Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oak Tree With Fairy Lights

For those of you who are not yarn literate 'Worsted' is the knitter's version of creamy rice pudding and apple crumble; instant gratification and comfort knitting.  In the constant toing and froing of everyday life, with a half-term journey to England with my two youngest children thrown in, I turned my back for a short while on lace-knitting and opted for a delightfully simple and quick pattern by Tin Can Knits, inspired by the mossy rocks and dripping rocks of the Pacific Northwest forests, named Old Growth.  Ever since knitting my Rosewater hat in early spring, also by Tin Can Knits, I've been following her latest patterns with interest.  I like the fact that this cardigan may be knitted for all sizes from newborn to fully grown woman and it looks perfectly lovely on little boys too.
And the yarn?  Oh, the yarn!  Julie Asselin made a batch of speckled yarns, which were sold by Paris's most enchanting tearoom/yarn shop, L'Oisive Thé, and flew off the shelves like hot cakes.  This colourway, 'It's My Party'  though predominantly green has many spots of gentle colour which are as beautiful as the Northern Lights.  Once soaked it becomes soft and squishy and Angélique has not taken it off since.  She particularly likes the fat 1970s pale green buttons.  My Ravelry notes for this cardigan (which I have named Oak Tree With Fairy Lights) are here.
Since our return from England a few days ago there have been brilliant blue skies setting off the yellow vines which,  now stripped of grapes, bask in the sunlight.  This is the colour which surrounds us from all sides.  There is red too. Bushes turning from sienna to scarlet and a few brave red roses enjoying the afternoon warmth like the few remaining butterflies swooping overhead and disappearing against a backdrop of golden leaves.  I think it's important to fill my children's lives with colour when the evenings draw in and Angélique, instinctively, clamours to pick flowers and so we bring confetti-colored zinnias and Brown-Eyed Susans into our home and make small wild flowers posies to grace our often cluttered table.

 I am hoping to write more frequently here over the next weeks.  Before I leave you I would like to share:
This scrumptious recipe which tastes of Autumn.  The children absolutely love it!
The most sublime Parisian perfume shop which recreates 1920s scents.  If you read the descriptions you will understand how much poetry there is in each glass bottle.  Imagine a perfum which conveys the atmosphere of a seventeenth-century abbey or Louis XV's Versailles gardens?  Beware!  They have an online shop.
Finally, this new (to me) garden writer  "Only a freehold will do, because when you plant a tree you want to think of its roots stretching down and down for ever, and its branches reaching up and up for all time, till in the end the blossom mingles with the stars."  Beverley Nichols' charming prose about the love and toil he poured into his ramshackle, eighteenth-century house and gardens will see me through the autumn evenings.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of simple pleasures and a little magic.


  1. Good to see you back with us darling.
    Angelique is growing into quite the young lady now.
    i love this cardigan, it looks just perfect for the cooler days when you dont need a coat.
    Hugs xxx

  2. My heart jumps for joy when I see a post from you, my dear Stephanie. Your words brighten the shortened days and fill my soul with yearning for Summer days past and those to come.
    Your little Angelique is an absolute darling, so beautiful. Oh what a joy!
    I shall have to seek this book and make it one of my reads for the longer Winter evenings.
    With love and hugs xxxx

  3. Your little lady is growing up so fast.......and what beautiful hair she has! Love the cardi, and the yarn is divine.
    Hope you had a wonderful time in England and found your parents in good health. Lots of love x

  4. beautiful Yarn …adore the colours as green is my favourite all time colour whatever the mood! Do I see a lattice stitch in the pattern on the left of the cardigan. Very lovely! …..definitely see some growth there too …your Angelique is getting taller. Lovely model!!!! I hope you found all your family well and that you enjoyed your break! Look forward to seeing your cat :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

    1. Beg pardon!!! kitten…. I see she is a kitten!!! xx

  5. I love this cardi and definitely would like one for me! It looks wonderful on your lovely little Angelique and it's completely understandable that she doesn't want to take it off. The yarn is gorgeous. The book looks like a lovely read, I must get a copy. Have a great week.
    Jane xx

  6. Buttons, baubles, beautiful little girl in a beautiful sweater. Stephanie, just the lovely photographs of Angelique and the link to the pattern would be a fine feast, but thank you for also adding more delights to this autumn post. You've caught the season's spirit so very well.

    I might have to try that lentil/beet recipe, It is unlike anything I have ever made before. Thanks for the tip about beet juice!


  7. So many beautiful descriptions in your post Stephanie. That is certainly the best description of worsted wool ...ever, just the perfect name for a perfect little cardigan and you make me want to visit those vineyards.
    I think I may have to purchase that book!
    V x

  8. Angélique looks so tall! What beautiful photos ... especially the one with the viney background. I like the little lace detail in that lovely pattern. And what a perfect autumn frame and background for your book. Thank you for the recommendation - I shall immediately order it from the library.

