Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Did Pre-Raphaelite Women Wear Chunky Knits?

Dear readers,
First, I would like to say my thoughts have been straying across to the East Coast of America.  I really hope you are all safe and well.
I am taking a break from my father's 90th birthday celebration preparations.  Embroidering mushrooms - my father is a keen mycologist - may be a wonderful way of symbolising a great man but, goodness me, I do get muddled with all those shades of brown!  Meanwhile the children are turning autumnal-coloured papers into place cards worthy of the most glorious of Baroque stage scenery.  I am quite serious! I will take a picture of their creations to show you all next time. Believe me; they are quite beautiful but have also provoked a few, ahem, heated discussions.  To top it all, Angélique, after four months of flourishing health, turned feverish and fretful this Sunday and graciously passed on her virus to me.  Ah, the joys of family life...
So here I am turning my back on browns, reds, oranges, purples, and germs and embracing a little greenery.
During the entire month of October I nursed the hope of visiting the gardens of Villandry again to admire the pumpkins growing higgledy piggledy in the potager against the magnificent backdrop of vivid green boxtree broderies before this château closed its gates for winter.  However endlessly rainy weekends and cherished visitors from afar thwarted my plans so here instead is a picture of the ornamental gardens at Villandry taken last spring to nourish my love of vegetation.  Rainy Sundays inspired me to pick up my knitting needles and make something for my eldest daughter.  Half the fun of knitting for her is choosing the colour together and three cheers for Héloïse; she chose GREEN!
Here is Melissa LaBarre's Agnes which I have renamed "Boxtree".  I could have called it "In The Blink Of An Eye" for I swear this is the most ridiculously rapid knit ever!  I am not very fond of chunky knits and mostly prefer knitting with fine yarns however this pattern has seduced me to the non-negligible charms of fast knitting together with the delights of Quince & Co. Puffin yarn.  Here are my Ravelry notes in case you are interested.
Don't you think that colour suits Héloïse?  That hair makes me think of a Pre-Raphaelite woman.  I'm getting quite excited at the thought of finding some knitting patterns which would suit this Pre-Raphaelite look of hers.  Any ideas?
Like all mothers I am proud of my daughter.  She is strong, thoughtful, bright as a button, and stoic.
It is not always easy to be the eldest of three but I am grateful to her for being supportive and patient.  We try to carve some precious time out to spend together for I cannot help but see the moment looming on the horizon when she will spread her wings and fly away.  I cherish our brainstorming sessions for she is very creative despite her school's desire to push her into a scientific profession.  Do you remember, about a month ago, I wrote about an audition at the regional academy of music and theatre?  After three intensive days Héloïse was accepted alongside eleven other candidates, aged between twenty and twenty-six.  There had been fifty two would-be actors auditioning.  Of course Héloïse was thrilled but her hopes were slightly dashed when she found out the five-hour weekly classes were scheduled on wednesday afternoons: a time when most secondary schools do not have lessons here in France.  Héloïse's school, unfortunately, is an exception to this rule. The academy teaching staff were sweetly disappointed and urged her to drop in and participate whenever she had a spare moment.  They also reassured her that a place would be kept for her in the future.
All's well that ends well.

In the meantime I must return to browns, feeding my merry band of artists, and slowly preparing for our departure on Friday.  I am nursing myself back to health with all manner of herbal infusions and teas.  My favourite at the moment is Mariage Frères Chandrenagor black tea.mixed with cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper.  It really is heavenly with a spoonful of brown sugar.  Which begs the question: which tea are you drinking today?

Keep well and happy end of week to you all.



  1. For me it is Earl Grey all the way. I have tried other things but it is the only tea that I like and it has to be with milk. Heloise does look beautiful in her new sweater and I think she would also suit a much darker green often seen in pre raphaelite paintings. Life is full of disappointments one way or another and we have to learn to deal with them as they happen but determination goes a long way and talent always shines through. I am sure your maid will make it. Hope you are soon on the mend and feeling better. Can see some patchwork ideas in those beautiful gardens.

    1. Oh yes, Shirley! Renaissance gardens beg to be transformed into patchwork art!

  2. Love the sweater, but that sweet girl is just darling, you are blessed to have a young woman so talented.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Héloïse really is a beautiful girl, better I would say, than any of the Pre-Raphaelite women. Whatever she wore she would look lovely in.
    It is difficult when academia clashes with other talents. My granddaughter was a beautiful ballerina, but had to give it up when she was nearing university entrance to concentrate on her exams.

