Sunday, 23 October 2011

The show must go on!

I am deeply touched by the empathy each of you expressed in your comments on my last post.  Every comment was received with tears of gratitude and you have all supported my children in their grieving process.

Thank you to Kate from harmony and rosie for suggesting the Judith Kerr books, Charlottesplot for giving me the reference to Marry Fedden's books, and Jo for telling me about the Rainbow Bridge Poem.  There were tales of mourned pets and helium balloons from Annie, gentle, hopeful hints of a future pet from lovely Isabelle (who is expecting her first child and is knitting up a storm) while Pat encouraged us all to laugh at Sakura's funny antics through our tears.  I loved Jeanne's reference to Voltaire, which I read several times, and I am grateful to Sara (anonymous) for her heartfelt messages and her suggestion to plant a rosebush.
I read your messages of hope and sympathy to my children and we agreed we would plant a cherry tree for Sakura when we were settled in a house and garden of our own.  
Tristan, who is seven years old, painted these flowers on A3 paper to thank you all.
We all heartily agree that the show must go on. 
 With a roll of drums and a few clashing cymbals here is Dahlia my autumnal rabbit.

This little androgynous creature is straight from Helen Philipps' last book.  You can see one of her rabbits on her blog here.
 He/She was delightfully easy to make and calls out for a generous collection of outfits to be rustled up.  The little cardigan was a free pattern suggested by Barbara.
 I urge you all to make one.  My fingers are itching to sew up a shelf full of different coloured rabbits.  There are so many beautiful coloured linens to be found. Dahlia has woven her magic over me (I think she is a 'she', don't you?) and has made me quite chirpy this week.  'Merveilles' (as seen on the book cover) or enchantment help us dance through our everyday lives.  Dahlia would be in her element prancing about on stage, I think.
And here she is posing as a bookish 'Princess and the Pea'.

Have a wonderful week full of 'merveilles' or enchantment.
A bientôt,


  1. Yes Stephanie the show must go on but you'll never forget Sakura and that's how it should be! I think planting a cherry tree is a wonderful idea.
    It is no secret how much I love bunnies and I think Dahlia is so beautiful and most definitely a girl! Her little cardigan is so pretty. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Darling rabbit!
    I'm fascinated by your stack of books, I need a new novel to read and this is sending me straight t alibris. :))

  3. Tristan did a great job on his watercolor! And your bunny is totally cute! I love the linen, the knitted cardigan, and fabrics. All those different textures makes it special. Nice post.

  4. Beautiful watercolour. I really like those simple black flower outlines with the bright colours behind.

    Yes, the rabbit is definitely a she. A very stylish she, and I would love a sweater like that.

    What are the "recettes" from Alice's country? That looks like a fascinating book.

    Life, as always, is marching onwards. May it bring you all more joy each day until your memories of Sakura are only happy ones.

  5. Chère Stéphanie,

    Merci à Tristan pour ces jolies fleurs. Et merci à toi pour tes gentils mots.
    C'est une belle idée de planter un cerisier pour Sakura.

    Dahlia is just adorable! I love her little cardigan - so, so sweet.

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  6. I think a cherry tree is a wonderful idea, such a pretty tree to remember such a pretty kitten. Tristan's painting is beautiful, those bold flowers really make a statement with the bright colours behind them. Dahlia is so cute and she's definitely ready for autumn with those pretty clothes.

  7. Planting a cherry tree to remember your beloved kitten is such a lovely idea, and how sweet of Tristan to create a lovely flower painting especially for all of us.
    I am so glad that making a bunny from my book has helped to cheer you up this week, Stephanie. Bunnies in cardies are definitely cosy and cheery creatures I always think, and yours is very sweet, cosy and autumnal looking too.
    Wishing you a happy week. Helen x

  8. Oh I love the flower painting!

    and the cardie is gorgeous especially that collar - oh my ...

