Sunday, 17 June 2012

Apricots For Solace

Dear readers,
This post is about unkempt orchards, cherries, and Angélique.  It is also about a need for solace, knitting and the colour apricot. 
I am a little tearful as I write this post though happy too.  Life is beautiful but there are also testing times when, in our case, learning the art of patience is almost too hard to bear.  Mickaël and I are awaiting the final (we hope) verdict of one of two  long-drawn-out legal battles which should come in the early days of July; a painful case of unfair dismissal which occured shortly after Angélique was born.  Thanks to his splendid determination and sunny outlook I have witnessed my husband making great advances in a new professional sphere and I am so very proud of him.  
We strive onwards and upwards in our own small ways every day.  We both take enormous pleasure in our three children and relish their passions and achievements.  From time to time however frustration seeps into our hearts and makes them a little heavy although for the most part we bear the discomfort quietly.  I gain solace from many things; dreaming up my linen rabbits (or hares as many prefer to call them) is the first thing which springs to mind.  I also need to be outside.  For Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago I had the great joy of receiving a beautiful bicycle and I take it out to the vineyards whenever possible with my knitting bag slung in the basket and breathe quietly and freely.  I have found that knitting grounds me perfectly too.  The excitement of choosing a pattern, mulling over colours and yarns but mostly the simple fact that I am in control of the garment I am constructing.  If I stumble across a mistake I give a little sigh and frog it knowing that I alone can undo, redo and complete the project.  There is no sense of helplessness.  This is a very heartening thought indeed and much better than coming unravelled myself.
I would like to share with you, if I may, some of the many pockets of pure joy savoured during the past week.
Angélique and I have walked to this orchard several times this week.  There are cherry trees, pear, plum, peach, and fig trees growing alongside the vineyards.  It is a heavenly spot. We have the good fortune of being able to pick cherries by the handful. Today we forgot our basket and ended up using a pair of boots to hoard our treasure.
There has been some solace knitting in between stitching my beloved rabbits/hares.
Whilst orange is not my favourite colour apricots are my favourite fruit.  This is the time of year when we indulge in kilos of peaches - the French always scoff at my preference for yellow over white peaches with their more delicate flavour - melon, and apricots.  I always add a vanilla pod cut lengthways when preparing a batch of apricot jam. 
I decided to buy my first Quince & Co. Lark yarn in Apricot.
 Kelly Herdrich's "In Threes" pattern, as you can see, is a v-e-r-y simple pattern indeed.
Which is just what I needed this week ... 
before starting a more challenging knitting project next week.
Details are on Ravelry, of course and I will be slipping this little number into my 12 Sweaters In 2012 challenge.  That makes it six in total so far I believe.
I have lingered beside these apricot-coloured roses on my way to and from my children's school.
I am looking forward to visiting the International Garden Festival at Chaumont sur Loire very soon whilst reliving some memories of last year's which was on the theme of "Future Gardens" - Jardins de l'Avenir.
Le Jardin de Madame Irma was one of my favourites. 
Madame Irma is a fortune teller which makes her's a garden of the future, naturally!
And, as you know, I love gypsy caravans although I'm pretty sure our future one will not look similar to this one.  It's wonderful to dream although putting our dreams into reality is much more satisfying, don't you think?
And it's apricot coloured, right?

There are so many delights surrounding us all.  Which things have been giving YOU joy this week?
I'm off to give my children a hug and to make more rabbits. I'll be back with an update on those creatures soon.



  1. So much lovliness! The cherries in the wellie is wonderful, the sweater with the purple dress on your darling daughter is perfect.
    Its a gift to rise above the things that tether us to dissapointment; you have that gift.

  2. Angelique is so pretty and the little apricot cardi is beautiful, what a perfect colour on her.

    The roses are stunning in their delicate colour, do they have a strong scent?

    I'm sorry to hear that sometimes your heart is heavy, I hope that somehow the time to hear outcomes will whip around quickly, but the time spent enjoying the beautiful things around you, meanders by slowly.