  4. You must be so proud of her, she will, all too soon fly the nest, they grow up so quickly, grab and cherish each moment! So disappointing for her, hopefully she will be able to fulfill her dreams soon, the education system can be so short sighted! Ada :)

  5. I hope you are soon feeling better, what bad timing viruses have!
    I LOVE the colour of the sweater you've made for Héloïse, blue-greens of any hue would look gorgeous with hair that colour!

    I can sympathise with Héloïse's instinct to follow a creative path while being under pressure from teachers to study sciences - it was the same for me. Luckily one art teacher encouraged me to go to art college - even at my interview I was challenged to explain why I wasn't studying physics!

    Now I'm a freelance artist/designer I find that not being scared of science and technology and having a good knowledge of the natural sciences serves me well as my USP - so it's sometimes useful not to get pigeonholed by subjects.

    Love from cold, grey and windy Suffolk
    Celia x

  6. What an inspirational post! I too am a fan of 'Agnes' … having knit a Lopi one last winter I am planning at least one more in something a little softer and less 'rustic'. Villandry is somewhere I have never visited but WoW! What a stunning garden and a fairytale building. Hopefully one day I will see it for real. And your daughter, she is a beauty too… as a mother of 3 (boys) I am only too aware of the precious little spaces we carve out for each of them as they grow. And tea? A big part of my day, either Earl Grey with a splash of milk, good strong black tea with just a hint of sugar or a soothing cup of peppermint...

  7. My dearest Stephanie, your world is what I adore. Nature, simplicity embraced in OPULENT antiquity, and the love of your children. Héloise is simply stunning, her knit apparel is gorgeous, and I am EXTREMELY CURIOUS to see these paper goodies that the children are turning out....please share? OH HOW WONDERFUL YOUR SITE IS!

    I pray you are well and get over the virus immediately. We are well here, for we are in the middle of the country, but I fear that our neighbors to the east and on the coast have suffered much loss to their homes, economy, and most of all, at least 50 lives were lost.

    Embrace the beauty as I know you do, and may it continue to inspire US!

    BISOUS ma belle. Anita

  8. What a lovely young woman your daughter is. Don't be afraid of her flying the nest as I have found that my daughter comes back often and we speak on the telephone too perhaps having a better relationship than when she was at home. She will always be your enfant and you her maman I know! Love the sweater and as others have said that young lady would look great in anything anyway. What it is to be young and beautiful. I hope her life turns out to be as beautiful as she is and that she is able to combine her talents. Love the garden at Vilandry and that partere calls out to be knitted, made in patchwork, woven as a tapestry.... Now where are my needles?!!

  9. What a beautiful jumper on a beautiful girl .... you must be so proud of your lovely talented daughter ... how lucky she is to have so many avenues open to her ... I too am the eldest of three and one thing I would offer is do not put too much expectation on her to mother the younger ones ... I have two younger brothers and I found I was expected to step in when my mother couldn't ... that's okay occasionally but we all need room to spread our wings ... Bee xx

    1. Very sound advice, Bee! I am mindful of this as it is all too easy to lean on her to mind the little one in busy moments.

  10. Hello Stephanie:
    Heloise has a very definite Pre- Raphaelite look to her and certainly wears the fern green jumper exceedingly well. However, we are certain that, with her beguiling beauty, she would look great in anything. It is delightful that she can turn her hand to both academic and artistic challenges. That will certainly equip her to enjoy life to the fullest, when she does fly away from you, she will undoubtedly soar!!!

    The gardens at Villandry are remarkable and always, in our view, look good no matter what the season. The strong structure holds any wayward planting together so successfully. A good lesson for any garden!

  11. The sweater is divine and its a great color on your daughter. Love the fit and she is a very pretty girl :)

  12. So many wonderful things in this post. Heloise and all her beauty being top of the list. I think a delicate knit in a very deep berry red would be perfect for her. Well done to her for the auditions success and how disappointing too, but lovely to know she can take it up in the future.
    I hope you keep improving and feel fully better by the time you set off on Friday. I'm fascinated to see what you have all been working on. Juliex

  13. Oh my goodness Stephanie, Heloise is stunning and YES that green does suite her and YES I think pre-raphaelite women must of worn chunky yarn knits after seeing your very special girl. Such a big pity about not being able to follow through her success of the audition, she must be ever so talented to make it as a teenager into the academy amongst young adults. Congratulations Heloise!
    Sounds like you are having a marvellous time with your Father, I do hope his birthday celebrations are very joyful. Loving reading this post, thanks so much Stephanie xox Take care and keep coay lovely x Penelope

