Friday, 17 May 2013

La Belle Epoque

Dear readers,
I am kicking up my feet this week and basking in the glow of being invited, for the second year running, to Anita's glorious French party at Castles, Crowns & Cottages!
This nineteenth-century bonbonnière is a treasure of mine.  It came into my possession after my French grandmother passed away in September 1996.  My grandmother was born in 1906 which made her a child of La Belle Epoque.  Having spent a large part of her adult life in a suburb of Paris, a stone's throw away from Versailles, she returned as an elderly lady to her original corner of rural France where her father many decades before, the local doctor, had been loved by one and all.  As a young girl I would spend every summer in her home surrounded by a hoard of relatives.  One of my fondest memories was of sitting by her side perched on an antique armchair and poring over sepia photographs of her family.  How I would stare into the serious eyes of every man and woman she revealed to me.  I would scrutinize their posture and garnments searching for a way in to learn more about their lives and, no doubt, firing a multitude of questions at my mostly patient grandmother. 
Thirty years on I have the same insatiable curiosity. 
On my last visit to Paris in April I visited the Delamain bookshop, situated opposite the Palais Royal and the Comédie Française theatre, a favourite haunt during my early married life in Paris.  By some beautiful coincidence I discovered it had opened for business in 1906: the year of my grandmother's birth.  As my greedy eye flitted across the ceiling-high oak shelves looking for the book to take home with me I found this.

It was love at first sight.
Those who know me are more than aware of my fascination with gardens.  Parisian parks and gardens offer the ideal real-life theatre setting to play a part of be a spectator. The three Séeberger brothers - born in 1872, 1874, and 1876 respectively - shared a common obssession; to photograph every corner of Paris in particularly its gardens.  They understood that these gardens were masquerading too: a polluted city dressed up in green, gold, or even death, depending on the season. Their quest, aside from turning their pictures into fashionable postcards, was to reveal the theatrical side of life; not the reality.  To our present-day eye it is clear that they captured the aesthetics of early twentieth-century bourgeoisie to perfection.
I have learned from this beautiful book that the noun 'photograph' dates back to 1839 and the verb 'to photograph' from 1860. I have also understood that Jules, Louis, and Henri Séeberger, all three trained artists, turned photography into an art form rivalled by some of the greatest painters - Jean-Baptiste Corot springs to mind - of their time.  They understood, also, that fashionable Parisians loved to be seen in both parks and gardens.  During the first decade of the twentieth century the Séebergers made a name for themselves in the world of fashion at a time when the most reputable magazines turned their noses up at photographs chosing engravings instead.  Madame Broutelles, the director of La Mode pratique, commissioned pictures of Parisian elite gatherings in gardens such as the two photographs below depicting La Fête des Fleurs in the Bois de Boulogne in 1907.

Despite their interest in fashion, nannies and provincial maids populate these photographs too alongside gaggles of well-dressed children as seen in the pictures below taken in the Luxembourg gardens.
This book is simply beautiful.  One hundred and sixty pages of sensational, touching photographs which reveal so many details of Parisian life a century ago.  If you are interested you may find it here, I believe.

From this grandiose book was born this modest creature; Rose. 
A shawl and an apron, inspired by the photographs above, married with embroidered roses, 1900 lace (on the apron) and 1890 polka-dot tulle pantaloons trimmed with handmade ivory lace. All of Rose's clothes are made with French fabrics.  I am so grateful to my friend, Isabelle, whose little shop in our village is a cornucopia of vintage lace, ribbons, and fabrics.  She always manages to pull out another handdecorated box of treasures to show me.  One day she may well run out of 1890 silk ribbons and embroidered tulle but in the meantime it is a privilege to work with her and learn precious tidbits of information about the textiles she hoards.
 Should you wish to take a closer look at Rose (At The Parisian Flower Festival) you will find her here.  She may be the last of my four Parisian mice for a while.

I have been working and thinking hard these past days so I will be returning soon to share some ideas with you.  May is a disconcerting month in France: very busy and peppered with numerous holidays which sometimes stretch out to five days weekends.  Our normal routine flies out of the window and leaves us wondering whether we are coming or going. 

Thank you so much Anita for hosting this wonderful French party!

