am writing down the titles of the books you've shared, as I would love to read them as well! I am of course a follower - both in my Blogger Reader and listed in my blog's sidebar!
    Birthday hugs,

  10. So dear Stephanie you are a Scorpio just like my own dear husband. It is his birthday today, so I have his favourite chicken curry cooking for tonight, and then we shall be out to our favourite restaurant during the coming week.
    You have captured the colours of the winter sky so beautifully in Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver.
    Happy birthday, enjoy eating out with your friend at La Part Belle, and have a magical weekend away with MIckaël.

  11. Hi Stephanie.
    Please could you include me in your give away, it looks such an enchanting story.
    I loved the description you found about frost, I shall now always look at it and think of icing. Have a very Happy Birthday and enjoy your meal out with your friend and also your weekend away.
    Sarah x

  12. This looks like a lovely winter read! Please enter me in the draw, and I look forward to more posts like this one.

  13. What a beautiful post.
    Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is so special in her sweet knitted pinafore. The lace trim on her trousers is exquisite.
    I'd love to read the book - thank you for the chance to enter the draw.
    Have a wonderful birthday!


  14. Hi Stephanie, so pleased to have found you on my blog travels. After a beautiful frost this morning I have enjoyed your words about the magic of frost. Please enter me into your draw as the book sounds enchanting. Btw I have loved Virginia Woolf since my teenage days and am feeling inspired to re-read her xo

  15. Hello Stephanie and Happy Birthday! I love your latest little hare. I think the little silk ears are my favorite part! Sounds like you will be very busy stitching for Christmas. The book sounds great too.
    Enjoy your getaway with your husband : )

  16. Dearest Stephanie, Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is enchanting indeed...and adorned in such precious bits and bobs! It is no wonder she hopped away so very swiftly from the shoppe.
    And I must say, the picture that you painted of a frosty morn was magical! There is nothing quite like enjoying a first cuppa by candlelight whilst peering through the glistening "frost feathers" upon the windowpane.
    May you and your love enjoy a splendid holiday away, and I wish you a birthday overflowing with much happiness and joy!
    Send warm hugs from here ...
    Judy xx

  17. (sigh) Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is so pretty, what is it about those long ears that gets me everytime!!! :) Her little beads, silver embroidery and beautiful lace are all wonderful!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the The Snow Child, the cover is fabulous.
    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Stephanie and I hope you have a fantastic weekend away. Enjoy lovely lady!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  18. dear lovely friend,
    happy birthday! a secret getaway, with your love! and the first in all this time, i'm thrilled for you. i hope it is filled with magical moments... hand holding, eye gazing, champagne corks popping (with minimal talk about the children, household issues, 'things back home'...those can wait). i wish that you will enjoy your time together and celebrate wonderful you!

    i love your Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver, and most of all your poetic descriptions of her and of the wintry countryside you live in. perhaps you should add to your list of to do's: write a book. thank you so much for the kind words for me, i'm still completely smitten with all things alaska, and thrilled the weather has turned cold here to wear my favorite reindeer shawl. i'm looking forward to your review of the snow child, one of my favorite books too. please leave my name out of the drawing (of course!) since i have the book, but i did see that the cover is different than the u.s. version. i LOVE this one too!
    happy birthday dear stephanie! love, lori

  19. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Love your sweet hare, so so pretty. The book looks a beautiful read too!
    Victoria xx

  20. You will love the Snow Child I know - I recommended it on my blog some months back as I felt it a book worth telling others about and I even bought a copy for my daughter who was half way through my copy which was a library book so she couldn't take it with her to finish. Love the little hare - so beautifully crafted.

  21. Oops forgot to say Happy Birthday!

  22. Dear Stephanie, happy birthday to you! Inhope you and your husband will have a lovely time together! Mademoiselle d'hiver lloks magical with the silver details. She blends in with her surroundings perfectly. I enjoyed reading about your books too. I read Orlando years ago, but the other two books are new to me!

    Goodnluck with your stitching and a lovely week ahead!

