Saturday, 2 July 2011

A thousand leaves

Dear readers,

I am so very touched by the kind comments you have left me.  Each one has warmed my nervous blog novice heart.  Each one has put me in touch with bloggers who I have admired for a long while as well as others both new and inspiring.

Thank you.

I have received a couple of mails asking why I had chosen the name Millefeuilles for my musings so here is, hopefully, a simple explanation:

I have always had a soft spot for the delectable French pastry a millefeuille.  The combination of brittle layers of puff pastry together with the smooth crème patisserie and, best of all, the fondant white icing combed with chocolate stripes leaves me quite giddy with excitement.  The French chef, La Varenne, refers to the millefeuille in his cookbook Cuisinier françois which was published in 1651 and generally considered to be one of the first cookery manuals which addressed the noble and bourgeois classes. According to La Varenne this cake would have at least 729 layers of puff pastry.

I am an enthusiastic cake maker and devourer but that is not all.  Of course the literal translation of millefeuille is thousand-leaf and that is the real reason why I have chosen this name for my blog.  Leaves evoke my love of horticulture and the pages on which I have and will write about this passion, mainly in the form of articles and this blog, of course.

The downside is that this is a notoriously difficult word for English speakers to pronounce!

With this explanation in mind I thought I would show you my 'Cushion of the (Not Quite) Thousand Leaves' which was inspired by our apple tree in blossom this spring although the name does little to account for the large number of buttons and sequins added to this embroidery; I simply thought those were fun at the time.  This tree was my own design and if the truth be told it reveals the kind of detailed work I most enjoy.

Moving on...

I have a few projects in progress as usual.  A few weeks ago I discovered this BeAuTiFuL blog and when I saw this photo my heart skipped a beat.  Helen Philipps wrote 'I love the colour so much I had to have it.'  Yes, well, I knew what she meant.  So now I am the owner of these:

Well, I have seven balls not three (cough, cough)

And, oops, how did those get here?

These constitute part of my stash for my first granny square blanket project to be started after my first crochet lesson on 9th July

My work in progress using this yarn is Abi Taylor's Cardigan Rose (details on Ravelry) which is a delightful and versatile knit for my seventeen-month old Angélique.

You will find me sniffing the sprig of lavender to keep me calm while the above-mentioned toddler runs rings around me.  Oh, and please excuse the creased fabric!

Before rounding off I wonder if you could help me with something?  First, this yarn colour is 'Cilantro'.  Although this is a perfectly fetching name I would like to give a flower name to this cardigan for my daughter.  My first thought was of hellebores but as this is a light summer knit I would prefer a flower such as.... white or yellow foxgloves.  If you can think of a more suitable flower name for this colour I would be very grateful if you could let me know.  Second, I will need some buttons but I am not at all sure which colour would compliment hellebore or foxglove or whichever name you choose best.  Again all suggestions will be the most welcome.

Thank you so much.


  1. I think you have chosen the colour for the buttons already - the lavender at the top! Just the right colour - then it can be a green lavender cardi, which is summery as lavender is in flower right now. It is a very beautiful cushion, too.

    Pomona x

  2. Bonjour chère bloggeuse! Merci pour être venue chez moi aujourd'hui et aussi pour m'avoir ajoutée ici!

    Moi aussi, je suis institutrice dans une école d'immersion dans le Minnesota. Et vous? Vous êtes prof aussi?

    J'adore votre blog. Je me passionne des patisseries surtout le pâte MILLESFEUILLES! On se regale si bien de la cuisine française!

    I am adding you immediately to my list of favorites dearest. Are you rather new to blogging? I have been blogging now for over two years and the growth in my professional as well as professional goals has just exploded, thanks to the weekly exercise of creating blog posts. However, making friends and connections with people all over the world has been the most rewarding. Thank you for your visit today and I am adding you to my favorites TOUT DE SUITE!

    BON WEEKEND! Anita

  3. Hi I've just found your lovely blog and already I'm drooling over your gorgeous yarn!
    I think Daisy would be a good name for the yarn, little white daisy buttons would be lovely.

  4. Oooo, I have found your newbie blog and am so glad to be here already!
    Cute cardi knit- the colour reminds me of those greeny- cream hydrangeas.

    Anyway, am your newest follower so I can keep in touch! Do pop over and visit my end of blogland- I love a bit of craft , crochet and thrifty finds!

