Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sweet Relief

Dear Autumn,
I think this year you must have sensed my reluctance to let go of summer. I needed to continue to feel the sun on my skin and to play my favourite game of Wishful Thinking.  The thought of facing up to reality was a little hard to bear, you see.
You are also called "fall", from the Old English faellan, to fall down, which leads back through time to the Indo-European phol, to fall.  Fall is the time of course when leaves drop from the trees. But there is that other fall, the one in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve hid their nakedness with a fig leaf, remember?  Flurrying leaves and the Harlequin beauty of your trees help us forget about passing time and the temporary death which winter brings.  With the arrival of each autumn I feel we slip and slide as though on wet leaves down a steep hill towards the winter solstice.  Time seems to accelerate.  Breathing becomes shorter and sharper. Winter, however, brings its fair share of beauty and enchantment.  Thankfully.
Now, I am at peace with you.  I have gorged myself on late summer's brilliant blue skies, bleached cornfields and blazing, glossy rose-hips. I have smiled like a lighthearted child at september's generous warmth and confetti-coloured wildflowers.  I have marvelled at the seedpods which decorate our countryside and the Clematis vitalba - or Old Man's Beard - with its trailing silver seed-heads draping our surrounding hedges.  I am no longer afraid to welcome you.

Today is autumn.  Today my husband received the good news we were almost too afraid to hope for. Some of you may remember how I shared the frustration of our two-and-a-half year wait here; a lingering legal case of unfair dismissal which threatened to linger a lot longer than we could bear after his ex-boss decided to appeal the court's original verdict in favour of Mickaël.  I am so relieved to share with you the fact that he has won for the second time and, dare I whisper, has been awarded twice as much financial compensation this time round.  Such sweet relief as you can all imagine. So now we may face autumn with lighter hearts.
To celebrate I leave you with these images of Mademoiselle September Meadow created for a truly lovely lady who lives in an old steading deep in the Aberdeenshire countryside. She won me over with her descriptions of surrounding meadows filled with ox-eye daisies in summer and blushing rose-hips now. 

This little creature wears the same garb as my summer hares but with distinct autumn colours.  She marks the transition towards the different styled autumn hares I am currently working on.  Some will be adorned with these beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons.  By the way, if you're reading Madelief, Susan, and Jeanne; you will be receiving your long-eared orders soon;  I promise!

A final picture taken by Tristan of my husband MIckaël photographing Héloïse at the Chaumont Garden Festival in August. He may be a stubborn, overly dynamic Breton but my goodness he is wonderful.
Please cross your fingers if you have the time on Sunday.  Héloïse will be auditioning at the regional academy of music and theatre where she hopes to study acting outside school hours. 

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful autumn.


  1. Dear Stephanie
    I am so happy for you all that the court case had the one and only correct ending, such a relief for you.
    Lovely photo of your husband and your two beautiful daughters. :)
    I think I'm now ready for autumn, I still mourne the summer but with beauties like Mademoiselle September Meadow bringing in the new season how could we not welcome it.
    I don't mind so much that we are on a slippery slope towards the winter solstice because then things change for the better again. :)
    Happy weekend Stephanie to you and yours,
    Vivienne x

  2. Gorgeous photo's that capture Autumn beautifully, so pleased for you that your husband won his case, the stress is removed and the compensation is greater and quite rightly so for all the extra stress. Fingers crossed for your daughter on Sunday,or should I say 'break a leg' Have a peaceful weekend :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. Such happy news, I do understand your relief at the outcome and that it is over , just in time for fall! Your family is lovely, and I include the rabbit saying that!

  4. I've really enjoyed visiting your sweet blog. So many beautiful photos. I've always wanted to visit France, now even more so! We have made a promise to our 6yo daughter, who is obsessed with France, that we will take her there one day. Glad to hear your court case has gone in your favour. A relief for sure. Looking forward to checking back in here and seeing your journey into autumn/fall. Jacinta

  5. Oh Stephanie, what a relief for you all. Autumn can sometimes seem such a sad time, but this is a happy beginning indeed. I'm glad you're ready to face another fall ... and it helps, I think, to remember that without the Fall there would be no Resurrection - no spring with life renewed. :)

    What a beautiful and talented family you have. Bonne chance to Héloïse as she auditions. And Mlle. September Meadow looks lovely amongst the rosehips.

    A happy Autumn to you as well.

  6. Beautiful post again, beautifully written, love the new 'lapin' you made, wish you a colourful fall as well and all thumbs up for Héloïse.

  7. Happy Autumn! And an even happier one knowing that you and your husband have received the news you had hoped for!

    I share your mixed feelings about fall. I was soaking in and enjoying the last of summer the other day when a gut-sick feeling hit me. It was that dread I have every year of knowing that these warm, wonderful days are the calm before the cold and storms of wintertime. I am trying to enjoy each glorious day right now though. And right now, the season couldn't be prettier.

