Friday, 24 August 2012


Dearest readers,
 When Mickaël proposed to me nine and a half years ago just four months after we had first met there were many good reasons which urged me to beam and nod my acceptance.  Perhaps I would put in my top three reasons his blue eyes, dark curls and the simple fact he was born and bred in southern Brittany on the verge of the Guérande Peninsula with its windswept salt marshes and glittering quartz flecked rocky coastline. 
 On our last evening in Brittany this year we headed to the dunes and restless waves of the Pen Bron beach situated near La Turballe.  It is a magical place which leaves your feet sparkling with pale sand and powdered quartz and your hair tangled and sticky with brine.  As we made our way home along the twisting lanes through the flat marshes, where grey coarse salt and the more refined fleur de sel have been harvested since Roman times, even the youngest member of our family was unusually quiet as if under the spell of the landscape which surrounded us.
If I love Brittany it is also because its people are generally considered to be spirited, dynamic, and bold in the face of change.  And this, dear readers, truthfully, is the trait I most admire in my husband.  I am also aware that Angélique, our two year old, has inherited his determination and drive.  She is of course half Breton and I witnessed with joy how naturally she slipped into her coastline environment this summer.
A few weeks ago I fell hook, line, and sinker for this version of the French pattern Bulle.
Bulle means bubble and I simply knew I would have to knit this pattern in blue by the sea in Brittany for my blue-eyed Angélique.
I chose to knit it in Quince & Co. Lark in Delft blue which is a much deeper blue in reality.
 I loved every stitch of this pattern which can be purchased in French and English.  It is delightfully simple and fun too and also exists for grown-up girls and ladies too. Héloïse is hankering after one of her own.
I decided not to make the side pockets incorporated into the original design for I think the simpler line of this knitted tunic is more flattering for my slightly chubby two-year-old!
The white mother-of-pearl buttons,which remind me of the sea spray on that restless  sea, were found in my dear mother-in-law's rusty button tin.
My Ravelry notes are to be found here.
It's lovely to be back and now I am gleefully off to visit you all!
A bientôt,


  1. Beautiful photos, delightful little girl and lovely dress too.

  2. Just beautiful ... I so love the colour ... Brittany must be beautiful to .... I would love to visit one day ... Bee x

  3. I agree with the others, simply beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  4. What a little cutie pie x and she looks adorable in her new knitwear.
    Brittany looks stunning and sounds incredible.
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  5. Hello Stephanie
    great to have you back here and I do hope hope you've had a wonderful relaxing time.
    Absolutely stunning photos but the pics of little sweetie-pie are the best of the best!
    I mean to go to mystical Brittany one day its on my future travel agenda!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Beautiful names for beautiful girls! I adore that tunic and would gladly wear it. Stunning photographs. You have sold Brittany to me. x

  7. what beautiful photos and tunic-i love the color too :)
    happy weekend~~

  8. What a beautiful tunic the colour and Angélique look so part of the Breton landscape. We love Brittany, it feels a bit magical to me like parts of Cornwall.
    Sarah x

  9. Do you know that I WAS JUST THINKING OF YOU as I woke up, just about an hour ago? You were the first person on my mind as I got out of bed....really!

    This is such a beautiful love story my dear. The coastline of Brittany, I KNOW....ROUGH, BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, with its rocks being shaped by each pounding of the crashing waves.....and look at this gorgeous child. She is just magnificent my dear! AND YOUR HANDIWORK....oh how I would love a huge and cuddly sweater made by your hands!

    I take it that you have been very busy. Myself included. But I love how we all have our paths to follow, our goals to attain, but then the ability to SHARE our findings. I so look forward to seeing you soon; come and visit my post if you can.

    ENJOY THIS breathtaking season, as ours is coming to a gentle close, with leaves already turning colors! Too soon in my estimation, but then again, the weather is really acting differently this year!!


  10. what a gorgeous outfit and a beautiful little girl.

  11. So beautiful!!! She is gorgeous in her hand knit and the button detail is just perfect! I bet you cast on another one soon. Isn't Quince and Co the best yarn ever?

  12. It's lovely to have you back!

    Looks as if you were inhabiting a wonderful Breton bubble for a while there! Such a beautiful place. And a pretty angel in blue. That really is a lovely knit :D

  13. For a moment I was transported to Brittany, and very lovely it was too.

    Your little one looks gorgeous in that beautiful knit....perfect colour, what a pretty girl!

    Spirited is the word I often use for my boys....such a good quality don't you think?

  14. Gorgeous photos of the coast Stephanie. :) Your little Angélique looks like her name, an angel in this pretty top. I'm going to pop over to Ravelry to see!
    Jess x x

  15. I am fortunate to have once visited Brittany, and now your photographs and words have reminded me of its unique beauty.