  14. I think what someone does with their life should be left up to them. I hate the notion that science is the be all and end all. Everything that brings us pleasure and gives us a reason for living and is why we are humans has a background of the arts. The blog I am reading now, the books we purchase, the pictures we put on our walls, the furniture which someone designed with creative vision. Sometimes the two marry up - the technology with the artistry and we get phone apps and filmmaking and photography. It is a nonsense to say that science is the answer. I went out with a doctor once and he was one of the most unintelligent men I ever met. Really. He knew nothing about anything other than medicine and could not engage with any culture at all at any level. He had no thoughts of his own and diagnosis was done on the basis of memory but no thinking linking his own thoughts to the information. It was frightening. I also remember seeing David Starkey (the historian) on Mastermind. He certainly knew his own subject but he knew so little of the world he actually inhabited and was ignorant of everyday things that most of us take for granted. I didn't admire him at all. Such blinkered vision is not a good thing in my view, not even if you specialise.

    Sometimes people are lucky to be gifted in all areas and in that case they may have a natural preference. If not then they should feel free to try out different things. There is no point in training to be a dentist if you despise the idea (as a friend at school did,) when after you have pleased everyone and wasted their money, at some point (sometimes sooner and sometimes after a life of disappointment) choosing which ever direction their hearts really lie in. Our job as parent is to allow our children to make those choices for themselves and it is not the role of schools and teachers to hinder them. We should support and nurture but not dictate. I hope that schools do more of this than they used to but I fear not.

    It is also well to consider that an interest in arts and humanities encourages our human side and empathy which is a shame more people in the 'caring' professions don't inculcate. Also a mathematical and scientific knowledge can greatly enhance an artistic life (the bit I am missing from my knitting!). A rounded person is a good thing. Your daughter is to be congratulated on her achievements so far. It seems like she will have lots of options which is always a good thing.

    I love the jumper and the colour and would rather like one for myself! It suits Heloise beautifully.

  15. Hi Stephanie,
    Heloise is so beautiful and she definitely has a pre-Raphelite look!! The jumper is perfect for her!! Congratulations to her on all her wonderful achievements, she sounds like an amazing young woman and I'm not suprised that you're a proud mum :)
    vicky xxx

  16. Your daughter is beautiful, and the sweater color is lovely on her. Today's tea for me is green tea with spicy ginger in hopes of clearing up my lingering sinus infection. Here's to good tea and feeling better.

  17. First of all congrats to your daughter. I do remember you writing about her audition. I think that colour looks stunning on her. What a beautiful girl. I was eldest of three. It's not easy! Bless her. I do hope you get better quickly and have a wonderful time at the party. Joan

  18. dearest stephanie! I hope you are on the mend as you have so much going on...don't you love how our little petri dishes generously share their germs with us! I love that you turn to green for some color and lightness...I find myself doing that when things get too much as it really lifts my spirits. Heloise is a beauty, and a talent. congrats to her! lovely boxwood and perfect on your young lady. it is the saddest of anticipations to see her fly the coop (and happy and exciting too of course). i'm relieved i have more years with mine before i have to start thinking about her taking on the world (but I've already told her she's only ever leaving home if it is to live in a little house across the covered bridge at the end of our road.) here's to tea breaks. loves, c

  19. Your daughter's hair is such a gorgeous colour, very Pre-raphaelite as you say! The green is lovely and I think mauve would look wonderful too. ;)
    I hope you're feeling better soon, and my tea of choice is nettle and peppermint. :)
    Jess xx

  20. Your daughter is very beautiful and poised. I visited the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood exhibition at the Tate Britain recently, and yes, she does have the hair and skin tone of those luminous women. I did not spy any chunky knits there, sadly...more's the pity, as many of those models looked a bit chilly and like they would have benefited from some lovingly knitted sweaters. x

  21. It's nice to see some green again. Your jumper looks stunning on your beautiful daughter. What a shame she is unable to take up her place at the Regional academy, she must have been disappointed.
    Your tea sounds delicious, I have had a Raspberry,Strawberry and Loganberry tea today.
    Sarah x

  22. Ok you probably already know this Miss Stephanie, but you do realize that your daughter is unbelievably beautiful, like more beautiful than most people I see in film these days. I am completely fascinated by her! What makes her face even more interesting to me is the wise expression in her eyes -- I fully expect to see her in a movie someday and I feel by looking at her eyes that she'll remain level headed about it all, should she go down that road. I used to do quite a bit of theatre when I was young and I thought I wanted to be an actress, but then I realized I didn't want to struggle that much. But then again, I didn't have your daughter's face either! She's an absolute vision!