    And now ... to read other blogs or to visit the Paris parfumerie? Temptations, temptations. :)

  9. Dear Stephanie
    More beautiful photos to enjoy. Beverley Nichols wrote lots of books - this is the first of one of his trilogies. He does like to share his opinions and his writing can make me laugh (as he can be quite waspish), then he writes a lovely description or a moving comment which is quite thought provoking. He was a very knowledgeable gardener though. My mum introduced me to his books (Down the Garden Path, The Thatched Roof and Village in the Valley, about the trials and tribulations of renovating a cottage and garden, with many observations about the villagers along the way) and the Merry Hall trilogy is the next on my wish list.
    With best wishes

  10. Diane (in Ireland)2 November 2014 at 23:41

    Oh Stephanie, how wonderful, how very, very lovely! This darling cardigan on this adorable little girl...she seems to look more like her older sister all the time. I love everything about this post, so many samples of life's little pleasures, and, as always the photographs...heaven. Much love xx

  11. The sweater, yarn, and Angelique are so lovely, Stephanie. And the book and perfume recommendations tempt me to further exploration after I type to you :) I am just back from enjoying admiring the gray stormy sea along the Oregon coast. I started knitting another bunny there using brown alpaca fiber, that makes nice soft bunny fur for my grandson to enjoy. Wishing you peaceful productive days. xx

  12. Angelique is such a beauty and wears her new cardigan with great style. Xx

  13. What a perfect model your little one is. :) I love the beautiful setting too. I must get me that yarn, it sounds divine! xx

  14. My dear, dear Stephanie,

    I spent all my weekend in front of the computer, trying to eek out my latest post (for which I am so grateful that you visited!) and I missed all the new posts to enjoy. THIS IS MAGIC!

    Your color selections go with each waning season, with each new and exciting moment, and your little Angélique is a perfect model to share these wondrous creations of yours.

    I know you have been so busy, but your efforts in both home and atelier are such masterpieces, and we benefit from it all each time you SHARE. Thank you for this lovely Monday morning where I can imagine....with you.

    Those colors are splendid my friend! Anita

  15. what a lovely sweater on the cutest model e-v-e-r!!!! thanks for the book recommendation!
    my grands were visiting this weekend, and while not a one will wear a sweater :( i have a whole list of very specific mitten requests. that will have to do!!!! although with 4 little girls, it really does make me sad that i can't knit sweaters for them. (I think it's more their mommy's influence.....she won't wear a handknit either. this is a world I don't understand!!!!)

  16. gorgeous sweater and my oh my your wee model who is not so wee!!! Love her hair style :) I love sweaters that are simple in design but pack a punch when worn.

  17. Angelique is such a cutie!!! Your work always look amazing! Love the colors you have chosen too!

  18. Your darling Angelique is growing into a beauty and looking so much older! Love the gorgeous sweater and so glad you had a lovely trip.

  19. Lovely to hear from you and that you have been having good times. xx

  20. Is there anything nicer and positively squishier than knitting with worsted? Yum! I especially enjoy knitting with it because I tend to crochet lace much of the time, so when I swap from one craft to the other, I really feel the benefit!

    This yarn looks delicious and the cardigan looks so pretty on Angélique. Funny too that you mention the 1920s perfumery as I think the style of the cardigan is a little 1920s - especially in that first photograph of Angélique with her bobbed hair... xxx

  21. I think I'm going to enjoy following up your links. Thanks for sharing. The cardigan is very pretty, as is Angelique, she has such a sweet face.
    Your description of worsted is just perfect - I will always think of it as that from now on! Juliex

  22. oh sigh. your precious little girl, her new gorgeous sweater made with tender love and care. it's all so perfect stephanie.

  23. Dearest Stephanie,
    I think that anything this little angel wears looks gorgeous on her! Your cardigan is wonderful , you have the most skilful hands, without doubt. And good taste. Loire valley and its beautiful autumn foliage, vineyards gilded in gold, this is a real spectacle and Angelique illuminates the surroundings!
    A hug from me!

  24. Oh my what a beautiful, beautiful cardigan and a very beautiful model :) Angelique gets lovelier and lovelier!! Your photos are exquisite!! hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  25. What a feast for the eyes Stephanie. Thank you for posting the Ravelry links too, I have taken up my needles too and am always on the look out for new projects. The book sounds very interesting too.

  26. I love your description of worsted Stephanie - so perfectly put. And that particular worsted yarn that you've used for Angélique's cardi is glorious, I'm not surprised she wants to wear it so much. Thanks so much for the links, especially the recipe now on my list for later in the week xxx

  27. Such a lovely post dear Stephanie, your words, images and links. Angélique looks so sweet in this beautiful cardigan, the pale green wool is so lovely with its speckled colours. Yes, life should be filled with colours!
    xoxoxo ♡

  28. Hi Stephanie,

    Hope you had a good time with your family in England?! I can imagine how difficult it must be to life on the other side of The Chanel and see them not as often as you like.

    Your daughter Angélique looks like a perfect mannequin. You made a beautiful cardigan for her to wear. The shade of green is lovely.

    The book sounds like the sort of novel that I enjoy reading as well. Thank you for letting us know.

    Wishing you a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  29. This young lady is a darling. That colorway is lovely. What a wonderful outcome in this cardigan.

  30. A lovely, inspiring post for this grey Saturday morning! How pretty dear Angélique looks in her new cardigan and the yarn is just beautiful...(such a perfect description too Stephanie! x)
    Off to follow your links and wishing you all a most lovely autumn weekend!
    Susan x

  31. Lovely to see you back here. Your little one looks gorgeous in her cardigan.

  32. Dear Stephanie,
    Fairie lights are in her eyes, and I'm in love with her cardigan (and the yarn!). I must also thank you for the precious link to the perfume shop - after 25 years of like in Paris I did not even know it! you're a precious friend.
    (I don't forget I have a post to prepare for you, but you need to be patient as I am a very poor writer with little time).
    Enjoy your day (tonight we have the lantern feast at Elsa's school, always a magical moment, hundreds of color lanterns in the night)
    Much love

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