    Have a lovely week!

  3. Hi Stephanie, patience seems to be the virtue that is, for me, the hardest to attain. I wish you and your husband the best of success and a happy end to your long battle.

    Like you, I find that creating beauty or viewing beauty in some form is a wonderful respite from stress. I love orchards, and the one you've shown is picture-perfect in all its unkempt glory. And the apricot cardigan is lovely. Last week I went berry picking with a friend and found it wonderfully relaxing. I am anxiously looking forward to the peak of peach ripening too!

    I hope & pray your week is wonderful. Talk to you soon!

  4. What a pretty little thing Angelique is! Loving the beautiful apricot tones of your post!
    Victoria xx

  5. Love the caravan! It is a perfect color. Angelique is an adorable little girl and her sweater is so sweet. I hope you enjoy your happy end to a long struggle (sounds intense). Good luck and have a wonderful summer!!!

  6. Hello Stephanie:
    Sometimes matters which are difficult and painful can be very energy sapping and really drain the vitality from Life itself. You and your husband have obviously had some incredible challenges to face but that you have been able to do this together and, perhaps, to emerge from the experience stronger as both individuals and as a couple is a great tribute to your marriage and the love you clearly have for each other.

    We have found ourselves that in times of real crisis, distractions which are both practical and satisfying can be life savers. That you have found such an outlet in your knitting and the beautiful countryside which surrounds you is wonderful.

    Cherries at the moment are simply delicious. Here in Budapest we have a traditional cold cherry soup which is simply divine, especially when the weather, as now, is very hot!

  7. Oh those sweet cherries - so partial to them as my Granddaddy grew cherry trees. You have created a painting with your daughter in the apricot cardigan.

    Creating with our hands, whether it be knitting, cross stitch or quilting is always so satisfying - even when a little glitch appears. You have made such an important point in stating that it is something that belongs to us alone; we are in control of its outcome - as life becomes more and more governed by outside influences, we must hold onto how we express ourselves through handwork.

    As always, your post is so richly visual and filled with thought-provoking words.

  8. Dear Stephanie,

    So sorry for the battles you have had to face and do hope that the outcome will be good and best wishes.
    Beautiful post, love the sweet photo of Angelique in her apricot cardi, so precious. You must be enjoying all the fresh fruit picked ripe and straight from the tree...yum! Love the cherries in the gumboot.

    Do hope that you have a lovely week

  9. We will be in the Loire Valley mid July and Chaumont Garden festival is on our "must do" list.I find in difficult times a new project is a must.Love the photos of your little girl.

  10. Life sometimes seems unfair, but with a supportive spouse, beautiful children and your gift of creativity the skies the limit.
    I'd love to have a gypsy caravan... only in aqua blue.
    Enjoy those luscious cherries!
    Susan x

  11. My dear, dear Stephanie. How I love to come to visit you, for so many reasons. I believe that by reading a person's writing, you can pretty much read their heart...and you have a beautiful one.

    I admire how you NEED SOLACE. I too need to have quiet time to listen to myself, to my divine source. Creativity indeed is a therapy and is a gift that we must seize while we can. There is no time to waste and only time to create. Your family is stunning! This little angel of a child is precious and what a bucolic scene, watching her pick sweet fruit from your surroundings. She will have fond memories of her maman, as I do of mine who knitted beautifully, pour sa fille unique, moi.

    What can I say....this post is rich in emotion, great beauty and delicious ideas. I will never forget the taste of the peaches (yellow, indeed) that I devoured in LA DORDOGNE. I could not get enough into my body!!! That color is splendid in your fabulous creation and the caravan is a DREAM!!

    Sweet friend, I would love to own one of your creations...I am off to better investigate if you have a shop. My dream is to have a little shawl like the one Héloise was wearing in your Paris post, but with a little ruffle on the edges, and with delicate beads sprinkled throughout.....I shall see if you have a shop.