A très bientôt,



  1. Stephanie

    a truly beautiful post and an inspirational place....I am a little in love with that mouse...divine...can one have too much adoration?

    happy friday to you

    Daisy J x

  2. ~ Dear Stephanie,
    Wonderful post, loved and loved some more looking through the past, with you and these delightful pictures....Lots of bunny love here too! ~ with kindest thoughts.....Maria x

  3. i love looking at old photographs like these-especially when you recognize, and can compare to current times...

    sweet little mouse-always love the vintage lace and emroidery and the fabric of her skirt is perfect!

  4. What amazing photographs Stephanie and a beautiful inspiring post (as always). :)
    Rose is ever so pretty, how lucky you are to have a little shop in your village selling such gorgeous fabrics and trims!
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  5. Dear Stephanie,
    I am totally in love with Rose!! I adore her beautiful outfit, she has a lovely nostalgic feel about her!! Thank you for sharing all these lovely photographs!! Hugs, Vicky xxx

  6. Dear Stephanie
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful book - it is truly delightful, as is Rose by the way.
    Isabelle's shop sounds like one I could happily spend an hour in browsing. How lucky for you that it is on your doorstep! I bet it amazes Isabelle the wonderful creations you come up with using her gorgeous fabrics.

  7. I now have my party hat on, chère Stephanie, and as I sit in my writing studio on this rainy spring day, I am tickled from side to side to begin this FÊTE! The sepia photos of one of France's most elegant times, YOUR FAMILY HISTORY and la belle ROSE....it is all so charming and fits the vision I have had for these parties: each person sharing their own personal arts, loves and dreams for France. Little Rose's shawl is so French and sweet, merci mon amie for coming to the party so beautifully dressed in kind friendship and GLORIOUS FRENCH INSPIRATION! BON VOYAGE MON AMIE et merci MILLE FOIS!

    Bisous, Anita

  8. P.S., I am listening to the CD as I tour LA FRANCE! Oh you have made my day! Anita

  9. Your posts are such a combination of quality, precision and perfection, I feel I should put on white gloves to read them - absolutely exquisite! And a sweeter, more elegant little mouse there never was. Have a wonderful party! Axxx

  10. Absolutely fascinating - combining two of my passions of gardens and photography. Such a beautiful, thoughtful post and Miss Mouse makes me smile!!!

  11. What a fascinating story, those carriages are wonderful. Rose is just adorable, very elegant! :) x

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  13. I have made my first visit to you via Anita and Rose is my favorite little rose. The old photo's are simply delightful and so special.

  14. What a fantastic book you found! La Belle Epoque was such a beautiful time and it's my mother's and my own favorite period era as well. We both enjoy watching movies and reading books about that peaceful time.

    Your Rose is darling and you have such a talent with fabrics!!!

  15. great creature, very romantic... it's so lovely
    lace, knit, cross stitch...excellent work

  16. That book is a gem! Amazing photographs. I just love those old baby carriages, they were so grand.

    Rose is delightful. I love the thought and care that goes into even the tiniest detail on your creations - they truly are beautiful. x

  17. the old vintage picture photo book looks very pretty like the black and white an sepia pictures in it love the parisan ladys in de old dresses and like that old style youre vintage rose mouse is lovely very pretty like the lace dress have a wonderful petecost weekend leon10

  18. I just loved the old pictures .And the rose buds are gorgeous.
    Rose is a delight.A very beautiful creation.You can surely tell she was made with love.
    It was a pleasure to meet you.
    Marie Antionette

  19. Bojour mon cher ami Stephanie! Your posts are always so delightful and interesting! You are such a gifted writer and your photos are gorgeous too! I loved reading about your memories of your loving grandmother and the special times you shared with her. I am so happy you found such a lovely book to delight in! The photos are charming and wonderful! You live in a beautiful place! I always feel like I am visiting France when I visit you! Thank you for all that you share! Rose is beautiful! Your workmanship is truly exquisite sweetie! I love that she is made with French fabrics and very old laces that you source from a local shop of a friend. What a blessing that is. I can see all the love you put into making sweet Rose! She is a work of art and you are a very talented artist! I hope you enjoy all the festivities this month holds and that you will also find time for rest and relaxation too! Much love from your friend in Louisiana, Paula xo

  20. I forgot to say that the nineteenth-century bonbonnière is gorgeous and I am so happy it is yours! What a lovely treasure from your dear grandmother! xo

  21. Ça fait longtemps que l'on ne s' écrit plus mais je vous suis silencieusement ... Ces jolies poupées sont adorables avec tant de detail! Les photos de cette ville aimée qui s'appelle Paris sont pleines de nostalgie, si soigneusement sélectionnées, en noir et blanc , elles m'ont fait voyager tant le temps... Merci!
    Gros bisous !