    Madelief xox

  23. the snow child is really a lovely book I have also a post on my blog of it is nice to read it in this time of the year ist like a winterfairytale beautiful love the new pretty winter mademoiselle lovely like an airy snowflake if you like the snowchild then I have a lovely book read tip for you its called the other half of me! from morgan mcarthy its a lovely book too?
    greetings and a nice evening leon10

  24. Don't enter me dear Stephanie as I started reading Snow Child the other day... her words leave me speechless. In fact this is a long story, but I shall cut it short, whilst reading this book (only the first 2 chapters) I became so immersed in the story I looked up from it's pages (I was in a public place) and I forgot completely where I was... I felt I was in the story, like magic!
    I wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your weekend away.
    I read Lori's post too.. isn't her shawl stunning.
    Eve's pudding! Mmmmmmm, my favourite.
    Much love to you and your family and your magical creations.

  25. Wishing you a very blessed and joyful birthday Stephanie, how wonderful for your hubby to whisk you away for some real alone time and romance :o) Your hares are just so carefully made with so much thought, I really can see why they hopout of your shop. I'm intrigued by this beautiful book, I shall read the lovely Lori's post too. Happy Happy birthday for the 25th xox You deserve a really special one after such a year xox

  26. Dear Stephanie I would love to read 'The Snow Child' I have heard so many good reports!

  27. We've had frost and snow for a couple months now, here in northern Canada, but are in the middle of a melt right now. Not quite as far north as Alaska! Winter is reading as well as knitting time for me, would love to add a new book to my little library. Happy birthday, frost days, and reading!


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  29. Oooh how exciting to be whisked away for your birthday, I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Your hare is gorgeous, and I'm not surprised that you sold it, twice! I do so want to see your christmassy ones....any chance of a heads-up ;-)

    I would love to be entered for your generous draw...thank you!

  30. Sounds a beautiful story Stephanie, please could you count me in, I am already a follower.

    Mademoiselle ceil d'hiver is beautiful!

    Claire xxx

  31. Stephanie! I did not get a notice on my blog roll that you had posted a new post! What is going on?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS FRIEND! FOURTY FOUR? I will be 55 in April...yes, WHERE DO OUR LIVES GO? They travel on a cloud of love that is given to us in this life.

    I love the first frost, in fact, I love snow. Our November here in Minnesota is for the second year in a row, quite warm! In fact, I remember all of December being SNOWLESS last year for us, RIGHT UP UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY!

    Oh dear, your new Mademoiselle is as charming as ever! Dear one, I had my first art show yesterday! I will post on it next week.

    Your kind comment touched my heart so my friend. EVERY DAY? REALLY?????

    I wish you a most magnificent get-away with your beloved husband and ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF YOUR FRENCH LIFE!!

    Most kind and loving regards, Anita

  32. What a wonderful magical post. Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend and love in the frost. I also marvel at it, but alas am in the midst of Spring here in Australia, and loving it!

  33. Happy Birthday dear Stephanie
    What a fabulous post and another adorable hare.
    You know I am a little book worm and have been longing to immerse myself in the wintery tale of the snow child for some time. It didn't seem fitting to read it in the summer so I have been putting off buying it until the ground is hard and crisp with frost and the trees glisten in the wintery morning light. Please count me in.

  34. My first time visiting your lovely, dreamy blog. So wonderful how all of the arts influence each other. Music, art, and poetry have been inspirations for my quilting.

    Have a wonderful birthday with your beloved.



  35. I haven't come across the Snow Child, it sounds wonderful, and I would love to win a copy. I'm a follower already. Thank you! Juliex

  36. Your hares are truly magical Stephanie, as so I'm told is that book, so please do pop my name in the hat. Of course I am already a follower.

  37. What a beautiful post - love the new hare too. I would love a chance to win the book, we are just coming into summer here in New Zealand, so it seems strange to read about frosts and cooler weather. Good luck with getting all your Christmas hares done.

  38. Dear Stephanie
    Please include me in your lovely giveaway. I am completely addicted to reading and can't stop collecting books. I think your latest hare is a beautiful reflection of a winter sky and am not surprised she was bought so quickly.
    Best wishes

  39. Stephanie, Ciel really is as lovely as the winter sky on a frosty morning. I'm always awed by the delicate details on each of your hares. I would love to to read this book, if you are shipping overseas. I had "Snow Child" on a list of possibilities for a book club read this winter.

