Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lemon Curd And Cherry Blossom

Hello lovely readers!
Although you are all far too polite and sweet-natured to write this I am aware that I have a tendency to rabbit on in my posts.  Today a nasty sore throat is making me less talkative than usual so, with a little luck, there will be more pictures and less words.  Hurrah!
We are halfway through our school holidays and may I just say how much I LOVE the February holidays?  It's the last chance we have to snuggle inside and craft, read, and bake before the glorious spring weather pulls us outside.  This week the skies have been a brilliant blue and the grass sparkling with frost.  The sun did coax us out on a few occasions for a brisk walk along the Loire.  Our dog, Gaspard, made us chortle with his undiscerning overtures to each and every dog and owner who would cross his path.  He is a little embarrassing at times but very adorable too, thankfully.  Today there have been a few flurries of snow and Mickaël and Tristan have headed off to Le Mans to change the tyres and give a little attention and love to our 1992 Jaguar Sovereign with the help of a vintage car specialist friend.  A few days ago Tristan and I went to Tours to have a drink together, buy macarons, watch the ongoing work on the new tramway, and most importantly to purchase a few classical music recordings with his birthday money because my son simply adores being lulled to sleep with guitar or harp music.  Right now I am listening to one of the three cds we chose together: Le Salon de Musique de Marie-Antoinette.  I strongly recommend it.  It is beautiful and calming; just right for Tristan.
There has been a little quick and delightful knitting, a repeat performance of this pattern. which I have named this time:
 Lemon Curd
I love this little sweetheart of mine for being courageous in sub-zero temperatures and showing off that smile (we call it The Boudazin Smile) uncannily similar to her father's and grand-father's!
The pattern is Karen Borrel's scrumptious Bulle, the yarn, found in my stash, is Quince & Co.'s Lark (so easily purchased and reasonably priced) in the Carrie's Yellow colourway.  The model is my very own :-)
My Ravelry notes are here.
There has been a batch of Lemon Curd whisked up this week too. I love French Tarte au Citron but Lemon Curd is so quintessentially British to me and conjures happy childhood memories.  I have given up butter and chocolate for Lent - goodness knows how long that will last - but I have found this amazing French Lemon Curd recipe which has no butter in it.  It is made in minutes, tastes sublimely tart and, quite honestly, I don't think it will last for long in this household!
Crème de Citron
You will need:
4 lemons
150g sugar
3 eggs
1 dessert spoonful of cornstarch
Wash and zest the lemons (the recipe suggests 2 lemons but I recklessly zested all 4 with wonderful results) and place the zest and juice from all 4 lemons in a saucepan with the sugar and cornstarch.  Stir whilst heating gently.  Wisk the eggs and add to the warmed ingredients in the pan and, over high heat, stir continuously until the lemon curd thickens.  It took me about 5 minutes. Pour into a sterilized glass jar.
It tastes sublime!
May I introduce you to a little spring bunny?
Mademoiselle Blossom
Along the banks of the river Loire I have caught glimpses of delicate pink blossom bursting timidly forth on windswept trees which have inspired me to create Mademoiselle Blossom, a breath of spring air! Pink blossom like frosting on a girl's birthday cake; a celebration of sorts. She is a gentle and refined little lady, both delicate and pale, who relishes French patisserie such as macarons. The ones in the picture are rose and chocolate, vanilla, and honey with lemon.
I was fully intending to put her up here shortly after placing her on my shop shelves but I'm afraid to say she has just been purchased as I was writing the opening paragraphs to this post; I'm so sorry!  Perhaps it might be a good idea, if you are interested, to pop over to Madame Millefeuilles, my shop, or again, Madame Millefeuilles, my facebook page to stay informed of newly created hares?  (I am starting up on some new designs for the shop which I am most excited about).  I prefer keeping this space of mine relatively shop talk free!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend dear friends.  It is always a pleasure to read your comments and your thoughtful emails.  Thank you so much!
A bientôt,
ps Just as talkative as ever, right? :-)


  1. Talkative and lovely. Your sweet model is adorable and so is your newest bunny. I love your positive Springlike attitude.