    So sorry about the sickies. I've been drinking a lot of flavored rooibos (spelling?) teas these days, since too much black tea upsets my tummy lately.

    I've heard that in France, Halloween is not celebrated that much? Are your smaller children dressing up at all?


  23. You have a beautiful daughter, all the best to her. I am trying to consciously find special time for my big girl too. She is growing up before my eyes. I too have been worried about all our American friends.

  24. What a beautiful talented girl Héloïse is! It's a shame she couldn't attend the classes but something will work out, you'll see, all these things happen for a reason.
    Her sweater is beautiful such a pretty shade and she does suit it with her gorgeous hair!
    Those gardens are absolutely stunning. :)
    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your father's party and I'm sure all the wonderful artistic creations will be much appreciated.
    Vivienne x

  25. Hello Stephanie!
    What a sweet post and beautiful pictures. Your daughter is very pretty and her new sweater is just perfect.

    Your blog is always an oasis!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, :)

  26. Such a lovely shade of green on such a pretty girl.

  27. Oh where to begin...let me first wish you a speedy recovery from the virus. How generous children can be!

    Those Villandry photographs surely show me a place I would love to see for myself. I have made a note. Hoping I will remember where I have put that note!

    On to beautiful Heloise and the lovely sweater you've made her...the sweater really does suit her natural loveliness, with that wisdom shining from her eyes. I've always associated jewel toned silks and velvets with PreRaphaelite beauties, but have now reconsidered those assumptions.

    Let's see what else...oh yes, please do let us see those mushroom-inspired creations when you find the chance.


  28. Oh, those gardens make me want to take up Romanian Point Lace crochet to reproduce the glorious shapes.

    That colour is absolutely perfect for H. I didn't realize her hair had so much red in it, but the soft green really brings it out. And yes, I think Pre-Raphaelites could wear chunky knits. Wasn't the Arts & Crafts movement about beauty, simplicity AND utilitarianism?

    Looking forward very much to seeing the children's decorations, and hoping that you and Angelique are swiftly on the mend.

    P.S. English Breakfast - always. :)

    P.P.S. Quick Ravelry search - here are a few that have a rather P-R look, I think:

  29. Hello Stephanie
    Perhaps you were a bit reluctant to mention it(being her mother and all) but may I add beautiful,attractive to that description of your daughter,and that is plain fact and not over embellished compliments. Green definitely suits her!
    Many thanks for your comments on my post and yes I'm ridiculously busy...at least I don't lack work not like so many others here. I loved your last rustic Mlle Hare but I haven't been able to really look to have enjoyed what I glimpsed at. I haven't a settled mind at present but I will go back in again.
    May I wish your father a very happy birthday from this unknown bod...me. Incredible 90 years old what he must be able to tell you...a walking history ( in the nicest sense of course) book.
    I do hope you and little one are feeling better now...nasty those viruses.

    Darjeeling for the quiet moments and Peer Gynt,Pachibel or Manuel de Falla

    Enjoy your trip

    Amanda :-)

  30. Such a beauty your Héloïse is, and I love her new chunky green sweater.
    Feel better soon & enjoy your family time, Stephanie!

  31. Dear Stephanie
    Heloise is just beautiful - that hair and those cheekbones.She looks like a model. You musy be so proud as I am sure she is as beautiful inside as out.
    I have had my eye on that very same pattern for a while now and QUince and Co's puffin yarn in Gingerbread (I am really into my shades of mustard and ginger at the moment) but I have never knitted in the round, nor have I ever managed anything more fancy than a cushion so I haven't plucked up the courage to purchase yarn or pattern. How easy is it really? Do you think a beginner knitter who has only ever knitted a fuzzy lamb toy and a cable cushion manage it do you think?
    By the way that parterre is stunning - I hope you get to visit one day soon.

    1. Dear Sophie,

      What a joy it is to see you here! Tell me; did you enjoy your Scottish holiday? I was a beginner knitter a little less than three years ago and somebody told me to always aim for a pattern which stretched you a little. Agnes is a simple knit and very gratifying as you can see it grow before your very eyes. Knitting in the round is very, very simple. Once that circle begins you just need to knit in garter stitch which, magically, transforms into stockinette stitch.

