Saturday, 18 June 2011

Meet Peony

Peony is my youngest daughter, Angélique's, mouse although, to be honest, she spends far less time playing with her than I do.  I believe that the passions and hobbies one has as a child come back and slap you firmly in the face as an adult; "relish and enjoy us" they seem to say.  I used to love making clothes for my dolls and now, ever since Peony arrived in my Angélique's life, I have become obssessed with creating all manner of garments for her.

 As you can see from the photograph this mouse has an unusually regal posture for such a humble animal (please note how she has had a cushion made for her delicate posterior) which is why the family chose such a lofty flower name for her. To launch her into the flower kingdom it felt only right to find peony coloured yarn to knit her tunic and trousers.

I chose Rooster's Almerino Aran both for Peony's outfit and cushion.  This, in my humble opinion, is yarn heaven.  Rooster makes the softest, most squishy wool, which is a delight to fondle.  I love Rooster so much that I have ordered more colours which goes against my 'use your stash first' policy.
As for the pattern.  I was inspired by Leanne Prouse's Knitting at Home book - recently reviewed in Never Not Knitting - however I adapted the pattern to suit Peony's comely figure.

Needless to say I am dreaming up some more horticultural outfits for mousey.... Although I should also think up some clothes for her owner.  


  1. Oh she is so pretty - and much quicker to knit for than a small child (who then tells you she doesn't like it......)

    The bunch of paeonies are stunning too - what a wonderful bouquet to have in the house.

  2. I'm so pleased to meet someone called Peony! I recently did a blog post about that name, saying that it would be quite a name to live up to if you were a little girl, but it looks like this little mouse is more than capable of living up to her exotic name! She's a very adorable little mouse! And the cushion is just gorgeous, all my favourite colours you've used there, the knitted flowers are wonderful. Those Peonies are divine aren't they! Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Hi there,found you through LAAlaa ,lovely to 'meet' you xxjuliexx

  4. I was so pleased to meet Peony and to see her sweet knitted outfit and beautiful cushion. She is very cute and I can see why you enjoy knitting for her! I loved the knitted flowers, and the bunch of peonies is gorgeous.
    Have a great week. Helen x

  5. Hi there - so nice to have found your lovely blog. And thanks for the sound advice regarding revision. The only trouble is I am finding myself endlessly distracted by the delights of the internet, exploring blogs such as yours. I like the sound of your Phd and love the cushion.

  6. Such beautiful names - I am not yet at the dolls making clothes stage 'yet' - though I do have some wonderful books when the time arises.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  7. Hello again - the books I have are the 'Nina doll' wardrobe collection from Japanand I normally buy my Japanese craft books from ebay.


    I bought mainly them because of the name, but they are lovely books.

    I hope that helps?

    Nina x

  8. Peony is delightful....I love the colours you have chosen too...I am sure they must be inspired by all the prettiness around you!....
    Thank you so much for calling by my blog too and for your lovely comments,
    Susan x

  9. Hi, i just found your blog via Coco Rose. Her clothes are amazing! Did you make the cushion too! Such beauty! Since having my daughter I have rediscovered a love of toys, dolls and cute and whimsical things. I love it!

  10. I love peonies, and I love your mouse, and her gorgeous clothes, and as for the cushion, it's beautiful, so pleased I found your blog:)
    Sue Xxx

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, nice to 'meet' you! Peony is a lovely name and a lovely mouse! Your Normandy house sounds wonderful too - must have been so nice to be so close to the sea - very jealous indeed!
    Hope you have a great week xxx
    p.s crochets going ok thanks, though not got much time to devote to it at the moment (v frustrating as I was on a roll with it!) Hopefully may be able to do a couple more squares this evening! x

  12. i am so enchanted to meet mademoiselle peony. what a poppet she is in her sweet peony pink outfit and her cushion is just perfect!
    i now feel inspired to create something peony themed myself. my daughter recently lined up two dolls, three bears and a rabbit that are all desperatly in need of summer couture. i wonder if you would mind if i copied this striped pants and tunic look? it sounds very cheeky to ask such a thing, but i do like the outfit so very much and feel it could be nicely adapted for bears and dolls. though i doubt mine would look nearly as pretty as yours.
    the pale pink peonies are glorious! i love that shade and must think of planting some one year, we presently only have the deeper shades in our garden.
    i am going to browse some more of your posts now, whilst i sip my afternoon tea. i notice that you also have a fondness for the art of miss. clara!

    warmest wishes xx



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