  5. Oh I just adore all those colours! The cilantro is a favourite but I know what you mean about the name. The colour of Lady's Mantle comes immediately to mind..those pretty green frothy flowers & don't you love the way a dew drop can often be found sitting shimmering in the centre of a leaf. My wee thought for buttons, on a little ones cardi, of such a divine colour is one of each..you know all the pastels..a pale pink & a lavendar, lemon & maybe blue & soft rose pink too. Your cushion is delightful! Much love Catherine

  6. Angelica flowers are a similar green to your yarn ... Angelica for Angélique :) And maybe mother of pearl buttons, they go with everything.

    Now I've found your lovely blog I'll be back :D

  7. I am so happy that I can make use of my French here on your blog...very rusty these days!
    Your cushion is beautiful and I love the addition of the sequins and buttons...so pretty...I have just purchased some of the Amy Butler yarns for some little flowers I am making and the colours are wonderful...
    Thank you so much for calling by yesterday...my blue yarn that you mentioned is Sublime Casmere Merino Silk..beautiful!
    I will keep thinking on the name for you but I have to say that foxgloves are one of my all time favoutite flowers....
    Hope you have a perfect Sunday....
    Susan x

  8. Gorgeous blog, I've just stumbled onto it! I adore your cushion, that's so pretty! How about yellow buttons for the cardigan and you could call it buttercup with the green and yellow combination :-)

  9. Happy, sunny and beautiful blog. I will enjoy following from now on! Best wishes, Carol :)

  10. I love the needlepoint cushion with all its added buttons, I think I'm going enjoy your creative, cake making and horticultural blog :)
    Sue Xxx

  11. Oh my gosh, I love the green yarn, it is sooo pretty and the lavender with it is gorgeous. I have some buttons here that would be perfect for it, they are a clear, lemony/green with little purple flowers at one edge. I can't get over how pretty that green is. All the yarn is actually. I had to download that pattern too, so sweet. Your cushion is gorgeous, oh and how do you pronounce Millefeuilles??
    x Sandi
    x Sandi

  12. What a beautiful blog you have, a real feast for the eyes, your cushion is amazing.

    lily x

  13. Hello again and thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I am thrilled to add yours to my list as you write so beautifully and have the loveliest images to match.

    The yarn is just my sort of colour and first I thought of pistachio but it may not be girlish enough, so how about Lady's Mantle (or alchemilla which is so pretty as a name I think). Perfect with deep lavender buttons x

  14. What a lovely blog, I just love your name! It's sooo difficult to find one that works, so well done:-) Jude x

  15. I love your buttoned tree cushion - so pretty. I don't mind at all you linking to my blog -and I'm glad you loved the Citrine shade of Amy Butler yarn as much as I did! I've just finished making a cardigan for myself with it and have put plain buttons on it which are the same shade. But for you little girl flower or butterfly buttons might look sweet!
    Helen x

  16. Hello I'm sure the quilting bug will get you soon,
    especially as there are so many floral fabrics!!

    Just discovered tarte tatin OMG!!!!!!!!

  17. What a very pretty blog you have and thank you for stopping by the Fairyglade. I have tried to comment a couple of times now but am having so many problems. I wonder what blogger are actually doing to resolve all these issues. So frustrating. Hope to see you again soon. Dev x

  18. juste en passant une petite bise!!

  19. I must admit, I thought of a thousand leaves rather than the pastry, and it's a wonderful name for your blog, it doesn't restrict you to one subject, plus it's a very elegant name. Your cushion is beautiful, and the buttons make it all come alive. Lovely. Love Vanessa xxx

  20. Finally, blogger is allowing me to comment on your beautiful blog which I have been trying to do for weeks! Millefeuilles is a perfect name and I'd agree with whoever it was about lavender buttons for the pretty green cardigan. A lovely combination.

  21. I love that cushion in your photographs, and I can see why the wool had to come home with you!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' :) x

  22. Hello again!....Just called back to let you know that your lovely blog was drawn out of our basket of favourites for 'Lola's Blog of the Week'!...
    Hope you have the best weekend,
    Susan x

  23. What a gorgeous blog and what fabulous yarn. I am already a blog friend of Pipany and Pomona and am delighted to have found you.

  24. such a beautiful cushion, I love it x

  25. Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I am a new follower and would love to enter! If I won I would love the cloudy day beret pattern as I love berets and have never made one before!

    Please check out my blog! x

  26. Stephanie, your cushion is truly exquisite.

    As for the name of the cardigan that beautiful colour reminded me of the alchemilla mollis whose leaves are just emerging in my semicircular flower bed. So, what about Alchemilla or Lady's Mantle?

  27. Oh how funny! I now see Pipany has suggested the very same!


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