Sunday, 6 November 2011

Short and Sweet

David Wheeler and Simon Dorrell founded Hortus Magazine twenty five years ago shortly after opening their garden to the public.

One gardens with words the other with pencils and paintbrushes.

Hortus Magazine is...

 thick, creamy paper and stark drawings.

 Each beautifully printed and bound issue contains articles on gardens, plants, people, history, design and ornaments.

subscription to Hortus would make the perfect Christmas present for desolate gardeners with nothing to do during the winter months.  It is wonderful to read by the fire with a glass of something warming.

I am honoured to be included in the twenty-fifth anniversairy edition.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this article.

Thank you David Wheeler. 


Finally if you are searching for the perfect Christmas card pop over to see Vanessa's designs on her blogI received mine yesterday and as you can see the packaging alone is a work of art.


I am off to nurse my bronchitis and Angélique's first ear infection.

Have a beautiful week. 

Mine will involve a lot of knitting.


  1. OH MY! WHAT WONDER AND BEAUTY HERE DEAREST! AND do you know that I am sitting here, hacking away as well? It is laryngitis at the moment, and I HOPE that this does not develop into bronchitis or upper respiratory, which is typical of me, as a teacher!


    Bisous, Anita

  2. WONDERFUL and WELL DONE you too......get well soon and you should be proud of yourself.....I also love the look of the magazines ~ my mum is an avid gardener, as am I, they look like wonderful magazines to while away the winter months.

  3. Get better soon, both of you.
    The magazine looks amazing, what beautiful drawings and how wonderful to have your article published in the 25 anniversary edition...that makes it even more special.
    Stay warm.
    Much love.

  4. Congratulations on your magazine article Stephanie!!
    Hope you and the little one get well really soon, keep warm and cosy!
    Vivienne x

  5. Congratulations on your article in such a wonderful magazine, Stephanie. I'm so sorry to hear you're not well, and that poor Angelique is suffering too! I do hope you both feel better very soon. And in the meantime, keep cosy and enjoy your knitting. Take care.
    Helen x

  6. Oh dear, I do hope both you and Angélique feel better soon x
    Hortus, how I adore it, and hugest congratulation Stephanie on being published in this very special anniversary edition.
    And the cards, I bought some too! So delightful with their mousey Good Cheer message.
    And your new header is so pretty. What a treat this post is :D

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear of illness at your house, Stephanie. I do hope both of you recover very soon.

    How very exciting to be included in such a beautiful and artistic publication. You must be justly proud. Three big cheers from across the channel!

  8. Dear Stephanie,

    Such an honour to have your article published in the magazine! Is it the same article you used as a blog post recently? I really liked it!

    The garden by the two gentlemen looks impressive too. It would be lovely to visit when in England again.

    Hope you and your daughter will feel better soon!

    Take care!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  9. wow! congratulations...that is fabulous!
    hope you are both feeling better very very soon x
    love jooles x

  10. I love the look of that mag

  11. Dear Stephanie,
    I´m impressed! To have one´s article published in such a beautiful magazine must be quite an honour. I like the cover drawings very much.
    And of course I followed your link to the garden - stunning!

    Hope you both will feel better soon! Enjoy the knitting.

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  12. congratulations! What a beautiful book!~

  13. I am now going to have to do some searching for that beautiful magazine. I know the name, but am ashamed to admit I have never actually looked at a copy.

    Feel better soon!

  14. Am off to research Hortus...what an incredible looking publication. Congratulations on having your written article included!

    Be well and take care of yourselves.

  15. I hope you get better soon. I am nursing a belly pain, the slings and arrows of the human body.
    I hope you know there are humane mouse traps out there if you need them! read your post mentioning the mice :-} and weather here is fine now, back to fall, thanks for asking!


  16. Lovely new embroidery on the header! And what a wonderful-looking magazine. Your suggestion is perfectly timed, as I am even now planning what to give my gardening sister for her birthday this month.

    How exciting to see your name in print, in such a beautiful publication.

    So sorry to hear about the bronchitis and la petite's ear infection. She will feel better very soon, and I hope you do too. I was a martyr to bronchitis as a child (twice a year, most years)and heartily sympathise. Guaifenesin is very helpful for getting the goop out of the lungs.

    That card from Vanessa is priceless.

  17. Your name in print - wow!!! Congratulations, Stephanie!!!
    I LOVE your new christmassy banner AND your package from Vanessa!!!
    Get well soon.....

  18. The Hortus magazine looks wonderful and would indeed make a wonderful gift and I know just the person...! Many congratulations also on having your article included in the anniversary edition. So very exciting.

    I hope you and your daughter get better very soon Stephanie. Keep warm.


  19. Wowzer! Congratulations on the published artlcle! Sorry you are feeling so unwell in your household....I hope you both speed back to recovery.

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  20. I hope you both feel a bit better soon!
    Well done on the published article... :0)))

    Lou xxx

  21. Congratulations on the article in the magazine. Nothing better than sitting by a fire looking at gardening books, planning in the imagination .