    Barbara x :)

  9. What a beautiful painting Tristan has created...so sweet x
    and Oh i love Dahlia, she is beautiful
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  10. A beautiful painting from Tristan....and also a wonderful idea to plant a cherry tree....my Rama has a pear tree above him and my Monty has a walnut tree planted.....lasting memories of happy times with my feline family, always remembered.
    The bunny rabbit is charming and just the sort of soft toy I love!
    Wet and warm today in the Charente Maritime, but I am off to England tomorrow on the TGV and then Eurostar!
    Much love to you all......may the smiles start now, with happy memories of Sakura...

  11. The show does go on but it'll be lovely for you to have a cherry tree to stop by and remember Sakura too. Love the painting, what a talented son you have!
    Dahlia is definitely a girl and looks all snuggly and adorable in her cardigan, love her!

  12. Thank you Stephanie .. and bravo to Tristan for such a magnificent painting. I'm so pleased you are adapting to life without little Sakura, young children are able to move on very quickly, just wait and see.
    Dahlia is beautiful, and so prettily dressed and well read!
    Take care.
    Kate x

  13. Thank you for the mention Stephanie, I'm so glad that it helped you.

    Tristan's painting is so positive and colourful - and a lovely thank you gesture.

    Lovely Dahlia is not just a pretty bunny - what great taste in books she has ....!

    Have a great week.


  14. Hello Stephanie,

    I'm so sorry to read of your loss! Sending you all lots of hugs & xxxxxxxx

    what a beautiful painting Tristan has done....

    Lou xxx

  15. Dahlia is surely the star of the autumn catwalks! I wish I could buy that outfit in my size.

  16. A cherry tree, that is a beautiful idea.
    The painting by Tristan is beautiful, it really is.
    Dahlia is wonderful. You are so creative.
    Much love.

  17. Hi Stephanie,

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better. What a beautiful painting Tristan made! He is talented. I like his name too. Is he named after Tristan, one of King Arthur's knights? He is one of my favourites :-).

    Dahlia looks very sweet. She is a beauty with her colourful clothes in autumn shades!!

    Haven't started on your book yet....If only I had a bit more time. Still reading 'The Daisy club' by Charlotte Bingham at the moment.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  18. What lovely ideas. I meant to plant a tree for my father and this reminds me that I still must.
    I love the rabbit. If I try to make things like this, they go all wonky.
    I know the meaning of your blog now, as I taught my English class a lesson on French food. Sounds bizarre, but they wanted to know more about French cuisine.
    You did see a doll. But I liked the idea of you dreaming it, hee hee. It was from my flickr page. I am not holding out much hope for my etsy shop, but hopefully I will get some custom makes. I am thinking about new blog and shop names that are more fitting.
    Your books look lovely. Oo, I love books, they are so precious. I had the writers yearbook.xxx

  19. Dear Stephanie, I just popped by to let you know that you have won my giveaway. Congratulations! Your smokey topaz earrings will be winging their way to you as soon as you let me have your postal address. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of Sakura. Em x

  20. Dahlia ... just the name has a certain comforting autumnalness, and Dahlia Rabbit is clearly a very comforting kind of girl to have around. Are those dahlia's in Tristan's lovely painting I wonder?

  21. Sweet friend,

    I am very late in coming here, school work is keeping me so tired! But I am happy to know that you are comforted in knowing that we all care, that our beloved pet are SPECIAL in the whole scheme of things, and that our creativity (LOVE THAT RABBIT) is what makes our lives move on to make the magic, the hope and the love.


  22. I came over to thank you for your comment on my blog and was sorry to read about the passing of your furry friend. You're quite right about needing to go forward.
    Your rabbit is gorgeous!