      Go for it! I will be only too happy to help you if needs be. And Youtube is great too for knitting advice.


    2. I did enjoy it and have posted pictures on my blog. It was so very beautiful, I had to stop myself getting the camera out at every bend in the road. There is only so many times you can swerve last minute into a layby for a photo opportunity before ones travelling companion gets thoroughly brassed off.
      I cant believe you were a beginner knitter only three years ago - that is amazing. You knit so beautifully.
      Well you have given me the gentle nudge I need. I will purchase the pattern and suss it out before ordering the yarn. I think the pattern I have seen on Quince and Co is very similar to the lovely jumper you knitted for Heloise.
      Thank you for the encouragement and I am sure I will be shouting for help at some point.

  32. Now I know a little about Pre-Raphaelite daughters, I have one too, although she is older than your very beautiful green-sweatered girl. She too was talented in both arts and sciences and has managed to combine the two by becoming an archivist. She specialises in conservation. So do not worry too much about Heloise, no doubt when she does fly she will find her own inimitable way forwards.

    All the Quince and Co yarns are a delight aren't they :D

  33. Hello Stephanie! You are so kind to think of our countrymen and women on the east coast. My husband's family, who live further inland, but still in the eastern part of the country, are feeling the affects of the hurricane by way of massive amounts of snow and no power.

    I tell you, your beautiful sweaters and cardigans make me actually want to learn to knit. Heloise is so beautiful, and that shade of green suits her perfectly.

    Your first image of Villandry is really inspiring. I have wanted to create a tiny potager of my own for some time.

    Happiest of birthdays to your dad! How wonderful to be turning 90!


  34. Beautiful girl, beautiful knitting, beautiful post.
    Do get well soon Stephanie, and best birthday wishes to your dad! xo

  35. So much in one post! Villandry is somewhere I long to visit. I was at Chaumont a couple of weeks ago to see the gardens, a very beautiful place. Christina

  36. Oh Heloise; you are a stunning woman. So very chic, naturally. Stephanie, thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my blog. Your words were heartwarming x

  37. What a beautiful young woman your daughter is. She looks lovely in her knitted jumper just love that shade of green.

    A lovely post, hope you get better soon!

    P x

  38. Your daughter is gorgeous and the colour so suits her. Congratulations on the acceptance - that is such thrilling news...I shall keep an eye out for her in the future...great things I'm sure.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I think you may be right about daughters and mothers.

  39. Hi! I fancy your blog. I have been following you for awhile now but I have finally recently decided to create a blog for my family. Anywho, I awarded you with a blogger award on blog! You can click 'here' to see it. I hope you like it! Have a good one!

  40. I love that patere garden; it's stunning.
    Your daughter is gorgeous! I love how she's strong and independent and smart. Her new pullover is terrific.
    What a bummer that there's a conflict for this theatre school but glad they want her to stop by and that there will be place for her in the future.

  41. Your beautiful daughter... so sorry to hear about the timing of the classes.
    And what a beautiful knit. One of my favourite colours
    The tea sounds warming, healing and delicious. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    I may go and have myself a cup of green tea with jasmine... nice!x

  42. what a lovely daughter she is, I'm sure she will find her own path! she has so many assets to build on. Hope you feel better soon, Heather x

  43. What a lovely blog you have. The Agnes is indeed a wonderfully fast knit and so comfortable and warm in the Puffin! I also made one. Your daughter is delightful and you are obviously so proud.

  44. dear stephanie, your daughter is simply stunning. she looks so pretty in your agnes sweater, i mean boxtree, but i think she would make anything look beautiful. i hope everyone is in good health now, it is the season here too. i drink herbal tea or rooibos, which is good for immunity building. that storm was so terrifying. two of my children live in nyc and we all spent a sleepless night when the worst of it blew through. take good care dear.
    xxx lori

  45. dear Stephanie, a simply wonderful title for a blog post! and such enchanting photos of your daughter, I love the way she has styled her whole outfit, so french and chic
    at the moment I am trying to avoid excessive caffeine so am enjoying green jasmine tea and decaffeinated earl grey
    and your post has made me long to find time for knitting ...
    Barbara x

  46. Your daughter sounds and looks lovely. This morning, as all mornings, I am drinking strong Assam tea with milk in my favorite bone china mug. Have a good week!

  47. Stephanie, your daughter is stunning! Really a beautiful young woman.
    I love the sound of your herbal infusion, it sounds as if it could heal all ills. I personally love ordinary black tea, strong with a dash of milk! Boring I know but I love it.
    Thank you for your kind words, I am sure life is on the up and I am determined to make it stay that way!