  22. C'est un plaisir de rencontrer

    J'ai aimé les vieilles photos sur les jardins du Luxembourg, et de la belle petite souris fait avec soin, est vraiment belle, ma mère va l'aimer et admirer, elle aime beaucoup le travail bien fait comme il vous semble.
    Je suis Espagnole, Madrid, et Anita m'a invité à le merveilleux périple, je vous remercie encore une fois.
    Belle belle expérience et votre blog!

    Luisa Maria

  23. Stephanie, This is such a wondrous and informative post on France! I adore the bonbonniere which I know is so special to you. The photographs are superb, love the Flower Festival photos. Then your Rose, dressed in such fine attire!
    It is so fun that Anita puts this adventure together for us!

    Art by Karena

  24. Good evening lovely Stephanie...Such a beautiful contribution to Anita's French party...she will be thrilled indeed! I have so enjoyed reading this wonderful post and I must say too, that you and Isabelle are a perfect collaboration and long may it continue because Rose is exquisite...a truly unique treasure!
    Wishing you a lovely and special weekend with your mum, Stephanie,
    Susan x

  25. Merci pour ce beau voyage nostalgique à travers la Belle Epoque. Ma grand-mère paternelle a aussi connu cette période et nous en parlait souvent. Il est toujours émouvant de se rappeler les êtres qui nous sont chers à travers des photos jaunies.
    La bonbonnière est à tomber par terre et la création Rose est très raffinée.
    Bon weekend

  26. Beautiful images of days gone by..and your new creation is just exquisite
    Happy weekend my friend
    Thea x

  27. Stephanie its so fascinating, all of it. I wonder what they were selling in the Luxembourg Garden concession, Candy? Something like what would have been in the rose colored one of your grandmothers.
    I've gone back twice to look at that rose covered carriage and the amused face of the chauffer. A brilliant post~
    the mouse is perfect.

  28. To travel the streets in a rose covered carriage wearing beautiful bonnets, what could be more elegant, and scent-worthy!

  29. I just had to come by to see La Rose encore, and YOU! Thank you my sweet friend for making this day and week a special treat. Yes, I agree with Jeri Landers here.....what could be more elegant than to wear a pretty pink shawl, ride on a carriage and wear a bonnet? Ahhhhh...dreams are fun. Enjoy the weekend my dear! Anita

  30. Beautiful book that gave you beautiful inspiration for Miss Mouse.
    Hugs to you,

  31. Stephanie, what a glorious post celebrating a magical period in France's history! Your words and images transported me to the time period. I loved reading about your family connections, about the three brothers who were the pioneering photographers, and about Rose's creation. This is one of the most beautiful well-written blog posts I have read, and I plan to return to re-read it periodically just as I re-read beautiful magazines and loved books.


  32. Hi Stephanie: what a beautiful post. Came to you because of Anita! How grateful I am to her + you. I adore Rose + the book. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  33. Rose is a darling! a delight to come visit you via Anita's party!

    ~ Violet

  34. It is so fun together .....welcome in France darling.......love your post !!!...i am glad i met you here.....have a nice weekend....bisous Ria...xxx...

  35. Oh, I just loved the old Parisian photos. There's nothing more beautiful to me than a black and white photo. And 'Rose' is so darling.

    It's nice to meet new friends.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  36. A sublime book and a sweet mouse ... you delight us as always Stephanie :)

  37. Bonjour Stephanie. Stopping by from Anita's France hop. I loved your post and really enjoyed looking at the photographs. Old books are such treasures, aren't they? Do you collect them? I do. There is a friend of mine who owns a used book store here in Vancouver and she saves beautiful old books for me. I'm a photographer so am always taken with the images. Your little mouse is very precious. You've gone to a great deal of trouble with the beautiful attention to detail.

  38. Ah, La Belle Epoque...instantly I hear music from Midnight in Paris and from Gigi. I love movies so my mind will do that. :)
    Rose is delightful.
    Thank you for sharing her.
    Stopping by via Anita's.

