Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Last Summer Rose

 "Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls,
Come hither, the dances are done,
In gloss of satin and glimmer of pearls,
Queen lily and rose in one;
Shine out, little head, sunning over with curls,
To the flowers, and be their sun."

Extract from Alfred Tennyson's Song From Maud

Choosing among summer flowers may be like choosing among children; each has its delights.  But if I were to describe my own unique paradise it would be brimming with roses waiting to be caressed and inhaled in the cool, early morning light.  What a display my rose garden would be: an explosion of pink flowers, a bright spectrum of colours, rearranging their blankets of colour each day, as some blooms fade and others open.  Some open simply, others are intricate and ruffled, and all sport a glorious name.  Perhaps, in some sense, every rose is like a child; wearing a carefully picked name and worthy of love.  Each rose and rosebud has a face, after all.  Which flowers would you fill your corner of paradise with, I wonder?
Frederick Childe Hassam, Gathering Flowers in a French Garden, 1888
Whilst on holiday this summer I will be sure to read Colette's My Mother's House and Sido; a book which has been patiently waiting on my dusty bedside shelf.  Colette's tribute to her mother and childhood garden is touching in its simplicity.  One can almost imagine walking alongside her on the dew-drenched lawn, kissing the roses, and talking to the flowers aligned in their terracotta pots.

And here is my last summer mouse and perhaps even my last mouse of this kind (except for a couple which have been requested as customer orders, of course).  I am hoping to make something new, something different on our return from holiday, although I will be continuing, with great pleasure, to create more hares.  Mademoiselle Rosebud has been partly inspired by one of my favourite blogs; Bateaux de papier, Amélie's diary to her daughter Elsa.  Her most recent post is a tribute to the roses in her garden and is delightful.  Please take a moment to enjoy her poetic pictures which always leave me with food for thought and a smile of pleasure.
 If pink Indian silk, French rosebud-patterned fabric and antique lace and rose-trimmed vintage ribbon are your thing then you may find Mademoiselle Rosebud here.
This is, I think, a shorter post than usual.  Late nights drinking sangria by the Loire, bicycle rides and children eagerly waiting to be taken to the outdoors swimming pool are making time more precious still.  And that is how it should be.  I wish you all a glorious summery Sunday and week ahead.
A bientôt,


  1. Such a sweet mouse this lady is. She would not look out of sorts in a rose garden, nor in a ballet school! Your bicycle rides, sangrias by the Loire and swimming with the children sound delightful! Enjoy your holiday Stephanie!

    Madelief x

  2. Please may I come and lie down in your rose garden Stephanie and smell the sweet scent of roses in the cool of the evening? My perfect garden would be a meadow of wild flowers in which I could lie down and cloud watch by day and star gaze by night :o) Beautiful addition to your family of mice, O especially love her bloomers, enjoy your precious time with your precious family xox Penny

  3. Another beautiful creation, dear Stephanie. There's something irrisistable about roses, isn't there? Just a few kilometres from our French house, in the beautiful little town of Lassay les Chateaux, is a rose garden we just have to visit when we're there in the summer. The perfume greets us as soon as we clamber out of our car even before the pinks, reds, whites, yellows and violets come into view.

    Do have a lovely holiday and come back refreshed and renewed.

    Love, Sue x

  4. My dear Stephanie, your sweet mice have a blush to them that keep them forever young and fresh. It's only the end of July, and one more month promises at least summer dreams, faded as they may become. But how exciting to know that we have all attempted to add to our garden of delights in love, with perseverance and creativity. Your work enchants me, and I look forward to FALL WITH YOU!!!!!! Happy Sunday dear one, Anita

  5. Mademoiselle Rosebud is absolutely lovely! I was enchanted by your rose description: "like a child's face...". Precious indeed!
    My corner of Paradise would have to include some poppies!
    All the best,

  6. She's beautiful and I'm so glad you're making the most of these summery days! :) x

  7. I would definitely have roses in my corner of paradise.
    Mademoiselle Rosebud is beautiful in all her rosy finery! I'm looking forward to seeing the new Madame Millefeuilles creations .:)
    Enjoy your summer with your family, wishing you sunshine, lots of flowers and and lots more sangria!
    V xxx

  8. awww, she's adorable. your summer sounds wonderful so far. when i was back in scotland i marveled at the roses framing people's windows and doors everywhere I looked. where I live in the states, roses are harder to grow and so we see far too few of them. it's another thing i miss about home.