    Sending a wish & a prayer for your daughter!


    1. Thank you, wonderful Keri. How's the home schooling going?

  8. Dear Stephanie,

    Such wonderful news for your family and so happy to hear that the outcome was a good one.
    Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to summer but I know that Autumn is lovely too. The new Lapin is adorable and love the warm handknit cardi for the cooler weather. Love the beautiful photo of your dear family and will say a prayer for Heloise, best wishes to her and have a happy weekend


  9. I'm so happy to hear your good news Stephanie! What a nice way to welcome the autumn.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and taking a look at your enchanting pictures!
    Good luck to Heloise and all the best to you and your family! Have an amazing weekend! :)

  10. Great news, what a relief for you all. Your hare is so sweet, love the colours. I never usually feel ready for Autumn but am starting to really appreciate each season as it approaches - we lit the woodburning stove for the first time yesterday evening - il fait froid!

    1. Thank you Alice for your kind words. Il fait froid, indeed! I came down this morning, made myself some nettle tea and thought how cold it was. A fire might be a good idea.

  11. Thank goodness that the law saw sense and made the right decision. I am pleased for you and feel your relief. I love each season as it arrives for what it represents and usually beacause each one brings a new colour palette. For me Autumn brings the dark maroons and antique pinks and I love them. I love to see the leaves changing colour against the grey skies. Mademoiselle September Meadow is beautiful. Good luck to Heloise.

  12. hello there, beautiful writing. well done on winning your case. What a relief for you. I've enjoyed seeing your Autumn hare! Heather x

  13. such a cutie ! and good for your husband !!!!

  14. I have loved this post - your words are really beautiful as are all your photographs. And such good news to boot! Fingers crossed for Heloise. Axxx

  15. Hello Stephanie:
    The overriding, wonderful news of this post, interspersed with the most beautiful autumnal description, is that it would appear that you are at long last free of a legal case which has hung over you for some considerable time. For this we are so very thankful for you and do hope that it really will be the end of the matter.

    Meanwhile, our fingers are crossed for tomorrow!!

  16. Wonderful news for your family Stephanie! Fingers crossed for tomorrow also!
    Victoria xx

  17. My darling Stephanie!!!

    I cannot tell you how THRILLED I WAS late yesterday afternoon, as my husband and I were in an electronics store. I was fiddling with the Ipads and computers and entered into my blog to see my comments......I SAW YOURS AND rejoiced...I TOO my dear, think of YOU OFTEN and I was so happy to see you.

    We came home, ate dinner, fell asleep. Today, here you are, posting on my husband's birthday, which has always been a "starting point" for autumn for us....now the days are chillier and life gets even busier with school.

    I am no longer teaching, but I think you may have already known that. Creating at home has been a wonderful experience. Your creating and writing my friend, is lovely and so heartwarming, I could just CRY! Cry out of joy to hear that GOOD THINGS are happening for you all, to SEE your magical heart create sweet creatures, to see your beautiful daughters and BRETON husband.....you are all lovely.......I have missed you and I am just glad to hear from you.

    The months are rolling by, another year, another opportunity to LIVE LIFE exercising faith, hope, and most of all, LOVE.

    Be well my friend, thank you for coming to visit me and give me a charge of joy, and REJOICE! Anita

  18. congratulations on your good news~

    i love your post on 'fall', so beautifully written...
    i've been looking forward to the cooler weather~here, in the midwest, it's a relief ;)

  19. As the sun has stopped shining on you, it has begun shining on me. I spent a wonderfful day in my garden with the spring sunshine

  20. I am so glad to hear of your good news regarding your husband's unfair dismissal. It si so difficult to live with "unresolved" things, and so stressful too I imagine. So may you enjoy lighter hearts this Autumn. Your hare/bunny is just beautiful, her outfit, embroidered ears and little dress all made my heart sing today. Thank you. Em ♥

  21. How wonderful for you, and what a relief! Im glad the legal issue has come to a good end. What a weight off your shoulders!
    This pretty bunny is so lovely! Love the colors you've chosen. So perfect for the beautiful season of autumN!

  22. Wonderful news Stephanie. You must feel a great weight has been lifted from your lives. Wonderful wonderful news.
    I must say I am loving your fall palette. The hare, the garden, your gorgeous description of the season. It is my favourite time of year, fleeting though it may be. You've captured it beautifully.

    Janine xox

    P.S. - Thank you for the cookbook recommendation. I've taken a peek at it on Amazon and I must say I am intrigued. I did experiment with this type of baking a few years ago when my kids were younger and more inclined to accept whatever I served them. Back then the recipes I had access to were focused on nutrition and not necessarily anything else. This book however, appears have been written with taste and presentation in mind, very nice indeed! :D

  23. Stephanie, it seems that autumn has brought much happiness to your family. May this continue! Best wishes to Heloise.

