Sunday, 1 September 2013

Forget Me Not

Dear readers,
This is not a blog post as such.  I simply wish to let you know that I am sending you all a warm hug from France.  I am mastering the art (again) of treading carefully whilst I replenish my iron levels (again).  Despite this temporary state of fatigue I am feeling hopeful and excited about current projects and the school year ahead.

Sometime in early summer my blog, Millefeuilles, turned two.  I have experienced so much sweet generosity from so many of you and I would very much like to offer you all a gift; one of my limited edition hares - not Mademoiselle Forget-Me-Not featured below - but a special creature which captures the beauty of summer dreams and the glorious transition into early autumn.  I will be posting pictures of her here during the course of this week and offering you a chance to win her.
In the meantime I am concentrating on my three dear children and helping them, I hope, to prepare for their return to school tomorrow.
Héloïse is embarking on her final year of school...
 Tristan who may be living great changes thanks to his music...
 and finally, Angélique who is starting pre-school (maternelle) tomorrow: a big change for this three-year-old daughter of mine (and her mother too).  I'm wishing for a smooth transition for for all three of them.
 So, I will see you in a few days and I hope you all have a wonderful start to this first week of september.
A très bientôt,
ps Dear Claire, I am busy dreaming of Rapunzel and exquisite yarns.


  1. Hello Stephanie
    More magic in the air!
    Looking forward to the presentation of your new creation. Beautiful photos of your children. I always say B&W brings out the very best detail!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I do hope you are soon on the mend Stephanie, sorry to hear that your iron levels haven't be good. Beautifully captured photos of your gorgeous children, I too hope my Alice's week of going back to school is a smooth and comfortable one. Take care and hugs from England xox Penny

  3. Hello!
    I hope you are feeling better very soon x
    Good luck for the week ahead to you all, love jooles xxx

  4. Hi Stephanie, hope you feel much better soon!
    How exciting, a hare giveaway!! :) congratulations on your 2 years of blogging!
    I'm sure your lovely children will all settle into term time without a problem.
    Have a great new back-to-school week,
    V xxx

  5. Ma belle, c'est la rentrée chez moi et je commence l'instruction mardi! Je vous souhaite TOUS une bonne année scolaire, et pour la petite? Une année inoubliable dans la maternelle!!!! Je serai de retour afin de te dire que je voudrais gagner ta mademoiselle! BISOUS, Anita

  6. Dear Stephanie,

    So sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well. Hope you iron levels will be back to normal soon!

    Lovely photo's of your children. I hope you and they will have a good year at school.

    Congratulation too on your two year blog anniversary! It's funny, but somehow I thought I have been following you for more than two years :-) It's always a joy to pop over here and see how you are and what you made.

    Your little forget-me-not hare looks enchanting. I wish I could join your giveaway, but I think I will have to give your other followers a chance to win your special creature.

    Take care,

    Madelief x

  7. We could never forget you my sweet friend. You job first and foremost is to be the guiding light for your beautiful family. I wish you well tomorrow as school starts, and I hope that the break you get allows you to get some much needed rest.
    Sending you positive thoughts,

  8. Stephanie....dreaming of quiet but regenerating autumn days for you...stay well and be good to yourself?
    Wishing everyone good luck with the next chapter of this beautiful year...
    bestest to you and yours...hoping for smooth transitions too
    Daisy j xx

  9. Good luck to them all. I'm sure it will be pretty heart-wrenching to send Angelique off to pre-school.......but I'm sure she will cope well, and I hope that you manage your few hours each day without missing her too much (I know I'll find it hard when Katie goes). I hope you feel better soon too. Juliex

  10. Hi Stephanie! Your children are amazing!Such wonderful photos you took.I wish them all the luck for the school year. Schools in Greece start on the 11th, that is in a few days.I love your work and I'd really like to participate in your generous giveaway.I wish you all a creative new school year, for both the kids and you!I'm sure you'll have more time for your crafting now!