  2. Your model is too cute with her smile and i LOVE that colour Stephanie, beautiful girly in her beautiful mama knitted lemon curd jumper. Loving all your sweet bunnies too, such attention to detail, simply gorgeous. Thank you for the yummy lemon curd recipe, might just have to give it a go, Andy loves lemon curd. Keep cosy and well xox Penelope

  3. Oh lemon curd - it goes with just about anything! And this one with no butter....
    Your sweet little model is precious in her lemon curd outfit. It just says Spring as does her smile.

    Hope the sore throat is a thing of the past.

  4. Oh, Stephanie, please don't stop being talkative - it's part of whp you are! Love the knitting and the model is so cute. Such a lovely smile!! Mademoiselle Blosom is as beautiful as all her sisters - you are so talented. Thank you also for the Creme de Citron recipe; it looks quick and easy. One question though, is cornstarch the same as cornflour?
    Enjoy your weekend. Sue X

    1. Hello lovely Susan!

      Yes, I think cornstarch is the same as cornflour! I'm using the good ol' French version Maizena and it's cooking up a dream.

      How are you? Is it icy in your corner of the world too, I wonder?


    2. Thank you Stephanie. Maizena make cornflour and also the wonderful Sauceline that I find very useful! Wish we could get it over here but I just have to rely on bringing a stock back from France.

      It's been cold here today. Up until tea time we had continual fine snow but not enough of it to cause any problems, thank goodness. It didn't stop my trip to the cake decorating shop and to the farm shop for bread flour grown and milled locally. It makes the most delicious bread!

      Hope your throat is soon mended.

      Sue X

    3. Cake decorating and bread baking? We REALLY must get together one day!


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  6. Ooh Stephanie I love your posts, please don't go all quiet on us! I love lemon curd and today I've eaten a sublime slice of tarts au citron in my favourite little tea shop. I'm definitely going to try this recipe, it sounds fabulous !


    Claire xx

  7. Your posts are always a delight to read....
    Oh please, these photos are adorable, and what a smile your littlest sweetheart has.
    Hoping your sore throat is better soon.
    Much love is sent your way.x

  8. I feel that you have been positively reticent today - obviously the sore throat is the reason. My view, as you may have realised, is that why should one only write 50 words when 500 would do. I love your hares, and feel that you must up your work rate a bit - your public most definitely need you to do so. The curd looks very tempting - I might just have to try some!

    Pomona x

    1. Ah yes, Pomona! I think us talkative ladies should stick together ;-)

      I imagine the weather is bracing in your south easterly corner of the world too?

  9. I love the pink and yellow in this post, two of my favourite colours. The yellow knitted sweater is lovely (as is the model) and I like the sound of your lemon curd. I have never made it, although I do love eating it. The macarons look wonderful. Something else I love to eat but have never successfully made. I must try harder in the kitchen!

    Gillian x

  10. love the lemon curd knit that pink accend is so cheerful and pretty glad the hear that gaspard the dog is cheerful and a happy dog too again the new mademoisella blossom is very lovely and pretty
    have a great sunday greething leon10

  11. You write so beautifully Stephanie, it's always a pleasure to read your posts, I don't think you rabbit on :) Angelique is looking adorable in your new knitted creation, what a wonderful model she makes and I love Mademoiselle Blossom, her outfit is divine!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  12. Just as CHARMING as ever, may I say!

    Oh Stephanie, I am in LOVE. First of all, I just adore your banner with your name and the little lazy bunny, laying there ready to start his spring adventures! THEN there is this little demoiselle, modeling the most delicious color of sweater. Quel délice! You are a master. THEN THERE IS THE BUTTER-LESS curd? I must try this. Though I am not British, my mother used to make the best lemon curd from our very own lemon tree in California. I could eat her lemon pies all day long.