  9. I too would fill my corner of paradise with roses. Mademoiselle rosebud is so beautiful. Your holiday book sounds delightful too.Have a wonderful summer with your family.
    Sarah x

  10. I'm always in awe of your handiwork, your mouse or should I say Mademoiselle Rosebud is beautiful! One day, just one day I will order a hare, so I hope you do not stop making them. Childhood is very precious, it is also very short, so enjoy every moment, even the mundane ones are memories in the making.

  11. She is a delight, so beautiful and lovely.
    Well done my friend.

  12. Your Mlle Rosebud is lovely, Stephanie. I love the delicate pattern on her pantaloons. My roses are languishing at the moment, but should return when the cooler days do so.

    Have a wonderful week. You sound like like a woman who appreciates many moments as special ones.


  13. My gosh your creations are always gorgeous!

  14. it all sounds too lovely, and of course your sweet rose, LOVE! have a wonderful week (enjoying summer) ahead dear stephanie!

  15. Bonnes, joyeuses vacances a vous aussi,les jours d'ete sont vraiment precieux pour la famille.Rosebud est un resultat de vos deux mains?Vous etes si douee!
    (je m'excuse pour l'absence d'accents mais avec ces appareils...)

  16. Hello, thank you for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment. Lovely to meet you too.
    Your blog is fab! and your Rosebud is just lovely, what a sweet little face x

  17. short but sweet post. I have to agree it's hard to like one particular flower of summer, so I love them all!! I love the peek of the pants (bloomers?) under the dress-so cute!!

  18. I love that sweet dress! Probably one of my favorite among your creations! My mom adored roses. She would grow them in her garden and tend to them each day!

  19. Enjoy all those precious moments with the children.
    The delights you have shared are plenty for us to daydream about...
    Susan x

  20. Roses for me too, and lavender, you can never have too much lavender.

    Enjoy the summer Stephanie, what do blog posts, long or short, matter when there is life to be lived in the sun :D

  21. what a pretty pinkrose mouse is she have a lovely holiday and
    we will wait and see what the next cant of doll figures become to be
    I Am sure that the new dolls and the new idea of something
    would be very pretty to like the hares en mouses
    have a lovely time leon10

  22. Another beautiful creation - perfect as always x

  23. ~ Its another beautiful post, Stephanie! so enchanting is your first picture of the rose garden....~ And of course I love Miss pink ~rose mouse, your attention to detail is so lovely! ~ We have just returned from a wonderful busy trip to Lyon...The French seem to effortlessly get every thing so perfect......Leaving lasting memories in my heart for always...With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  24. Stephanie, to be in the presence of summer roses is to taste a bit of paradise.

    Thank you for the link to Amelie's lovely posts. Her daughter is such a beauty!

    And now on to the sweetly sophisticated Mademoiselle Rosebud. Her taste is superb. She certainly knows a lot about color, and fabrics, and as a very French mouse, knows magical ways to add bows and embroidery and lace to enhance her costume and enhance her appeal.

    Hoping that you are thoroughly enjoying the great outdoors. Colette is a perfect reading choice.


  25. Dear Stephanie,
    I'm so touched by this post ... and, as you may guess, in love with Mademoiselle Rosebud. I'll have to order one of these Mademoiselle, since they're always sold out! (I'll write you an e-mail about it). The only problem will be to decide between a Mademoiselle Hare or a Mademoiselle Mouse (impossible to decide who's my favourite!).
    Enjoy summer Sangria and bicycle rides, sweet summer time...

  26. what a very sweet and gorgeous Rosebud. Who cannot love her. Her dress right down to her little flower britches. You do such fine work. I wish I had that much talent sewing such little creatures. Have you ever thought about making a lovely little unicorn? That would be so cool.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette

  27. oh my that dress!!!! I'd love one just like it for Julia!!!!!!

    happy happy summer to you, my sweetest faraway friend :)

  28. My garden paradise would be filled with roses in pale pastel colours. In fact it would look just like the garden in the lovely picture you have posted

  29. She is beautiful and I love the pink Indian silk! I hope you are enjoying your week Stephanie. x

  30. That shade of pink in the silk is utterly gorgeous and as always your use of trims and lace perfectly compliments the fabric.