  11. Good luck for the school week. It will be hard to let the little one go. I hope you are soon bursting with energy again! x

  12. Wishing you a speedy recovery but take things gently. What lovely children you have - good wishes to them all and indeed to you of course. Your lovely hare is so beautiful.

  13. It's funny how we mums are a bit frantic right before school starts. Your children are so beautiful besides that I adore you. Hope you feel better soon. Your giveaway hare is gorgeous.

  14. Such beautiful children. I do hope you feel better soon. Penny in South Australia

  15. Hi Stephanie,
    Sending you Best Wishes, Healing Thoughts and Blessings for a speedy recovery and hopes that you are feeling stronger soon.
    Your children are lovely and best wishes to them for a wonderful school year.
    Take care of yourself,
    Blessings, Erin

  16. Hello Dear Stephanie, I am sorry you have been feeling unwell and send you warm wishes for a quick return to full nervy levels.
    In Australia our school years runs from January to December so we are starting to gear up for the end of the year. I have my littlest one still at home with me for another year, I hope you all find the transition easy and smooth.
    Go gently,
    Love and positive thoughts xxx

  17. Dear Stephanie,

    I am sorry that you have been feeling unwell. Perhaps with all three of your beautiful children off to school you will be able to rest a bit and get replenished, although I suspect it is a bittersweet time for you.

    Wishing you health,

  18. take care, xxxxx
    I wish you all the best and to your kids, too!!!!

  19. Congratulations on two years of blogging. All the best for your children on their first days back and starting school.

  20. Happy second birthday. What beautiful children you have. I hope you are feeling stronger soon and that your lovely family has a wonderful year with all their endeavours.

  21. What a beautiful family you have, Stephanie! Happy bloggiversary too.

    Hope your children have happy transitions... my two youngest are going through big changes too ... Millie is starting 6th form college and Harry is off to start his first year at University next week ... I'm sure they will be fine, it is me who won't be!

    Have a fabulous September

    Love from Claire xxx

  22. Best wishes to your lovely children as they start the new school year. My two granddaughters, who moved to France from Norway this summer, commence studies at their new school in Paris this week - a big transition for them.

  23. Hi Stephanie take care of yourself while you are unwell wont you. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't at your best at the moment but I'm sure you'll be feeling on top form soon. Lovely to see Miss Forget Me Not up on your blog. She's very happy living here with Lucy and they are never out of each others sight. Lucy is now planning on knitting her a woolly scarf for the winter as soon as she decides on the colour she wants to use.
    Rosie xx

  24. A most generous give away! I hope to take part :)
    I've always seen September as a new beginning, the start of a new school term, each one has brought enormous change to my life and this one is no exception. I feel for you with your youngest starting on her journey, I broke my heart each time this happened to one of mine, it was excitement and sadness all rolled into one.
    I've had low iron for most of my life too, I do hope you can conquer yours and enjoy the new time you'll have to yourself. Such changes for all of us at this time!
    Big hug from Jess x x

  25. I hope your children have a good year back at at school and your little one enjoys her time t preschool. What a wonderful giveaway. Take care of your self.

  26. Lots of strength to you in this time of change and healing.

  27. I hope your strength will return quickly. In the meantime, do look after yourself!
    I hope the start of the new school year goes well for all your little ones.....

  28. hope you're doing better soon!

    best wishes to your children-school here started last week...

    take care :)

  29. Dear Stephanie, you have such beautiful children! My precious three have banned me from posting pics of them on my blog! I wish you a speedy recovery...health is everything especially when one has a household full of children and many things to do! My son of 16 goes back to his final year of school as well. Time flies by, one hardly has the time to ponder on anything before the year passes once more. Love your beautiful Hare and her embroidered legs, too beautiful! Sharon x

  30. feel better soon! You have lovely children and I hope they have the best school year ever :)