  39. Love seeing dear, familiar faces here... :)
    Chere Stephanie...thank you so much for visiting mon petit cafe! Isn't this fun? And your husband is from Bretagne...oh, it is an enchanting, wild, gorgeous place!!
    Merci pour les mots tres gentilles!

    Memories of grand-mere...what a treasure! And this book...oh my...I love photography from this era, so fascinating...a trip back through time...
    Your creations always delight me and bring a sweet smile! You are so talented...
    Enjoy the party! :)
    Bon weekend,
    - Irina

  40. What beautiful photos you've shared. This post is full of delights, and Rose is a darling little creature. Merci!

  41. What a captivating post. Thank you.

  42. Such a beautiful post... I loved seeing Paris one century ago,,, Thank you for sharing!

  43. What a lovely, lovely book. The decorated cars make me wonder if Pasadena's Rose Parade was not inspired by the Fête des Fleurs. Some of those children are wearing amazing hats.

    Rose is very sweet, from her pink shawl to her antique-lace-trimmed pantaloons. Her posture suggests sweet modesty and diffidence - how do you do it?

    P.S. Your post and your love of La Belle Époque makes me think of Woody Allen's delightful "Midnight in Paris"; have you seen it? :)

  44. I love this post Stephanie - the way you have cleverly weaved connecting threads throughout it, all held together with a beautiful Parisian rose. Lovely to read your memories of your French Grandmother, and to see the beautiful treasure that she has left with you.

  45. Hi Stephanie, hi Rose! So nice to discover your blog by way of the lovely Anita. Your book is such a fab find. The photographs of the nannies with their perambulators in the Luxembourg garden are wonderful aren't they!

  46. I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you for sharing such treasures...the book, as well the cherished memories of your Grandmama.
    Rose is a delight...and so finely dressed with hand-stitched blooms and vintage lace...quite a splendid mousie indeed!
    Sending love ...

  47. Hello Stephanie. I found your lovely blog through Anita. What a beautiful post and I must say, Rose is darling.What found memories of your Grandma. I totally enjoyed the pictures in the Luxembourg gardens. My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting France in 2000. We hope to return in the near future. From your newest follower, Linda

  48. Thanks for sharing the book, so interesting.
    Love your images.

  49. Dear Stephanie, I too love old photographs they tell us things some of which have been long forgotten. It must have been wonderful to find this book and discover they have photographed so much of Paris and it's gardens. Your Parisian mice have been wonderful!
    Sarah x

  50. Stephanie, this lovely post gave me such pleasure to read, and the pictures are to be seen many times.

    How fortunate you are to have been able to share such times with your grandmother. I am sure that she absolutely adored being able to show you so much. Old photographs tell so many stories, some perhaps not quite true but wonderful all the same. I very much liked your comment about the role of Parisian parks.

    The Seeberger photography book is a gem.

    Little Rose is a treasure, gently reminding us of a very Belle Epoque. The care and sensitivity that you summon in creating the little dolls is so subtle. Of course, I am very curious to see what you will be making next. It must be so inspiring to visit your friend's shop and discover vintage fabrics and trimmings. How beautifully you do combine them.

    Best wishes. xo

  51. A lovely post and what amazing old photographs of Paris! Thanks to Anita, I am here for the link party and am your newest follower. I love the work you do with the antique lace. So sweet. Must read on.

  52. A truly beautiful post Stephanie, that book is precious with such a history of stories.I love the idea of your Grandmother sharing her photographs with you, my Grandad did a similar thing too with all our old family photographs and his collection of coins and stamps, I loved it and felt it was so special to spend time like that together.
    Rose is delicate and beautifully steeped in her French history, so special. I love all the thought and meaning you put into making your mice and bunnies xxx Penny

  53. Perfectly delightful! I enjoyed learning from you with so many interesting photos and explanations.

    Precious one of a kind creation of your French mouse with vintage ribbons, lace and fabrics.

  54. I am stunned by those photographs. Like you I am fascinated by gardens but the mixture of gardens and those photos is mesmerising.

  55. Wow, what a lovely family history and the photographs are amazing. What an adorable creature, Rose! Just beautiful. I see you live in Tours. I have traveled and spent several nights there while visiting this region of France. It is truly lovely and I enjoyed every minute there. Merci, a fabulous post. Visiting you from Anita’s.