  40. Another beautiful hare ... you are very talented ... I would like to be included in your giveaway ... thanks for the chance ... Bee xx

  41. You know, In the past 9 years I've been living in very hot places (Cairo and Jakarta!!), so I miss, just a little bit, some frost!!! So, reading about it, I think it would be really nice!!! Thank you!!!
    Your last lady hare is stunning!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  42. Hi Stephanie! Stumbling upon a post of you on this late hour is always a pleasure. Your words are beautiful, your creations are as well, you are an inspiration. Thank you!
    Happy birthday!!!! How generous of you parents in law to look after the children for a whole weekend so you and Mickaël have some time to yourselves. Enjoy!
    Alaska must be a wonderful place, I've always dreamt of going there sometime, so maybe the book could bring it a bit closer. I'd love to read it.

  43. Hello and a lovely November to you! Our Autumn foliage is just now fading. For us here, November is the peek in brilliant color and chilly days and nights. It is magical when a frost comes, especially in the morning. The other morning the rails of our fence seemed to steam in the dawn sunlight!
    Your pretty Winter Sky rabbit is just gorgeous, and what a touching detail for her ears to be the silk from your daughter's dress!
    And the book you've giving away looks simply enchanting! I would love to win such a lovely sounding story! Please put my name in for a chance at it!~ And a happy November to you!~ hope you have a wonderful birthday and lovely trip!

  44. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one filled with all your favorite things.

    Your Winter Sky rabbit is so pretty. I love how you follow the seasons with your creations and put so much detail into each one. Those embroidered snowflakes, ivory silk ears, and handmade lace make this one so special!

    I really enjoy reading books about Alaska and hope to travel there someday! My favorite book about Alaska is Two in the Far North. I'd love to read The Snow Child, too.

  45. Joyeux anniversaire Stephanie. I hope your birthday is filled with love and loved ones. Your hares are exquisite. They are so well bred and have such sweet characters. Twenty years ago I worked in France for two months on an engineering student exchange. Reading your blog makes me yearn back to that wonderful time in my life.

    Ooh, I would love to win your kind birthday gift offer.

  46. I have to say, Stephanie, when I saw this lovely hare on Facebook, I fell in love. She is so pretty and I love the snowflakes. I wish money was so tight right now. I would definitely order one but I have to save for Christmas for my adorable grandchildren.

    Please enter me in your very kind birthday gift giveaway. It is just so nice of you to give a gift on your birthday. I hope you have a nice one filled with joy, laughter and love.


  47. Such an exquisite Madame, and such a delightful post. I am happy to discover you today, and would love to read along with you...

  48. Miss Stephanie!! A Very Happy Birthday to you!! Have a wonderful time!!

    I would love, adore, and be THRILLED to receive this book. It has been pinned on my Pinterest book board for quite awhile and I have not yet laid claim to it! And if I don't win, now I have a renewed commitment to seeking this one out :)

  49. Miss Winter Sky is so lovely! I am quite charmed that you have used a bit of your daughter's Christening gown to line her lovely rabbit ears. xo Karen

  50. Have a beautifully Happy Birthday, your plans sound delightful! And Miss Winter Sky, wow, she's adorable! :)

  51. Miss Ciel d'hiver is divine!

    Now, I have read that book, and it made me weep a little, with its simple lovliness and beautiful words, so no need to enter me!

    Just popping by to say hello....
    Daisy j

  52. so cute she is miss ciel d'hiver!

    have a super lovely birthday :)

  53. what a lovely post, and a happy birthday to you! I don't know how you bare to part with any of your lovely hares....real treasures. I would love to enter your give-away please, Heather x

  54. Well Happy Birthday too you! Hope you have a spectacular time.

    I do love autumn and winter they are my comfort zone I think.

    What beautiful books. Indeed the snow child does sound lovely. I would
    love to enter you wonderful giveaway.

    P x

  55. What a beautiful Madamoiselle Ciel d'Hiver! I'm a fairly new follower and have been eyeing these beauties who seem to pop up in blogs I follow - they are truly beautiful! My eye automatically caught the book, The Snow Child, I love winter and frosty mornings! I would love to receive this gift! And a very happy birthday to you as well! Sharon x

  56. Happy Birthday Stephanie. Madamoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is the perfect poster hare for a frosty November. frost has not arrived in Ireland yet we are still on cold and damp. I would be delighted to be included in your giveaway. There is nothing nicer than a good book.