  22. A mon tour de découvrir tes pages et d'étre impressionnée par ce que j'y vois !

  23. Oh Stephanie, am sorry to hear you are not well (again or still?) So much sickness around at the moment and it seems not to be seasonal anymore. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Your publication is very exciting you have such a way with words, well done.
    Isn't Vanessa's work gorgeous, such talented ladies out there in blog land, seriously we could run this country so much better than the men with such creative minds and more nurturing hearts.
    x Sandi
    Hope your baby is better too.

  24. Congratulations on your article Stephanie, what a beautiful magazine! Hope you and Angelique are both better soon. Stay snugly and enjoy your knitting! (and thank you for your recent visit and very kind words) :D

  25. Congratulations on the article, the magazines do look beautiful.
    What a gorgeous parcel that is!
    Hope you're feeling better soon
    Lori x

  26. I'm so sorry to hear that both you and Angelique are ill, ear infections are so painful, and it's terrible when a little one has one and there's really not alot you can do for them, I do hope you're both much better soon. I've never heard of Hortus magazine, I shall have to look that one up. Many congratulations on having an article published. I shall head over to Vanessa's site and have a look at her designs, the parcel was wrapped beautifully. Enjoy your week of knitting.

  27. Hortus looks like a beautiful publication - you must be very proud to be included.
    I hope the illnesses clear up soon. It sounds like you are both really poorly. juliex

  28. My Mom would love that magazine! Congratulations on having your article published! I hope you and Angelique are both feeling better soon! I'm headed over to see your friend's blog.

  29. Well done, Stephanie; what a joy to be included in a publication of such grace and dignity. Hortus looks as though it has Victorian depth of content and elegance of line, a welcome contrast to the more usual gaudy throwaway publications produced nowadays.

  30. Dearie me...what a fabulous magazine! And to have a published article is simply splendid...a BIG congratulations to you!

    Wishing you and your little one a quick-as-a-bunny recovery.

    Be well...

    Warmly, Judy

  31. Hello Stephanie,
    Congratulations on your article in such wonderful magazine, that must be so exciting !
    And what a lovely gift you received !
    Hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon, take care ...
    Enjoy knitting,

  32. Me again. I shall seek out Rosie Thomas's new book. The title is so very similar, how extraordinary!

    Hope this finds you both lots better.


  33. Hello Stephanie!
    Congratulations on your Hortus magazine feature which looks absolutely wonderful...I would love to explore those beautiful illustrations too..
    I hope you and little Angelique are feeling much better soon...and in the meantime keep warm by the fire lovely friend, have lots of nutritious drinks and enjoy your knitting,
    Susan x
    P.S Your gift tags are fabulous...I am off to explore!

  34. Congratulations on getting into print! What a good feeling - well done.

    Pomona x

  35. What an exquisite magazine, and you are in it, with the likes of Penelope Hobhouse! sincere congratulations to you, I'd love to read that article.
    That Rabbit card by Vanessa is just the limit. So happy and unique.
    Wonderful post

  36. You have a beautiful name Stephanie, and doesn't it look exquisite in print! Gosh, to be published in such an esteemed publication, how wonderful, and congratulations. The very fact that you're published there does make me want to subscribe, because I know the writing will be wonderful. I must thank you for mentioning my cards too, that's very kind of you, and I love the fact that you're savouring the wrapping before you open the parcel, wonderful! Love Vanessa xxx

  37. Oh, and I was too wrapped up in Hortus, so I forget to say I hope you feel better soon, though I know I did say that in my earlier email, I felt my comment wasn't complete without saying it here too! Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  38. Well done you! How exciting..your published article. Bother, bother, about the bronchitis. Ear infections are so unkind & so often come on in the middle of the night. David used to get them such a lot when he was small & I hated the antibiotic rondo but learnt to use a Weleda remedy called Levisticum comp..I could begin giving it the minute I suspected ear trouble & eventually they stopped happening all together. Thinking of you. Much love Catherine xoxo

  39. I love Hortus and you have reminded me that this will be the perfect Christmas present for me! Thank you. I am deeply impressed that you are included. What an honour.
    I am sitting here with a sore throat and a total absence of energy so I send you and yours very best wishes and much fellow feeling.

  40. Chère amie,

    "Leaden skies" of November are here for sure, but as the rolling clouds reveal the brightness of the moon, so shall our plans be made more apparent...thank you for coming to share in my weekly thought. With my new Etsy shop having opened with great success the first 2 weeks, week 3 is DEAD. I was very worried and discouraged, but reality set in, but not in a bad way. Rather, in a realistic way, knowing that this is the life of an artist. Money is of importance only because I want to make a living ONE day out of writing and illustrating. But as an artist, and like BABETTE said in Babette's Feast, "....an artist has to create." So with that said, I will exercise my wings and GO ABOVE my expectations and see what happens....go dearest, go and see what awaits YOU. Anita

  41. wow - published in such a special issue - congratulations! I do hope you recover soon, there's just so many nasties at this time of year, especially I find moreso when the weather doesn't know what to do with itself!
    Enjoy that glass by the fire if you can!
    Get well soon to you both,

    BH x

  42. Congratulations on the article! It looks like a thoroughly beautiful journal, and a wonderful example of the book as object as well as inspiration for the green fingered :)

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