    The French Hutch

  56. What a wonderful post, full of fascinating family history and lovely pictures. I love the images of the La Fête des Fleurs! And then Rose, with her shawl and aprom. Such a gorgeous mouse! Thank you!

  57. What a beautiful insight of France long ago. Always fashionable! Your description of your time with your Grandmother is precious. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family history. Sublime!

  58. My grandmother was born in the same era...1905. I love seeing these photographs of life in the parks and gardens as it was back then. It's fun to compare those to the photographs I have of my boys enjoying Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuilieres!

    So happy to be a part of the link party with you!
    All my best,


  59. There is always so much to admire whenever I visit your blog but my absolute favourites are the fabulous textiles you use in your creations.

  60. Rose is simply irresistible - and soooo french looking! What a very cute idea!

  61. My darling friend,

    Your note today is so sweet and kind! I hope you had a splendid time with your mother, and your words of praise are like a bouquet...they truly are. This has been a phenomenal party in that people are really reaching out to communicate and share sweetness, creativity, humor...it is all so WONDERFUL! Enjoy your "travels" as you go to visit others. You have been just charming and beautiful. I LOVE ROSE! Anita

  62. Stephanie, I loved learning about your grandmother and your time with her. That book is fabulous, I am going to have to find a copy when I am next in Paris.

    So happy to have discovered you through Anita.


  63. Dear Stephanie,
    What a fascinating book. A source of endless fascination for me too. I could spend hours dreaming about each of these photographs. Rose amongst daisies and lilacs is the most delightful creature I've seen (since your last post). A very elegant mouse. I'm also in love with your precious bonbonniere of course. Mllefeuilles is a very rare and pecious place; so dear to me.
    Have a nice week,

  64. Beautiful! My great great Grandmother left France to come to the United States in the 1850s and to cross the plains to live in the West. I know only a little of her story, but love the heritage she brought.
    What beautiful photos. Those carriages bedecked with roses are amazing! I love your little French Mouse. So nice to meet you from Anita's party.

  65. Bonjour Stephanie,

    I enjoyed reading your lovely post and hearing about your wonderful memories of your dear Grandmother and the Belle Epoque must have been such a fabulous era.
    The book is beautiful and the photos are amazing. Miss Rose is so sweet.
    Wishing you a happy new week


  66. Bonjour Stephanie. Thank you for visiting French Girl in Seattle today!

    So glad we met through our friend Anita. You touch on favorite topics of mine on this blog: 1. Le Millefeuille is my favorite French pastry. 2. I love reading about la Belle-Epoque and for that reason, I will try and get my hands on the book you mention here. 3. I notice you work as a translator: I have just signed up for a professional certification program for translators and interpreters here in Seattle. Small world, isn't it?

    A bientôt. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  67. A lovely post Stephanie and a fascinating insight to another time and place. Rose is a beautiful creation. You have such talent .x

  68. Stephanie so lovely to meet you at Anita's party! I am so excited and I love the story of the book you found and Rose is just delightful! Those pictures of the Luxembourg Gardens over a century ago are incredible. To think those people frequented the gardens with their small charges and walked along the same paths we walk now over 100 years later! I find it thrilling to see these images from so long ago! Beautiful and have a great week1
    best wishes

  69. Lovely post! I'm so happy to meet you through Anita as well! What fun!

  70. I have arrived here via Anita's blog and am enjoying visiting all the blog links. I enjoyed this post with its links to the Paris of the belle époque. I like the Luxembourg Gardens a lot and so it was nice to see some photographs of those gardens over 100 years ago!

  71. I am making the rounds from Anita's party. Ohhhh....what special memories you have of your grandmother and visiting her in Paris. Thanks for sharing. I too love old photographs.

    Heidi @hi-d's place

  72. Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It made me blush :-)! I had to smile when I saw the book you took home with you. I particularly enjoy the photo's of the Séeberger brothers. I have their book called 'Elegance' with photo's of my favourite period (1909-1939). It's beautiful too. I did not know there was another book with photo's by them.

    I enjoyed reading about your grand mere. I think Rose fits perfectly in your story and era. She looks delightful!

    Madelief x

  73. Stephanie, it is so lovely to meet you via Anita's place. My son is a commercial photographer, educated at Parson's in Paris, and I know he will love hearing this story. It is so evocative, and so beautiful. I have awesome memories of my grandmother as well, even though not in France, but here in Texas where we live. What a special post this is!