    I hopped on over to your shop, and saw that all of these lovely mademoiselles are all sold out. One day, I must order one. I just have to have one with the little shawl, and maybe of a smaller size. But for now, I congratulate you on your wonderful designs, et je t'embrasse. Merci mon amie d'être si créative. Tu m'inspire...

    Grosses bises, Anita

  13. I love reading your posts, Stephanie! It's like having a chat with you!!! :-)
    That's one gorgeous knit! I love the shape of it (would love a big version - for myself) - and I love the colour you used!!! That lemon curd looks very yummy indeed! I used to have lemon curd sandwiches for Sunday evening tea when I was little! :-)

    1. Carly, there is a woman's version of the same pattern! It's called Lady Bulle and you can find it on Ravelry, of course. It is a flattering shape, isn't it? I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  14. Lots of deliciousness today Stephanie, lemon curd (mmmm), beautiful Mademoiselle Blossom and wonderfully modelled knitwear ! How quickly Angélique is growing !!!
    Enjoy your weekend and hopefully your throat heals soon,
    V xxx

  15. Precious Stephanie! I just saw your comment and I want to come to you via email. WATCH FOR YOUR EMAIL! Anita

  16. A very scrummy post today. Scrummy lemon curd, even scrummier new hare and little Angelique is just so adorable. Her smile is beautiful. Hope that sore throat is feeling better. It is so cold here today.

  17. Love this post, the lemon curd has me drooling, your little one looks so sweet in her gorgeous new top and what a beautiful new hare.
    Hope your throat is soon better, keep warm and cosy.
    Carol xx

  18. Ooh, thank you for the Crème de Citron recipe, I shall be trying that as a change from Lemon Curd.

    We like you talkative you know ;)

  19. Stephanie, I was just completing a long comment to you when my computer shut itself off. Blue screen.

    Nonetheless, I think I am back to thank you for taking as long as you like in your delightful posts. You've a great voice, and more is more!

    All your lemon curd creations look delicious. The latest Mademoiselle is a joy, with your usual subtle attention to details.

    Thank you also for your comment over at my place. I've a New York friend whose husband is also very wise in computer matters, and he's also not so sure about the value of that stylish brand that many praise.

    Let me sign off now before I see another blue screen. xo

  20. Oh Stephanie, she is such a little sweetie pie and looks gorgeous in her knitted dress. With such lovely pink and yellow spring colours in all of your photos it's hard to believe you are experiencing sub-zero temperatures at all. I have actually never made lemon curd so thank you so much for the recipe. I'm not great with Desserts but just 4 ingredients here so I should be able to manage it. Hope you have a lovely Sunday. Mel x PS I like your Posts as they are. PPS Hope you feel better soon :-)

  21. love those pinks and yellows together-a great combo that reminds me of spring!
    great sweater and cute bunny :)
    hope you're feeling better soon~~

  22. Gorgeous images, all of them, and I love your take on the February half term!

  23. adore the little bulle!!! (and the model, of course!!!!!!) pink and yellow-----spring is nearly here!!!

  24. Hope you're feeling better soon. What an adorable little bunny, your attention to detail never falters. Your beautiful model has the most cheeky smile, how bonnie she is modelling your latest creation.

  25. Your post invites Springtime to peek just over the horizon. It seems we both have chosen thread colours much the same as if late, perhaps with thoughts of Springtime blooms. Love your wee sweater model with her "Boudazin Smile."
    Nurse your sore throat dear Stephanie (with tea and macaroons surely) and be well...
    Hugs to you,
    Judy xx

  26. "The Boudazin Smile" is delightful! I have a photo of my eldest daughter at about 1 year old with a very similar smile. :)
    Your blog posts are always wonderful, Stephanie. Full of inspiration, beauty, a peek into your French surroundings, and wonderful handmade creations! I love it all!
    Feel better soon!