    Much love to you beautiful Stephanie!!! Mille bisous, Anita

  12. AH ZUT! I see you do not have a shop......Do I recall you saying once you were thinking of having an Etsy shop? If and when, I will be RIGHT THERE TO WATCH!!! Love, Anita

  13. Oh Stephanie, the idea of jumping on a bike, throwing a knitting bag in the basket and cycling off to the vineyards sounds bliss and so wonderfully French (and you know how much I love that!). :)
    Your new little cardigan is a gorgeous shade and is modelled beautifully too!
    The cherries look delicious and I can think of no better way of carrying them. :)
    P.S. Looking forward to seeing those rabbits!

  14. I share your love for apricot, both in color and flavor, and yet...also do not particularly like orange as a color. I do drink orange juice just about every morning...that's totally different.

    This post is such a celebration of outdoor happiness. Thank you for passing this feeling on to your readers.

    Hoping all will soon be well on those other cloudy fronts.


  15. Apricots and cherries ... my mouth is watering!

    Such a pretty little cardigan that has brought solace to you. Every good wish that the tribunal brings what you all seek and that your need for solace will be no more.

    Have a lovely week Stephanie x

  16. How lovely to be able to walk through a orchard and collect hand full of cherries, such pretty things you share with us your knitting looks so pretty.

  17. What beautiful photos of Angelique in her new cardi :-) I can't think of anything nicer than a wellie full of freshly picked cherries... except perhaps apricots!

    Those roses are so pretty... I love how the deep apricot ages to cream. Apricots and cream!


  18. I'm so sorry Stephanie that life is tough at the moment, and I am glad that you are finding ways to be able to take solace from such stressful situations. I hope that you manage to get the news that you are hoping for and that you can begin to breathe a little lighter.

    The orchards are lovely and the cardigan is beautiful. For many years I had had a huge dislike of orange, in any shade. The past year, certain shades are now growing on me, and I have even been thinking of introducing them into my daily life! Goodness me, I never thought i'd hear myself say that!!!!!

    Have a beautiful week

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

  19. What a beautiful post Stephanie,

    The colour apricot isn't something I've thought about much but after seeing that fantastic caravan and your delightful knit I am dreaming of apricot yarn.

    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  20. your photos and locations are all so dreamy and beautiful. i love apricots the color is great too~~
    wishing you luck with your testing times...

  21. I too have enjoyed knitting outdoors. Why are knitting and drawing so much more pleasurable in the garden? All you pictures are gorgeous and I particularly love your photo of the apricot coloured caravan shining from behind the green foliage.
    Little Angélique is the sweetest little poppet! She looks so cute in her new cardigan. I love your choice of colour and texture, I shall pay a visit to Ravelry and have a closer look. Thankyou for sharing it here! :)
    Jess xx

  22. Life sometimes is an uphill struggle but sometimes it is a journey that we have to make and have no choice to make but once you are over the hill it will be better. Stay strong. You have such beauty in your soul.

  23. Dearest Stephanie...I take joy in knowing that you continue to find a bit of peace walking about the orchards with your wee faerie-girl...stopping at times to partake of nature's bounty, and taking a few stitches here and there. The beauty of the world around you is clearly reflected in your gentle stitches, and lovely colour choices.
    I shall keep you and your Mister in my thoughts, and hope that all turns out well in this most trying time.
    Wishing you a splendid week filled with hugs, kisses, and peaceful stitches.
    Ever warmly,
    Judy x

  24. What a darling little girl you have. So sweet.

    I'm sorry for the hard times and know what you are going through. My husband lost his job suddenly and unexpectedly 3 years ago, too. He's back in another position which he enjoys more, but the hurt takes a long time to heal.

    Wishing you a week full of sweet moments.