    Sangria, bike rides and swimming pools - your summer sounds rather nice! xx

  31. Beautiful posting, beautiful creation! I love Mademoiselle Rosebud's backgroung story!

  32. Good morning Stephanie...Mademoiselle Rosebud is so pretty...I hope she's not to be your last little mouse creation as I love to see each exquisite young lady...standing so daintily on her tip toes and always in such finery!
    I do love roses but then I have so many favourites...many from the gardens of friends and family which I love most of all.
    Enjoy your summer days...I'd love to join you and sit by the Loire drinking sangria...Ah, now I'm dreaming again...(It's raining here this morning but it's more than welcome for our gardens)
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Looking forward to seeing your new creations!

  33. Madamoiselle Rosebud is just lovely. Love the panteloons...how clever.Hope you have a wonderful family. Joan

  34. Mademoiselle Rosebud is exquisite and for me the rose is perfection. Having just returned from a week in Cornwall where hydrangeas grow in abundance i have had great difficulty deciding which colours and variety i like best,blue, pink, purple, green. Hmm, hard choices. I have to say that for scent I adore privet hedge in flower.

  35. A lovely and sweet Mlle. Rosebud...she is wonderful, dear Stephanie!
    Your post spoke to my heart today...flowers are such a tremendous part of my childhood memories....
    I agree, they are like children, how could we ever choose a favorite? Peonies, roses, lilacs, tulips, asters, cosmos, poppies...can't do it..love them all... ;)) Childe Hassam's painting is so gorgeous...love his work...
    Enjoy Summer's sweetness!!!
    - Irina

  36. She is dressed in my favorite colors & textures-- silk & linen. But alas I am too late. I am back from your Etsy shop just now to see that someone else is the lucky purchaser.

    This post is lovely. I think I get a little glimpse from it into your world. I love your sentiments about roses. I have just added two roses called 'Meitroni' or Francis Meilland hybrid tea rose, named after the legendary rose breeder. It has huge blooms & a heady sweet citrus scent. I'm loving it.

    Enjoy the last sweetness of summer!

  37. Mademoiselle Rosebud is such an elegant young mouse...splendidly attired with precious fabrics and handmade laces.
    Your description of a perfect rose garden seems heaven indeed...an enchanted (and secret) garden surely.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a holiday filled with bliss...
    Sending hugs,
    Judy x

  38. Dear Stephanie,

    I have just sent you an email about your lace and my trip.

    I just love Mademoiselle Rosebud.....how divine she is in her silk and linen outfit. She is perfect.

    I live next door to a wonderful garden which is filled with prize winning camellias, and I love them as well as violets, pansies and roses......all with perfume of course. Alas my own garden has much to be desired. The flowers in the European gardens I visited left me speechless at times.

    Will be in touch soon.

    A bientôt,


  39. Dear Stephanie,
    This is my first visit. How wonderful are the creatures you create! They are just so beautiful and sweet. I love the extra details. Her pantaloons are adorable.
    I am adding you to my favorites and will come back to enjoy more.
    Come and visit us at Lady B's Time for Tea http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com
    I just showed a Peter Rabbit Tea for my grandchildren that may tickle your fancy.
    All the best, Ruthie

  40. Hi Stephanie,

    Beautiful post and your mouse is darling! There is nothing like a thriving rose garden. I've got LOTS of roses and hydrangea in my yard. The weather here in the PNW doesn't allow for flowers year round so we really appreciate the summer time!


  41. Je suis fan depuis toujours de Colette ! J'aime sa façon de décrire la nature, de nous faire ressentir toutes les sensations... C'est en découvrant quand j'avais 9 ans, une poésie donnée à apprendre à l'école et extraite des vrilles de la vigne que je suis littéralement tombée amoureuse des livres et de cet auteur bien sûr !
    J'espère que vous avez passé un bon moment en compagnie de Sido et de Colette !
    Et bravo pour la petite souris !

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