  48. Hello, Stephanie

    The way you describe Héloïse is heartwarming. She is lovely and so much more.

    As for patterns, this one is not Pre-Raphaelite, nevertheless, I thought of you when is appeared in a Facebook post from a Canadian magazine: http://www.canadianliving.com/crafts/knitting/how_to_knit_a_lacy_sweater_with_ruffles.php

    I do hope your health has improved and, as always, look forward to your next post.


  49. Hi Stephanie,

    How lovely to see your 'Big' Girl and such a beautiful young woman she is too. Just stunning! Your sweater is beautiful. The concept of knitting anything bigger than a newborn size and in-the-round still frightens me but I like the advice given to you about aiming for a pattern that stretches you a bit. Will take that on board for next time.

    I'm the eldest of 3 daughters and can relate to feeling a little more pressure to achieve than my younger sisters, although I think that it was probably pressure from myself than from my parents - part of being the 'responsible' eldest I think. I was also probably more creative but ended up studying law and becoming a solicitor. But now I am a stay at home mum more interested in creative pursuits than returning to the law. Funny how things go. So don't worry, her talents won't be 'lost' and I'm sure she'll work it all out.

    As for tea, I alternate between excessively strong coffee to peppermint and green tea. I'm sure there is a middle ground to be found in a simple cup of tea. Hope you are on the mend now.

    Mel x

  50. What a wonderful jumper, and such a lovely girl to wear it too! The photographs you post are so sweet - I almost feel like I am in your part of the world. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment - I'm very glad you got to see fireworks too!
    As a tea drinker, I'm currently playing lucky dip with a big selection box of herbal teas! Maggie x

  51. what a beautiful daughter you have!!! hope your household is all feeling better....I'm a bit tardy in making my blog rounds!! (the jumper is quite nice, too!!!! and love the color.....I, also, prefer the tiny needles, fine yarn, but this knit is really quite lovely!)

  52. Dear Stephanie, well done to your beautiful girl Heloise, I'm sure she will do excellent work at the Academy. Happy birthday to your father too, what wonderful celebrations must be happening in Tunbridge Wells!

    I have a few posts to catch up on but I did catch a brief glimpse of an autumnal mademoiselle looking resplendent in her sweater and tweeds!

    Mademoiselle Bloom has settled in nicely; my plan was to pop a post on my blog but time has been against me, as tends to happen.

    Off for a catch up now.


    1. It's lovely to see you here Jeanne! Are you well? I can imagine how hugely busy you must be. I'm jolly glad to read that Miss Bloom is happy in her new home. Are you bearing up with the change of clocks and dark evenings? Gulp!

      Warmest wishes,


  53. Dearest Stephanie, What a delight it is to visit you! You always have so much beauty to share and you are a very gifted writer, as well as photographer and crafter! I love your new header. What gorgeous cross~stitching! I know your dear father will love the mushrooms. How sweet of you to stitch those for him, as he is a mycologist! I am so sorry you caught the virus and your little one has it too. It does seem to go from them to us rather quickly! As you said, "Ah, the joys of family life." That tickled me!

    I hope you can visit Villandry again. It is a beautiful place with stunning gardens! I love the sweater your knitted for Heloise! I wish that you could teach me how to knit. I can knit a scarf and a dishcloth, but beyond that it is all "Greek" to me! I must say Heloise is very beautiful! What joy she must bring you. I can tell that she is very much like you and it is wonderful the two of you are so close. Her hair is beautiful and green is the perfect color for her. The sweater is amazing and I love her entire outfit! She has such a glow and kindness about her, again, like you! I am so proud of Heloise being accepted in to the academy of music and theatre, but I am so sorry that she could not attend the classes. I do hope this will work out for her in the near feature and she will pursue what she loves and feels her heart should follow. I hope the herbal infusions and tea have helped. That is my go to medicine too, along with hot water, honey and lemon. I have been enjoying an organic rooibos winter spice tea with a bit of honey. So delicious. I am off to visit your other wonderful posts! Thank you so much for your visit and very kind words! You are a blessing! Much love, Paula xo

    PS~ I replied to your question about my blog in the comment form of my blog on that post I do hope you saw it. I just wanted to let you know that I did answer your question. Thank you sweetie!

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  55. Nice Stuff..! I also wish him good luck to defend his gold medal. I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  56. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it's nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.


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