  27. Your little daughter looks adorable in her new lemon outfit! I like the sound of this recipe. Good luck with the lent, chocolate will be such a treat for you at Easter!xx

  28. What a sweet little model!!! And what a great outfit, Stephanie, well done to you! Thanks for sharing this recipe, I just need to try it :o) it looks sooo yummy. Love your spring-like Mlle Blossom as well.
    Have a lovely sunny week
    Lot of love

  29. Dear Stephanie, this knitted dress is just gorgeous. I love its colour, in the mood for spring (although it has been snowing all day here), in perfect harmony with Mademoiselle blossom. Thanks for the lemon curd recipe. One I'm going to try very soon (I had planned it for today, but ... no more eggs).
    Thanks also for the precious link to lepoemeharmonique.
    Have a nice week.

  30. Your daughter makes such a delightful model,I love her smile! I have made some lemon curd this week too -it's so much nicer home-made. Mademoiselle Blossom looks so spring like.
    Sarah x

  31. love the dress and your daughter's smile is contagious! I was grinning madly while looking at your lovely knitting :) Never had lemon curd, I know, so American, so next time I have some lemons I'll try it. I bet it tastes like spring and summer rolled together!

  32. Don't ever feel you need to say less. I love to settle in with one of your posts, soak up the atmosphere, dream of hares and knitting, and generally have a lovely break in the day.

  33. dearest stephanie, I hope your throat is all better as there is little worse than a throat on fire...but thank goodness for the written word (and photos)! I love the new bulle and it's perfect pairing with the lemon curd...I recently made lemon curd for the first time and almost died with pleasure on the first tasting....my mouth is watering now...things do taste better when made yourself sometimes!! beautiful new hare as always...talk to you soon, c

  34. Your little one is adorable! Don't worry about writing too much for it is what makes you and what people come to read :) I hope your sore throat goes away quickly!

  35. Dear Stephanie,

    Writing the post must have made you feel better :-)! It always works for me too! It's always a joy to read your post. They are cheerful and positive. So don't worry about the length.

    Your daughter looks very sweet in her new dress! Such a pretty colour. Perfect for spring. Hope it will arrive in the Loire valley soon.

    Your holiday week sounds delightful. Hope the rest of the week will be good too.


    Love, Madelief x

  36. Your posts are so beautiful Stephanie x I hope your poor throat is feeling better very soon.
    What a little sweetheart you model is and her little sweater is beautiful, i just adore that shape, i need some little people to knit for ..............
    Love love love your spring bunny
    happy new week
    love jooles xxx

  37. If talking be the food of blogs, speak on.... (with apologies to M. Shakespeare)

    As if the title of your blog were not enticing enough ("cherry" and "lemon" and "blossom" all together - nothing could be more delightful), you go on to heap beauty upon beauty. That CD looks very interesting - and I see that Amazon has only 3 left "en stock". :) It must be deservedly popular.

    What an adorable and patient model you have there. I notice that the smile comes after a bite has been taken from the cookie. And what a lovely sweater she's wearing.

    Mlle Blossom looks perfect in her little pink shawl (just right for keeping the neck warm on a chilly spring day), and her delicate stitched blossoms. And the macarons coordinate perfectly.

    I hope the sore throat is soon better! It doesn't seem to be damping your creativity. ;)

  38. this post makes me feel VERY SHOUTY Stephanie!!!! get ready.

    OH MY STARS, that darling little girl, she is like a little plum bun or a tiny butter yellow candy, she is something EDIBLE. oh that scrunchy nose! Yeah, pretty sure a smile like that needs its own title.

    AND THE LEMON CURD. I really think I could shovel buckets of lemon curd into my mouth and not feel at all embarrassed.

    I WANT TO HAVE A TEA PARTY WITH YOU! ok I'm all done shouting. FOR NOW. xoxoxo

    1. Dear Melissa,

      I almost spluttered on my morning coffee reading that! You are the sweetest soul in blogland.


    2. no no no. YOU are the sweetest soul in blog land! let's quarrel about it! :)

      always happy to provide a little morning splutter. giggle.