  25. GYPSY CARAVAN!!! Oh I love it. Does the fortune teller live in it?? I so want one of these! Just to sit in my backyard. Basically I want a glorified playhouse for myself :)

    Your littlest. SO DARLING! She reminds me of Julia at that age. She looks like a scrumptious piece of fruit! (tiny tots always remind me of something edible :)

    Onwards and upwards sweet girl. XO

  26. Dear Stephanie, I do hope the the grey cloud hanging over you has a big silver lining and you can move on happily with this whole horrid episode firmly buried in the past. I am so glad to read that you have things around you to bring you some small joys and happiness. Your daughter is such a sweetie and her new cardi suits her perfectly and it's lovely to know that knitting is calming and grounding to you - it gets me through my difficult days too.

  27. Blessings and much love to you...
    Apricot I love. I too would linger by those beautiful roses.
    My heart is often heavy too... my youngest daughter Rosie has ME and has not been to school for two months. I find much solace in nature. I dream of my owning my own gypsy caravan one day and a herd of goats.
    It is when we are physically tired that burdens become a bit too heavy don't they.
    I wish an end to your legal battle very soon... so you can move forward.
    Much love to you Stephanie.

  28. Thinking of you sweet Stephanie and your husband at this tricky time. Life can be so cruel at times but I am a bit of an optomist and I like to look for what rises out from the ashes when we reach rock bottom. I pray that you will receive the solace you need and that all things are working together for you and your family's good.
    As for apricot, well I think this is too beautiful, I think it may well be catching up to my new found love for mustard. Your Angelique is too heavenly and it delights me that you and your husband embrace all of your children so. I will have a look on ravelry for this pattern it looks nice and easy and relaxing kind of knitting.
    To cheer you up a little bit, please know that your parcel is wrapped and will be in the post tomorrow... look out for the postman sometime soon xox With love and light, Penelope xox

  29. the season of soft fruits is wonderful indeed. i love how lush and lazy the orchard looks and little angelique is pretty enough to eat in her new cardigan, as soft and lovely as an apricot rose.
    i wish you a happy outcome with the battles you have been dealing with.
    thank goodness for the summer and her song of solace along with the art in your hands and eyes.
    madame irma sounds fabulous, she would probably put you at ease :)

    sending a gentle hug with the scent of strawberries and sweet-peas xx

  30. Stephanie i hope all goes well..?
    this week end I bought a cooking book; it’s called season’s from Donna Hay, what a delight; so i cooked, and drew vegetables and fruits. that makes me happy... sending love and light your way x sandra

  31. apricot love--oh, yes!!! adorable Angelique in her so sweet cardi!!
    Blessings sent your way.

  32. Hello dear Stephanie...what a wonderful meadow with the cherry trees. Such lovely wild places you have around you to walk & forage & explore. Oh I do love the homogenous harmony of the blog world I just noticed the comment above...I have Donna Hay's Seasons...I just adore the vintage styling & inspiration within it's wild orchard covers..have you seen it? I feel certain that you would love it too. I will remember the vanilla pod for my next apricot jam foray. And yes indeed I do grow bright lights or buy vibrant bunches from the Farmer's Market...often. I also understand your discomfort..most distressing & difficult. We experienced something along those lines a year or two ago & it has taken a lot of getting back on our feet again..only now can we see the good that has come from it but it was hideous at the time. With much love & sweet thoughts..Catherine x0x0x

  33. Your post is a joy and absolutely delightfully uplifting to read. Considering your problems it is so good that you can offset them with your abundant enthusiasm for the beauties of life and your family values. Wonderful photos set the atmosphere of this abundant season.
    I have knitted the very same cardigan for one of my grandees and I agree it is so easy to make with a lovely result.
    Thanks for your comment on my Waddeston post. It was an amazing place, both inside and out, to visit and I especially loved the parterre and the lattice of plants growing on the buildings. (I'm sure you'll know the correct term for these). We chanced upon the place by accident when we were looking on the map for a place for a break our long journey home South to North.
    Keep looking upwards and forward. All things change with time and sometimes things change for the better.
    I never dreamed when I was made redundant from my well paid job that I would end up on a new worthwhile life path (aged mid fifties) presenting a social action programme on BBC radio for 8 years until I retired.
    Love Jo x

  34. I wish you and your husband a positive outcome to the challenges that have faced you. Thank goodness you are able to find solace and joy in your life as well.