    Stephanie, the little blue Bulle dress is lovely, and Angelique is a very charming model. This particular knitting design requires expert, even knitting, and the close up views show your skill so well.

    Now I am tempted to try some of the Quince and Co yarns.

    Welcome back! xo

  16. Stellar pictures, very atmospheric and how fascinating to see how they harvest the salt. Also a very wonderful place for faience pottery~
    the sweater and model, adorable~

  17. What a beautiful part of the world! That little top is so sweet, and so is your adorable daughter! Ada :)

  18. How pretty little Angelique looks in her blue dress! It's such a lovely shape - it looks as if she has skipped out of of a Mabel Lucie Attwell illustration.
    I've just been looking at the adult version of the pattern... mmmm nice for wearing on a breezy beach.

    Celia x

  19. Dearest Stephanie...It is a delight to visit with you again! And, once more, to marvel at the loveliness which surrounds you in your corner of the world. The lovely coastline, your precious child, and tales of your life far from my home. Not to mention...the enchantment hidden within your talented fingers...it is wondrous indeed!
    Wishing you much happiness...
    Ever warmly,
    Judy x

  20. Your daughter is so adorable and she looks just lovely in het blue 'bubble'. Makes me also think of the many blue Hydrangeas in Brittany I remember from our visits years ago when our kids were still small. How we enjoyed every minute of it... Brittany is indeed a wonderful place...

  21. wow I love that photo with all the shells and your little one looks so sweet in her 'bubble'

  22. Oh my it is gorgeous and so is your daughter. How lovely you have such a cutie to knit for.

  23. It is beautiful. I love the colour and shape and details. I wish I could knit like that. The Brittany coastline is so beautiful - those piles of salt reminded me of many happy childhood holidays in France.

  24. How sweet does little Angélique look her little Breton Blue Bubble! :)
    Your stitches are so perfect Stephanie!
    Beautiful images from your holiday, they make me want to be in France again (sigh)!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  25. Lovely sweater, girl, and photos!

  26. Oh, the shells, the splashing waves, the beautifully geometric salt ponds (if that is what they're called) ... and your sweet little daughter in her beautiful sweater. (And the sweet little dimples around her wrists.)

    Welcome home! Thank you for taking us with you. :)

  27. What an absolutely beautiful atmospheric post - I love it when landscape and the natural world speak so tellingly into the soul that we try to distil its essence into something creative and you do this so very, very well. Angélique looks wonderful in her Breton blue bulle tunic - I bet this becomes one of those garments that children favour above all others and it becomes very difficult to persuade them to wear anything else! E x

  28. Such a lovely post. You have sold Brittany to me - I have never visited France but I long to as you know. My great grandfather is buried in Arras and having researched a lot of my family history (for I am the last in a long line of James's) I would like to pay my respects to him and plan one day to visit all the regions which I would so love to see. Brittany is now top of the list after your beautiful description and photos.
    Thank you for adding the link to my little giveaway. It's perfect. Oh, one thing you could let me know though is when you visit A Good Year do you see a pretty floral background. I do but I noticed when I clicked the link from your page the background didn't load. I wonder if that is the case in general or if it's just a link issue. It really doesn't matter for the purpose of the giveaway but I just hope my blog looks to everyone else, how I see it - otherwise I need to get tweaking!
    Can't wait to see more of your holiday photos and your wonderful knitting. I have never managed to knit anything wearable as it always has a hole in it - not large enough for ones head but big enough to make me look like an orphan.

  29. Stephanie, A beautiful post of love. Your Angelique is precious as is the sweet bubble you knitted. I love to knit as well. I have been on a bit of a hiatus as of late.

    Thank you for visiting Living Life and leaving a comment. Bonnie

  30. Absolutely lovely. I've never been anywhere remotely near Europe, and there are so many places I dream to see someday. How I would love to visit Brittany, your post has described everything so beautifully.

    Your knitting is absolutely gorgeous as usual; however, I must admit it is a bit overshadowed by the stunningly sweet wearer! ;D

    Janine xox

  31. Your darling model is looking so sweet in her pretty new sweater, her little curls dancing!

  32. Brittany is my favourite place on earth - there is a little beach which I dream of sitting on whenever I feel stressed out. And my header pic was taken there too. Your little angel looks adorable in that lovely jumper!

    Pomona x

  33. What a lovely post & photos & such beautiful shades of blue. Your daughter is so sweet! xo Karen

  34. Hello again---I just noticed that you stopped by my blog this afternoon - thank you for your lovely comments! I would love you to become a follower:)
    How strange that is that I was just thinking about you this evening to come by and visit - sometimes it really seems true that we can feel other people's vibes!
    Have a lovely week, Stephanie! xo Karen

  35. Hello Stephanie, thank you for following my blog, you're very welcome! Lovely sunny pictures, and Angelique is adorable ... Looking forward to browsing through your blog!