  57. Good evening Madame Millefeuilles...You know that I think Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is exquisite...I have just noticed those silken ears too..so beautiful and befitting of such a lady!
    'Happy Birthday' wishes to you my friend...how wonderful to be swept away to a secret destination...I am sure that you will have the most enchanting time...Oh, it must be so very exciting....
    I would dearly love to be included in your generous Giveaway too Stephanie (already a blog/Facebook follower, of course!) Fingers tightly crossed here!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  58. Catching up with your blogs for the first time for a little while and so much to read. Your older daughter is a serious beauty and your younger a delight. I love those occasions when the family comes together across the generations. I hope your father enjoyed his day. I am also very struck by the book. I had a beautiful book from you earlier this year, Le Peau D'Ane, so I won't enter myself in your competition but I might find it and buy it anyway!

  59. I wish you the happiest of birthday's Dear Stephanie. Enjoy your getaway I'm sure it will be completely romantic and a weekend to treasure.

    Your Novembers are so very different to mine. Here we wake to the bluest of blue skies, the sun already warm and the sound of cicadas. The Jacarandas in full bloom signal exam time and the end of the school year. December is the first month of Summer, excitement builds in the littles as Christmas approaches and days are filled with trips to the park, the beach and the swimming pool.

    Have a wonder filled, wonderful week lovely one.
    xo Jen

  60. Hey Stephanie, this is such a lovely blog post full of wonderful descriptions and photos.
    I love Winter too but your first Winter in France sounds so magical and Mme Ciel d'hiver is the personification of it. Extra special with all those personalised touches......
    Birthday wishes to you for your special day and have a wonderful weekend away........

    The Snow Child, sounds wonderful the cover alone had me straight away. It would be lovely to snuggle into my bed and immerse myself in the story and know that on the other side of the globe you were reading it too......

    Thankyou for the opportunity,

    Claire x

  61. I am not entering but just wanted to comment on the beautiful, enchanted hare. She is amazing. The little details you put into her is all heart and soul. I loved reading about how the weather is like for you now in France. Sigh, some day we'll make it across the pond. I have a knitting group member who's going w/her ohana. Lucky bunch.

  62. Oh, yes, I love to follow your blog and am always eager to find out what books to read ... in addition to enjoying your lovely photographs and quirky bunnies!

    Even though I'm here on the other side of the pond, we're up in Canada where we celebrated Thanksgiving already 6 weeks ago. Where does the time go?

    Thanks for your blog and good luck finishing your Christmas commissions!


  63. The lovely lady hare is delightful and enchanting - such a beautiful item! Thank you for sharing such lovely photographs. Maggie

  64. Hi Stephanie,

    This was the loveliest Post and arrived in the middle of the night (our time) when I was struggling with sleep in this last week of pregnancy. Ciel de'Hiver is just beautiful - of course it disappeared immediately from the shop - but I love your beautiful description of Winter and France and the making of the Hare and was wondering if the recipients of your Hares ever get such a detailed description to go with the Hare. I'm sure they would love it!

    As for The Snow Child, after also seeing it on Lori's blog and with time running out, I actually found one bookstore here that had one copy left so picked up a copy today to pop in my hospital bag. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

    Finally, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful time away.


  65. happy Birthday

    just started the book the snow child.
    They saw is a good book,so enjoy

  66. Enjoy your Birthday week Stephanie. I am sure it will be magical. x

  67. Dearest Stephanie, I would love to be entered for your giveaway. I love to read and Snow Child sounds wonderful! Your writings are so delightful and it is always a joy to visit you! I wish you the happiest of birthdays and that all of your birthday wishes will come true! I hope you and Michael have a wonderful weekend trip! I am quite excited for you sweetie! Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is beautiful! Your work is exquisite and I love all of the wonderful details! I enjoyed reading about your first experience living in France. How wonderful that lovely memory inspired your creation. Such beautiful photos too! Thank you for your kind Thanksgiving wishes! Happy Birthday dearest! Much love, Paula xo

  68. Have a wonderful birthday Stephanie. I hope you wake up to some sparkling diamond frost on the actual morning - it is a magical thing and really does add beauty just like Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver, she is gorgeous x

  69. Happy Birthday dear Stephanie! I hope you have a truly magical weekend and enjoy some precious time with your husband. I know your children will be at home, but I wonder if any stitching goes with you...? The hares you have been making are truly exquisite, and my sweet Meadow Hare is cosied up next to the stove - she has been much admired by many friends (one of whom I believe wishes to commission a hare for his wife?)and still makes me smile when my eyes alight on her! Shall write a proper email to you soon, ali.