  35. Hello sweet Stephanie, I am so glad life is beautiful, but sorry for the difficulties you and your dear husband are facing. How wonderful he is determined, has a positive outlook, and has your loving support. I am very happy to hear he is making great advances in his new sphere. I wish him, and you and your children all the best! Angelique is a beautiful little girl! Such a sweetie pie! I can see what pleasure you take in your children and in the beauty you surround yourself with and share with us! You are so kind! I am glad you find solace in creating your beautiful hares and being out of doors. Nature has so much to offer us and I find it to be a great stress reliever to enjoy the beauty of God's amazing creation! I am so glad you have a bike and can enjoy riding it to a lovely spot with your knitting in hand. It sounds so lovely and peaceful! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! The cherries look yummy and the sweater you knitted is beautiful! You are very talented my friend! It looks perfect on sweet Angelique. The photos of her brought me such joy! I love the gorgeous roses and the wonderful gypsy caravan. I hope your dream of having one will come true soon. I would want mine in a very pale pink! :D Thank you for visiting me and for your very sweet comment, that brought me joy! Yes, dear heart, we are surrounded by delights and I admire you focusing on the positive and sharing the joy you find in everyday. You are inspiring! Enjoy your knitting, bunny making and most of all hugging your precious children! Much love to you, Paula xo

  36. Dear Stephanie,

    Best of luck to you and your dear M as you await the legal verdict. I hope that it may be favourable to him.

    I need to be outside too. For sanity, peace of mind, and creativity, I need to see the sky and trees on a very regular basis. I'm so glad you now have a bicycle to carry you to beauty.

    Angélique has such a sweetly serious and thoughtful face. Her little sweater is beautiful.

    The first summer fruits and berries are bringing us joy this week. (Not picked by us, alas - but they still taste wonderful.) After a winter of apples and pears, it's such a treat to be eating strawberries and blueberries, cherries, and the first peaches from Georgia. When nectarines come in I shall be perfectly happy. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  37. I enjoyed the beautiful colours in this post, my dear!
    Sending positive thoughts(and some hugs too).....

  38. Swallows have been giving me joy this week, swooping and diving low over my kitchen garden. Good luck.

  39. FAB posting!!! Craving cherries now!

  40. Angélique has grown so much, what a beautiful energy she has. I love the gypsy caravan, how I would love one, surrounded with a beautiful wild flowers garden and gorgeous materials inside. Wishing you all the best with your legal issues and hope for a very positive outcome. The cherries look delicious.
    xx Sandi

  41. I looked in my gardening journal yesterday and spotted that this time last year I had noted 'French apricots are in the Bristol fruit market'. A timely reminder and today I will buy a 7 kilo box to make jam. What a lovely post.

  42. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog Stephanie and so very glad to have found you. I am going to enjoy reading your gorgeous blog - can't think how I haven't met you before now! Very pleased to meet you. Axxx PS. Good luck for a positive outcome.
    PPS - I shall always use wellies to collect cherries in future - they look so wonderful there!

  43. lovely Stephanie, I hope you are finding the solace you seek in all the beauty that surrounds you. isn't life a drag sometimes! I have had some similar experiences to which you speak, and well, it's exhausting and worrying, but it does eventually come to an end. isn't knitting and working with your hands such a good way to manage the stresses of life? i have often thought so. keep picking the cherries in wellies, and all will be good again. oh, and i love the sweet cardi. i'm off to knit one for a friend's daughter after seeing yours here. beautiful as always. thinking of you..c

  44. I hope all goes well in your struggles. Such beautiful photos and a beautiful little girl! I love the knitted sweater! Your blog is so lovely!

  45. Dear Stephanie,

    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling sad. I sincerely hope the legal trial will end soon and in your favour. It's good to hear that both you and your husband are optimistic and see the bright sides of life as well.