  31. Dear Stephanie,
    I wish you all a good start into the new schoolyear!
    Happy September to you and your family!

  32. Hi Stephanie. It was so lovely to read your blog post yesterday and thank you for visiting my little space and for your lovely comment. I am so pleased that you did as I have now found your lovely blog and look forward to spending many more happy days here. Speaking of which a very happy two year bloggiversary for you my dear. I am still only in my first six months and the prospect of two years seems like quite a long, but I am sure very rewarding time. What a sweet giveaway, your hares are gorgeous!! By now your kids will be at school and I hope their first day there goes smoothly, especially for Angélique who is starting maternelle. Your children are all so very beautiful and you must be such a proud mum. As for the mint wreath, its not lasting that well, but it was fun to do and I am sure it will at least see the week through. Wishing you a very lovely week xoxo

  33. Hello lovely...sorry to read you have been unwell, that's terrible. I do hope you will get to feeling much better soon. Rest as you can. I hope your children have a great year at school too, my oldest is back to school as well, she loves it :) Thank you very much for the wonderful words, it was sweet to read on this rainy day :) It is a pleasure to meet you and your blog here, it's wonderful. All my pleasure to follow along with you too :)) Thank you so much for the wishes for my birthday week too, so kind. I look forward to reading more of your splendid posts, but do take good care of yourself and feel better soon. *hugs* Kizzy xx

  34. Best wishes to you, Stephanie, on upping your iron count. (My daily cooking always includes a cast iron pan...hoping that helps to keep my own iron count up.)

    What wonderful portraits of your children you've shared with us! Each of these young people has such clear unique qualities!

    Isn't it amazing how quickly blogging years sweep past us? xo

  35. Two years?!!! I love the blog-world....it seems as if we have been friends so much longer.

    Beautiful children----doing what you brought them into this world to do.....spread their wings and fly the nest. Oh, but seeing the baby venturing out.....I do hope you both do well with this!!!

    Feel better soon!

  36. Dearest Stephanie, I hope you are well on the mend now. Your childrens' pictures are beautiful and I hope their first days back are going well. My two are back today, with G starting kindergarten. Congrats on your anniversary! Hugs back to you from USA, C

  37. Hello, I hope that all went well with your childrens days for the start of terms - a last year for one daughter, a first year for the other, and a possible new venture for your son - gosh, you must be so proud of them all! I don't know how your feel, but I find it quite comforting that they still need time and love from mum to help them with their new chapters in life, no matter what age and stage they are.

    I do hope you find the time and space to re-charge your batteries, take care of yourself, ali.x.

  38. Hi Stephanie,

    Hope the Children settled well into the new school year and hoping you are taking it easy and getting some rest. I love the photos of your children, just gorgeous!

    Take Care!

    Mel xxx

  39. Such excitement for your children! Wishing you all much joy.
    Be well dear Stephanie...
    Sending fond hugs,

  40. I hope your strength returns - I too have the fatigue at the moment. Your children's photos are exquisite I adore black and white film. Keep well x

  41. Happy September Stephanie and congratulations on reaching your milestone of 2 enchanting years of Millefeuilles! Sending wishes to Héloïse, Tristan and Angélique for a most wonderful new start to the new school year...(Ooh, Mademoiselle Forget-Me-Not is more than a little special too, isn't she?)
    Take care,
    Susan x

  42. Now dear lady, firstly, I hope the transition to school and nursery went smoothly. And secondly, the iron thing. I have suffered horribly with anaemia myself in the past, and have since topped up daily with this amazing stuff which originates locally to me but is available world wide. None of the side effects of normal treatments and all of the benefits ... I so very much recommend you try it, I've had no more problems since I discovered it and my GP now recommends it to all her patients.


  43. What very beautiful children you have! I hope their new terms have begun happily for them all. I always loved the start of a new academic year but used to also be saddened by the knowledge that summer was over. Somehow as I have got older I find myself able to love autumn for itself without thinking too much about the winter to come. It is either yoga or ageing, or both! Hope you are looking after yourself and finding more energy in the sunshine.

  44. I am so hoping you are feeling better now Stephanie! It sounds like a very good time to rest while you replenish. I hope your beautiful children have had a smooth transition back to school.

    I'm off to enter your giveaway now!! Oh how I love this bunny!!

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