  70. A very happy birthday to you! The hare is just gorgeous. I can see why it was snapped up so quick. You should write travel brochures for France, after reading your words, I want to book myself a flight to come and visit! Frost or no frost. The desserts you mentioned sound delightful too. Enjoy your weekend away. What a treat for your birthday. The book sounds gorgeous. If your giveaway is open to international followers, I'd love to be included. I'm off to take a look at your Facebook page now. Jacinta

  71. dear Stephanie, wishing you the happiest of Birthdays and a lovely weekend away to forget all about sewing, cooking, washing etc ... I am making a list of books to read when work finishes for two weeks just before Christmas and these will certainly be on it; also I'm so glad there is someone else with a dusty bedside table! I've also been sewing late at night preparing for my neighbour's annual fete/exhibition next door ... I love your hares no wonder they are in demand ...
    Barbara x

    ps I am not on Facebook but Snowy is and he really likes your page!

  72. hello Stephanie, I am sending you many happy birthday wishes and thank you for thinking of us here in the US during our thanksgiving holiday which is almost here. I have two sprogs sitting by me as I type this as they are already on their holidays. what a lovely gift you are sending out to the world and what a nice idea to read it together. it's about a year since i started blogging and i just can't express how much i enjoy the connections being made all over the world. oh, and that little bunny is just perfection.

  73. Stephanie....happy happy happy day (and getaway!!!) I've said many many times how fall is my favorite season, but that first frost does turn 'favorite' to magical!!! Your little hare is precious and reflects your love of the season, too, so well!!!
    I also read Lori's post,---and jotted down the book, but haven't yet ordered it....how i'd love to have a read-along with you!

  74. Happy birthday sweetie!!!! May you have many many more. Love your rabbit and his/her floppy ears :)

  75. Hello Stephanie and 'happy birthday' - sorry it's belated.

    I always used to get so fidgety just after bonfire night, couldn't wait for December to come, but I'm slowly finding (with the years) November is gently growing on me. Can't wait for the first frost though - that little mischief making Jack weaving his magic.

    Nina x

    ps. I've not heard of the book, but it sounds very intriguing and one that I would surely love - my kind of thing basically. Fingers crossed - N xxx

  76. Happy, happy Birthday, dearest of Stephanies! I hope your special day is everything magical and wonderful.

    You described the time of year so perfectly - "ragged interface" is the mot juste (mots justes?). Winter and autumn are taking part in a country dance - each advancing and retreating in turn.

    The latest Mademoiselle is so very lovely, with her frosty sparkles of silver and that beautiful, beautiful lace. No wonder she was snapped up (twice)!

    I would love to be placed in the drawing for that beautiful book.

  77. Your attention to detail on Mademoiselle Ciel d'Hiver is fantastic. A toy to be truly treasured.
    And your descriptions of all things November are so perfect and accurate. It made me look at things in a new light.
    Happy Birthday!

  78. Omg, your writing is so poetic, I only ever see France in summertime, you make me want to move across the channel to experience the beautiful winters!

  79. What a lovely way to describe the changes a foot.

    Enjoy your birthday. I have a big birthday coming soon.

  80. Happy Birthday, Stephanie and a belated Happy Birthday to your father!!!
    I have discovered your blog via Green Rabbit Designs blog.

    Please put my name in your hat for the lovely book giveaway.

    with all best wishes,

  81. This is a wondeful November post, of november's spirit and mood. I also like enchanted frost, but not much here so far.Mademoiselle ciel d'hiver is delicately graceful (love the silver snowflake).
    And I'll certainly read the "Snow child". Thank your for all the marvels here? and happy birthday (I'm a bit late I'm afraid !)

  82. I enjoyed reading it and I think other readers might enjoy reading it as well.Thanks.


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