    I am glad your family, knitting and sewing and your beautiful surroundings have the ability to make you smile. It works the same with me :-)!

    Wish you fun at the garden festival! Will you make lots of photographs?

    Much love and a big hug to you,

    Madelief x

  46. Hello stephanie, I read recently that we can still be happy and find joy, even when some things in our life are very bad. We must not fall in to the trap of thinking 'I can be happy...if...' We can make every effort to enjoy what is good in our life.. but you know that, you do that, that's why your blog is so lovely!I've lived through a horrible court case too. It's not easy. pip xxx

  47. wishing you peace and calm sweet lady x
    Your little Angélique is such a little cutie and her little cardi is darling.
    enjoy those yummy looking cherries
    love jooles x

  48. it will all be okay. it will. you have a beautiful outlook and that is how i know. your little in threes is beautiful too, LOVE it on your wee sweetie. she is precious. and i am trying not to be too envious of your orchard or that gypsy trailer. take good care stephanie dear.

  49. hello my dearest, i found myself thinking of you and wanted to bring along a hug xx

  50. Hello Stephanie...I am so sorry to hear that you have had this dreadful business hanging over you for such a long time. It must be so stressful for you and Mickaël. I have always found that my creativity has lifted me out of dark times...It has been such a healer for me. I often reflect about this and wonder how life would have been at such times without it.We are lucky in this way, aren't we? Crafting never ceases to lift the spirits!
    Angélique looks adorable in your pretty apricot cardigan...I am suddenly being drawn to this colour myself especially with shades of turquoise!
    Hope you are having a good week,
    Take care Stephanie,
    Susan x

  51. What a stressful and nail-biting situation that must be for your family. Sending prayers of comfort and blessing your way. I love how you are still able to find the strength and energy to make the most of each moment and find time for beauty and reflection. You are a talented artist and writer. Your words and the positive attitude that shines through them is an absolute inspiration. Hang in there, Stephanie.
    ~ Hugs ~

  52. Dear Stephanie
    I do hope your legal situation resolves itself soon and to your advantage. what a sweetie Angelique looks and so lovely in her new cardigan. Like you, I try to find things that make my heart glad when there are troubles - this week, although I had a wonderful holiday, I am very glad to be home with my precious family xx

  53. Hi Stephanie,
    I love your apricot post. Angelique looks so sweet in her new sweater, what a pretty little girl she is! Those roses are lovely too, I bet they smell wonderful. I would like a gypsy caravan to park under my oak tree. It would be fun to plant a garden and decorate around it.
    Take care
    Lynne xx

  54. Stephanie

    you have a beautiful little girl,
    she is adorable.

    Wishing you a good weekend

    Fiona x

  55. Stephanie,
    There is a spot, diagonally across our meadow from the house, which would make the perfect spot for a caravan. I've often dreamed of placing a little studio or guest house there. Your posting has stirred up these thoughts once again.
    I send my warmest regards and healing energies to assist in your solace. For whatever reason you are distressed, I hope you feel some peace knowing you are well thought of.
    When I am low I take time to visit your blog. It is full of beauty and love and handmade joy. Thank you for these gifts.

  56. Dear Stephanie,
    It seems that the little things in life are truly the big things. Hugs, time outdoors, and making things by hand bring such joy. Focus on these, and the trying times will soon pass.
    Gentle hugs,

  57. Sending you some joy today and hope everything will work out for you.
    Your post is lovely...the apricot colour is one of my favourites too...and cherry orchards...my childhood was full of cherry orchards. xoxo Hugs

  58. You write so beautifully - it is a tonic to visit. A boot is a fine receptacle for cherry collecting. I love all the apricoty goodness in this post too. x