    You find so many ways to express yourself, and they complement each other beautifully. Mlle September Meadow is a gem, who knows well how to choose her costume. The light in the photographs with that brilliant blue sky is remarkable.


  24. Love your hare! And I am so glad that your court case has gone well - it must be a relief to you both.

    Pomona x

  25. I am glad to hear your news about the court case - these things hang over you for such a long time. It will be good to be able to let it go!
    I am just as reluctant to let go of summer but autumn is well and truly here in Wales. I have learned to love autumn but winter is long and cold up here. It does bring beauty but I am not sure I will ever face it without a twinge of trepidation!

  26. I'm so happy for you to receive your long awaited good news! Time now to enjoy the beautiful days of autumn. I too turned the corner from clinging onto summer and changed the look of my blog to welcome the cosy darker evenings.:)
    I love the photos of your wonderful hare, the light in those pictures capture that warm autumn glow.
    Jess x x

  27. Dear Stephanie,

    I am really happy for you justice was done to your husband at last!! I can imagine what a relief it must be.

    Like you I have difficulty letting the summer go, but now that I have rediscovered my kitchen again (baking & cooking) I, like you, have come to accept autumn as well.

    What a beautiful English hare you made. I can't wait to receive mine :-)!!

    Good luck to your beautiful daughter Eloise! I hope she will pass the audition.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  28. Hi Stephanie,
    So pleased to hear that after a lot of worry and heartache for so long the news is good and justice has been done.
    Another lovely hare wearing seasonal colours.Good luck for Heloise tomorrow.
    Sarah x

  29. Such a beautifully written post. I am very happy for your husband, I can't begin to imagine what a worrying time it must have been for you all. And I wish Heloise the best of luck for her audition.

    Mlle September Meadow is delightful and perfect for this time of year. I love the way you styled and photographed her, the autumn light is just perfect. x

  30. Beautiful September Meadow! I love the rich autumnal shades of her dress. I am so glad that you have received the good news that was so long in coming. Hopefully you can now step into a much calmer and settled period. I have my fingers crossed for your beautiful daughter that she passes her audition. x

  31. Beautiful September Meadow! I love the rich autumnal shades of her dress. I am so glad that you have received the good news that was so long in coming. Hopefully you can now step into a much calmer and settled period. I have my fingers crossed for your beautiful daughter that she passes her audition. x

  32. oh what an lovely rosehip bunny thank you for the info of the explanetion of fall never known that it came from the old english word I though it came from old celtic language but but its always nice to hear something new thank you
    have a lovely sunday greetings leon10

  33. Bonjour Madame Millefeuilles...This is the most wonderful news....I'm so happy for you all Stephanie that you can finally put all this behind you...it must have seemed like a very heavy burden over the last two and a half years...Well done Mickaël!
    Mademoiselle September Meadow is a very beautiful hare indeed and she reflects everything about my most favourite month of the year.
    Fingers crossed tightly for Héloïse and her audition today...beautiful pic too!
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  34. Fabulous news Stephanie - I'm so happy that autumn has been so gentle and kind to you and that you can put all of the stress behind you - sweet relief indeed. I love September Meadow's beautiful colouring and as always your intricate and beautiful stitching. Will keep my fingers crossed for Héloïse today. Enjoy your autumn peace Stephanie xxx

  35. What gloriously perfect rosehips...how delightful! I picked quite a number last autumn but haven't managed to actually make anything with them yet. I don't suppose they'll go "off" now that they're dry. You must feel so much better at the positive outcome...what a ghastly stress. I do understand as we've been through that one before ourselves...& these things are often so protracted..needlessly. Hope the audition went brilliantly well. Much love Catherine

  36. Dearest Stephanie...I am delighted to hear of the positive decision! Clearly everyone is most relieved and joyful, including Mademoiselle September Meadow by the look of her. And the photographs of your loved ones are always most enjoyable...it make one feel as though you live just down the lane.
    Autumn has arrived here on our wee patch, with mild days and brisk nights. It is a glorious time surely. I wish you and yours splendid days, filled with a kaleidoscope of Autumn loveliness.
    Fingers and toes crossed for Héloïse's audition!
    With warm hugs,
    Judy xx

  37. What a beautiful hare. It is certainly looking like, and smelling like, autumn round here too. I love the colours of autumn, but not the thought of the dark nights that follow it.

  38. Hello, I spoke too soon when I said I couldn't find your blog, for here it is! I'm so glad I found it. Love the charming rabbit and your writing style, too. Now for a further poke around your blog.