  39. C est bien de decouvrir voter blog. J ai une petite fille de 9ans, alors cette robe m a beaucoup plu. Vos images sont belles et tendres. Bonne soirée ! Olympia

  40. tee hee, melissa. i absolutly agree. your wee girl in her handmade, mama made knit, so darling! and the lemon curd, thank you! i've already copied it to one of my recipe cards, we love lemon everything! and hello lovely bunny!
    i do hope you are feeling much better dear stephanie.

    p.s. such beautiful music, i've been listening to the preview of your sons new cd...

  41. Get well soon Stephanie! Such sweet photographs too.

  42. Dear Stephanie,

    Hope you are feeling better, and over your sore throat.
    Your little sweetheart makes the most darling little model for your gorgeous knitwear. Love the Spring bunny and that you have delicate blossom bursting forth.
    Enjoy the holidays and the special time with your family.


  43. Hallo Stephanie,
    Deine Tochter ist eine ganz süße, kleine Maus!!! Sie sieht in dem hübschen Pullover ganz allerliebst aus!
    Obwohl ich schon oft in England war und dort auch mal eine Weile gewohnt habe, habe ich, soweit ich mich erinnern kann, noch nie Lemon Curd gegessen. Ich kann mich allerdings noch sehr gut an Lemon Meringue Pie erinnern (lecker!). Dein Rezept sieht gar nicht so kompliziert aus, das werde ich bestimmt mal ausprobieren.
    Dein Post und vor allem die Farben strahlen wieder einmal eine wunderbare Leichtigkeit aus! Mach Dir keine Gedanken, dass Du zu viel schreibst, ich lese Deine Posts immer sehr gerne! Manchmal dauert es nur etwas länger, bis ich eine ruhige Minute finde, um Deine Posts in aller Ruhe zu genießen.

    Ich hoffe, es geht Dir wieder besser!

    Ganz liebe Grüße von Bärbel (die wieder einmal zu faul ist auf Englisch zu schreiben...;-))

  44. Good afternoon Stephanie...Such beautiful little ladies in your post! Angélique looks beautiful in your latest make (such a pretty colour too) Mademoiselle Blossom is exquisite and my latest favourite!
    Hope you're feeling much better now Madame Millefeuilles,
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
    Speak soon,
    Susan x
    P.S Your lemon curd looks truly delicious..I have to try it!

  45. delicious lemon curd and a delightful bunny - thank you! Maggie

  46. Whenever I read your posts, I feel like there is beautiful tinkling music or chimes about. Everything is so beautiful in this post, from your going one's to your little one to the bunny and curd.
    My mum and her friends are planning a trip to France. I am so envious and wish I could tag along so I could have tea with you.

  47. Your darling little girl is a charmer for sure. What a great little dress.

  48. I'm found of lemon curd and it's true that the yarn you choosed for your bulle resounds perfectly with !
    (sorry but my english is not so good......)

  49. I'm not sure which looks more tasty, the lemon curd (a secret vice of mine) or your little girl in that adorable knit - I'm not a god or speedy knitter, but I'm seriously considering having a go a this before my little one gets too big... X

  50. Hello there! What a sweet post. The lemon curd sweater is absolutely lovely! :) I've got a sweater of my own in that color and just finished some tiny baby mittens in it for my soon-to-arrive son. Your lemon curd looks delicious. I've got a bag of lemons in my kitchen, so maybe I can convince my husband to make some lemon curd (or lemon cupcakes...mmm...). And of course your rabbit is beautiful as always. I love to see what you come up with to make each one so special.

  51. oh I do love her colours, both models that is! the citron and the pink, lovely, Heather x

  52. Stephanie, I declare-- you may just make a knitter out of me. My nine-year-old daughter was looking over my shoulder as I read this post. "She MADE that?!" was her exclamation. "I'm going to learn to knit," she said. We both might be taking up needles and yarn.


  53. I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can Get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!


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