  59. Hello Stephanie
    I've hesitated over several days before commenting on this beautiful emotive post of yours. I felt it merited some extra thought and the right time to say what I want to say. It has stirred me curiously...what you mention in your post coincides with similar circumstances in my own life that of a four-year legal battle which took a great toll on our family but we did pull through it.
    You also comment on the the joys of the simple things,the everyday moments that which in my opinion not everyone always appreciates or knows how to and as Zuzu so rightly comments here are truly the important things. I deeply agree with this but they are unappreciated when one runs a business and has had a workaholic husband. There is where stress and anxiety accumulates over the years and there is where it becomes a yearning to change a fixed lifestyle and to experience and live those sweet quiet moments that you so well describe here. It is like an unreachable Shangri-La. In my case it's an on going frustrating process to reach that goal. I often wonder if I ever will!
    After these deep thoughts which I am not often prone to,you may have noticed in my posts I am usually more frivolous with my words and expression, I also have to congratulate you as it seems to me that you have a warm and hence wonderful outlook and you are satisfied with your life. Nevertheless even though there are some cloudy moments but they are only just moments and the sun will disperse them.
    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  60. Hi Stephanie My heart goes out to you. I know what you are going through. Just stay strong and, as you are, focus on the good things in life. Stay strong x

  61. Beautiful post Stephanie, apricots and cherries are a wonderful combination. And Angelique is a very lovely little girl, your heart must burst with joy in watching her! I do hope your legal battles come to a close in all the ways you are hoping for.


  62. What a beautiful post Stephanie, I think I can smell those wonderful roses. Of course Angelique's cardi is adorable, as is she and I'm pleased it was a pleasurable knit for you. I am so sorry life is traumatic for you all at the moment, sometimes things like this are thrown at us .. who knows why, but hopefully you will come out of it happer and stronger. Not too long to wait now.
    Thinking of you.
    Kate x

  63. Hugs to you, hope you have a lot of happy upbeat moments to keep you smiling through the tricky times :-)

    Love the apricot cardigan and it looks adorable on Angelique, what a pretty little girl she is!

    Keep smiling my lovely and looking forward to seeing more rabbits :-)

    Hugs, Lori xx

  64. Dear Stephanie...this is such a lovely and peaceful post...and that is my wish for you and your family...love and peace of mind. May everything be resolved so that you may move forward from this trying time....

    And the beauty of your little girl...what a blessing! I, too, love apricots and cherries...many childhood memories.
    The sweet sweater is beautiful, and I share your love for these enchanting Gypsy caravans...
    All the best to you...
    - Irina

  65. Hugs to you, and I hope that you found the solace and peace you were yearning for. And I hope that the legal issue you were waiting on came to a good conclusion! Your little one is so sweet, and that sweater is beautiful! Oh, how I wish I had your talent for knitting! I need to get better :) Hope you are having a lovely summer!~

  66. Oh I so love this post.....apricots....I so crave the French ones!

    Stephanie my beloved friend! I have missed you very much my dear. I know you must be having a wonderful time with your children and probably working on your thesis?

    We are having a splendid summer. We hired a builder to construct a patio for us and we ourselves are painting my studio. In between all of that, I am trying to be "creative" and produce more art. My passion to read more and write more is taking a small hiatus in order to produce some art and I have had to do a lot of thinking during this transition period I have chosen to enter. So, the deep waters I will be exploring? My most sincere thoughts and musings that will help my writing and art emerge to something that people can grasp.

    How are YOU??? Be well my sweet friend and I look forward to seeing what you are up to!

    A bientôt, Anita

  67. Dear Stephanie, thank you for your lovely comment and your visit, which I am always excited to return!! I am hopeful that the news you shall receive will be positive for you and your husband...life is always full of challenges it seems, only to make us stronger! Right at the moment mine is overwhelming, not only with decisions to be made, but upheaval and change....your beautiful knitting makes me only want to keep trying to achieve....you inspire me to continue my miserable rows of knitting and purling!! Your blog anniversary, like mine has left me grateful for all the new, so talented and inspiring friends I have made through this amazing medium! I am looking forward to sharing more of my summer soon, but now Picasa and Blogger are plotting against me!! I can however visit all of the beautiful sites waiting to be discovered such as yours.....N.xoxo

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