  39. I am so glad that your stress is over and done with. Isn't it amazing how light and airy a heart can feel with renewed hope? I have my fingers crossed for the audition :)

  40. Glad things have worked out well for your family! Hope the audition went well! Ada :(

  41. Dear Stephanie, it was clearly evident to me in reading this exceptionally well written post that you have been set free ! I could sense it in every word! How wonderful to feel the release of all those fearful emotions and unknowns which you have been living with these last few years! I am so happy for the wonderful outcome, for you! Heloise looks like a treasure ! How proud you must be of her! I am confident she will win everyone over! The fall inspired hares are beautiful! I wish you many hours of unbridled serenity and creativity during this gorgeous time of year! Enjoy this period of happiness!! N.xo

  42. Hi Stephanie,

    What a beautiful tribute to autumn. Enjoy the soft sunlit days and cosy nights. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  43. I can tell your heart has been set free to finally take in all that autumn has to offer!! Such wonderful news!!! Your colors--your photos!! magnificent!! FIngers--and toes---all crossed for Heloise! Hope her dreams come true.

  44. Hello Stephanie

    So very pleased for you and your family and now to get on with your life. happy happy days ahead!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  45. Finally I am catching up with everyone, and what wonderful news I find, I am so pleased for you all!

    And a another delightful hare for us to admire ... she is beautiful :D As is Heloise, to whom I wish every success in her audition :D

  46. the last photo is so intriguing, i don't know why but there is something about the photographer being photographed... love your autumn hare, she must make you smile a little easier about the coming of fall. and such wonderful news! i can imagine the relief you must be feeling. :)

  47. oops! best wishes to your lovely daughter!

  48. So happy for you and your family, now it will be easier to move ahead to the next phase. Lovely post, I hope your daughter did well!

  49. Congratulations to your husband, I am sure it has been a very trying time for you both. Good luck to Heloise also. Your little rabbits are an absolute delight as always, as is your beautifully descriptive writing.Have a wonderful week, with love, Linda x

  50. So glad that you have had good news after such a long-drawn-out situation :)

  51. Oh that is such good news - I know how distressing these things can be and such a worry...but that's brilliant, congratulations (whispers)

    I didn't know that about 'fall' - I always assumed it was a word American's used to describe this beautiful season. I think I do prefer Autumn though and it's my daughters middle name, which makes it extra special for me.

    Good luck and take care,

    Nina x

    1. What a beautiful name you have given your daughter, Nina! It really appeals to me.

  52. This is great to read! :-)
    Good luck to Heloise.....

  53. You write so beautifully Stephanie. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, how great it's directed me over to you for a treat in daytime reading. Jen x

  54. I forget every year how much I love Autumn as it is so associated with the end of summer - unfair as it is the beginning of a very different and special phase of the year. I enjoyed reading your post and glad you have had some good news too.

  55. Well I think there's only one thing better than winning once, and that's WINNING TWICE -- in my life before my daughter I used to be an attorney, did you know?

    So happy for your husband's legal outcome!!

    I so enjoyed this post Miss Stephanie, happy happy Fall to you!

    And to the lovely Heloise...break a leg!! :)

  56. Glad to hear your legal battles are behind you and you can now move on. I love your latest little hare, as Fall is my favorite season, and I think you captured it beautifully. Take care and enjoy the changing season!

  57. Sweet Stephanie
    This is just glorious news, I am so happy for you all. What a huge relief and such satisfaction that the truth will prevail. We have Andy's tribunal in November and are praying for a positive result too. Life is one long lesson isn't it.
    I have mixed feelings about Autumn. I love the beauty and colours and crisp mornings but at heart I am a Summer girl with blue skies and butterflies. My least favourite time of the year in January and February as its dark and wet here 9 times out of 10. It does however, cheer me up as I plant my bulbs now thinking they may appear in these dreary Early year months.
    I do hope you beautiful girl did well in her auditions, it's such a boost for their confidence managing such challenges. Big autumnal crunchy leavef underfoot hugs to you xox Penelope

  58. Beautiful soul,

    I too am having the same Blogger problems with one particular blog! And I tried re-following her blog, but her older post keeps showing up! Oh, I thank you so much for coming to visit me! Stephanie, for the longest time, I had wondered why dear friends stopped coming to visit but many things like being busy AND Blogger issues sometimes keep us apart.

    Oh, don't you just love Isabelle de Borchgrave's work on the video? This is the kind of paper art I MAKE! On a smaller scale, of course, but I enjoy making paper items so much but they do not sell. I am currently re-thinking my purposes and though I could sit all day and create paper magic, it does not sell on Etsy. I am truly experiencing a learning curve but one thing I do know: I WANT TO WRITE. I appreciate every sincere comment that helps me gauge to see if my simple writing is at least able to communicate my thoughts.

    I hope that you are enjoying these fleeting days of warmth and that you are enjoying the bounty of fall in FRANCE.

    I send you affectionate regards and hugs my sweet Stephanie!

    BISES, Anita

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