  74. Hello Stephanie, I'm just over from Anita's lovely blog and have fallen in love with your blog too! Barbara.

  75. Hallo Stephanie,
    ich habe Deinen Post gerade richtig genossen. Meine Oma war auch ein Kind der Belle Epoque, sie wurde 1908 geboren. Ich habe von ihr viele alte Fotos, am liebsten mag ich jene aus den 1920er Jahren, auf denen sie mit frechem Bob & Cloche ernst in die Kamera schaut...
    Deine Bonbonnière ist ein Traum, ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass Du sie hütest wie einen Schatz! Du hast La Belle Epoque mit der kleinen Maus Rose wunderbar eingefangen. Sie ist so süß, ich liebe all die hübschen Details!

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  76. Bonjour Stephanie! Beautiful blog and very informative! Love your creativity and expression. Daria xo

  77. I am visiting from Castles and love your blog and those photographs. They are precious indeed. It's funny, only recently I came across a photo of one of the Vanderbilts or Astors in a car all covered in flowers and found it terribly peculiar. It wasn't for a wedding. I wonder what holiday or event made people cover their transportation in flowers? Lovely idea. Great to find your blog

  78. What a wonderful piece of personal history - I love how you write Stephanie, it's so romantic, I always find myself transported to another place or time :) I too have had a few very busy weeks, I find it almost impossible to keep up with blogging when things get busy, but I timed my visit to you perfectly to see another of your Parisien mice ... looking forward to seeing what you have been planning for your next project, Em xx

  79. I have been suddenly seized by a desire to ride through the park in a rose-covered horse-drawn carriage. Oh, how romantic...

    Rose is a delightful little thing. She looks like she must have such a sweet disposition.

    I apologize for not yet responding to your last email. Mine is having problems, it is receiving but refuses to send. But I've enjoyed corresponding with you very much. And I am still wearing the silk ribbon.


  80. My grandmother was born in 1906 as well. It was such a different era, wasn't it. You have written such an interesting post and taken us back to another time.

  81. It is always such a treat to visit here. Your sweet projects done in the most beautiful of fabrics and lace are scrumptious, and all photographed so beautifully! This coupled with a lovely glimpse into another world, another time. A pleasure Stephanie. xox

  82. Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous book and its precious photos!
    Rose is lovely!!
    God bless,

  83. what a lovely story! It seems like such a gentler era....so glad it was so beautifully documented. And so happy Rose took 'life' from it! She's incredibly sweet.

  84. Gosh what a beautiful and interesting post as always sweet Stephanie, it was so lovely to hear about your grandmother and your memories of your time together.
    Those photos are absolutely fascinating and as for Rose ..... she is just beautiful
    love jooles xxx

  85. Hello there, Friend! Thank you for your message the other day. I feel so special to be missed. :)

    I do so understand that frantic pace of May. I looked forward to the end of the school year only for it to arrive in time for me to wish I could resume a more "normal" schedule.

    This article you've written is incredibly interesting. Isn't it amazing that the magazines would have preferred engravings over the photograph. But then again, even in our modern world sometimes we hesitate at the newest advances preferring the familiar for longer than necessary.

    Rose is lovely, and her attire exquisite. I especially love the look of the lace dress combined with her hand-stitched embellishments.


  86. Hello Stephane...I am a little late dropping by, but i just wanted to say thank you so much, for your Kind, kind words, they came at just the right time and meant so much...so thank you my lovely, your blog is beautiful, as are you xx :-)
    Sophie xx

  87. Simply enchanting Stephanie, all of it! I've missed your wonderful posts...life gets in the way, sometimes! N.xo

  88. Stephanie! I am coming back tomorrow to see your new post.....and to discuss your lovely visit to my HOME! Back tomorrow! Anita

  89. There is our dear Anita! :)
    Chere Stephanie, thank you so much for coming by and sharing your BLISS! What a dream...my goodness...a cycle along the Loire and a wild orchard...and with your sweet son...pure JOY!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday...
    - Irina

  90. You are a being of magic. The creativity, attention to detail, and final outcomes are masterpieces.

  91. Dearest stephanie, how in the world have I been missing your posts!? I am a follower yet nothing has come in my reader. Oh my gosh, I love this one so much, the book, rose, your words always. If I had been here, absolutly beautiful (too special for words) rose, would have come home with me. Xxxxxxxxx

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