    Love Claire xxx

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  37. Welcome back home Stephanie, such a beautiful bubble blue post with the harmony of your written words. I love your description of your husband and almost for a moment was transported into a little moving picture in my head of him proposing to you on that wild coast line. You have a gift of words, together with making beautiful girls and then your precious hands too which can knit such a tunic for your little Angelique, she is too beautiful.
    Sounds like you had a very handsome time away and thank you for your comment about Sophia, much appreciated xox Penelope

  38. Beautiful knitting...and photos...I love the shells

  39. Stephanie,
    I hope you've returned with heart and soul brimming with the graces of an enjoyable family getaway. Your photos are stunning as is your handwork. A bit of a gift on a foggy Monday morning here in the driftless region of Wisconsin. May these joys sustain you in the days ahead. I'll think of them often.

  40. dear stephanie, such beautiful pictures and words conjuring up love for your hubby and where he is from. little angelique looks precious in her orange flower and blue bubble; such a sweet sweater. your post is happily enjoyed here as always. so glad you are back!

  41. Hello Stephanie!
    Wonderful post, amazing pictures and a romantic story I'm glad to have read. Your daughter is adorable and she's lucky to have such a talented mother.
    Thank you for following my blog! I'm really glad you did!
    Enjoy the new week. :)

  42. I love Brittany too. Your daughter looks lovely in her dress. Welcome back. I have missed your posts and your comments!

  43. Another enchanting post Stephanie!
    Beautiful little Angélique in her adorable blue dress....such a lovely design and the yarn is a perfect choice.
    Your images of Brittany are wonderful and I particularly love those crashing waves and that pretty mediterranean blue window,
    Thank you so much for sending your kind wishes to Ashley (I'm feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing now but that's just between us of course!)
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  44. Hello again,
    I don't know if you accept awards but I have one for you:


  45. Your little Angelique is just perfect and I love her new sweater. Would love a grown up version. Wishing I was there walking beside you. Your posts always leave me feeling wistful and at peace.

  46. Hello, lovely to meet you. Your hares truly are treasures, so much work and detail. I love the descriptions too! Heather x

  47. You always write the most poetic words, Stephanie. They leave me floating. :)
    Little Angélique looks so pretty in her new bubble sweater!

    Happy days to you & yours,

  48. My dear Stephanie,

    THANK YOU for your kind comments on my new blog style. It is not perfect, but nothing IS!!!! But I am glad that you noticed the angel on on the left of my header in opposition to the young lass on the right. It was my intention to show that contrast. You are perceptive!

    Thank you as well for viewing my Etsy shop. I am working hard, having fun, and trying to figure out what people want and need. It is difficult, it may not even work out for me to make a decent living at it, and I must realize that one day, I will have to return to teaching. I do not want to but the truth of the matter is is that making a living at art is painful and difficult.

    Oh well, I wonder if any of us get points for at least trying?

    I wish you grand success my sweet friend, and blessings of love to you! Anita

  49. adorable knit on an exceptionally adorable child!!!

  50. Welcome back Stephanie, and what a wonderful holiday you must have had.
    I loved seeing your gorgeous photos of Brittany.
    Sweet Angelique looks gorgeous in her new outfit and the photos so precious.

    Happy Sunday

  51. Dear Stephanie,

    I seemed to have missed this post. So sorry! Angelique looks beautiful in her new jumper. She is a very pretty girl!

    Brittany is one of my favourite places to go on holiday too. The seaside is beautiful. I like the rocks, the old villa's, the striped beach huts, the tide and the friendly people. Lucky you to have married one :-)!

    Please make the hare the way you think she looks best. I have absolute faith in you!!!

    Have a happy new week,

    Madelief x

  52. Such a gorgeous little girl and beautiful photos.

  53. Hi dearie,
    The dolly is made at last. Please message me your address. She is on m\ blog if you want to see her, but if you want a surprise thendon't peek!Apologies for the delay. I know it has taken me blinkin' years! xxx

  54. What a beautiful post!!! I love all the blue shades, and the summery-ness!!! Hope it lasts JUST a little bit longer.....

  55. This darling little knit suits your Angelique so well..adorable!

  56. She is indeed angelic and suiting of her name. I love the way you described your attachment to the area and the mesmerizing influence on the family.

    The bubble is perfect and a beautiful reminder of the sea and of decades past. The pattern is adorable!


  57. I am fascinated by the photograph of the salt harvesting. I have never seen anything like that. Your daughter is an angel.

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