  23. What a creative boy you have, I love the picture he made, he takes after his mummy. Your bunny is so sweet and the little cardigan...sigh!
    x Sandi

  24. Firstly, well done Tristan for painting such a beautiful water colour!...I see a very sensitive and creative nature here...
    I love little Dahlia too in her Autumnal wardrobe...you have certainly done Helen's lovely pattern proud and I am sure she will have brought some smiles to your difficult week...
    It is so heartwarming to hear how you have helped your little ones deal with the loss of Sakura...you will have equipped them with tools for life Stephanie...they are so lucky to have such a caring mum..
    Hope you have a good week,
    Susan x

  25. Hi Stephanie,
    I LOVE the flower picture! What a talented little boy!
    And I LOVE the bunny too!!! She definitely a girl, and I'm a wee bit jealous of her super-cute cardie!!! :-)

  26. I was so sorry to read about the loss of your feline friend Stephanie. What a lovely idea to plant a tree. Then when you see the blossom or pick the cherries you will remember.

    That rabbit is wonderful - the colours of the clothes are beautiful!

  27. Sweet Stephanie, I thank you ever so much for your kind words about my blog, I appreciate them Oh So Much! A cherry tree in honor of your darling pet sounds so lovely :) -- Wishing you and your family a happily spooky Halloween!

  28. my boys still remember my parents old dog that died a few years ago. It was their first brush with death and it was a good way of talking about it, how ok it is to be sad and the lesson about enjoying the moments we have.

    It's part of their memories and not in a bad or sad way now.

    (love your rabbit)

  29. Dear Stephanie,

    So glad to see the show must go on!
    I love your darling sweet rabbit Dahlia and what a fabulous Princess and the pea photo. I love the cute painting from Tristan, he is so clever and such a lovely thank you gesture.
    A cherry tree or rose bush is such a lovely idea.
    Sending hugs and hope you are having a lovely week


  30. That is a very sweet rabbit. And a very cute little sweater! It's just a thought... but I bet just a few minor changes to the pattern would produce a very sweet looking kitty cat.

    Planting a cherry tree is a very sweet idea.

    I hope you will realize your dream of owning a teashop/bookstore someday. That sounds absolutely delightful to me.

    I have some better pictures of Betsy McCall on the paperdoll collection page under my header. I think I have most all of her outfits pictured there. My sister picked her up at a doll convention she attended several years ago.

  31. such a delightful posts, i so enjoy them...the rabbit and clothing is so sweetly made ;0) great Autumnal colours x

  32. What a lovely painting Tristan has made to thank us, so sweet !
    The rabbit is so cute, beautifully made !
    At the moment I have Moesj, the black cat (a little one of Moesj) and our tom cat Zorro, they both died, but I want to keep their pictures in my side bar.
    Wish you a nice evening,

  33. all of our pets here have something living growing to commemorate their dear lives.

    I remember beloved pets dying when I was a child, and somehow it always taught me to face up to death without fear.

    I came over to thankyou for your kind comment, but have been really moved by this, and the last post about your lovely Sakura.
    Hoping this week brings happiness

  34. Dear one, I am deeply touched by your approach to Sakura's passing. What a lovely mother you are, equipping your children for life in such a way..a truly precious legacy. I just noticed the early growth poking through the earth today of a few tender dahlias..cycles. Mine beginning, yours ending. I adore the rich hues of the cardi..so soul satisfying. Thank you for the loveliness....enchanted!
    Much love Catherine.

  35. Stephanie, planting a cherry tree for Sakura is a beautiful idea. Tristan's painting is beautiful too, quite a work of art!

    And thank you so much for your lovely comments over at theknobbyknitter. We definitely share similar tastes--in rabbits at least!

    I can see why you are inspired to create a whole shelf full of Dahlia's. I am fighting the urge to bring out the sewing machine right this minute and try my hand at your version, she is simply charming!

  36. I do like the cardi - I rather fancy one for myself, but being a slow knitter maybe it is better to stick to toy-sized and just dream.

    Pomona x

  37. Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, it's lovely to meet you :)
    You have a beautiful blog here yourself and I am very much looking forward to keeping up with your fabulous makes... I am in love with your little rabbit she is adorable especially her colourful knitted cardi...

    I am so sorry to here you lost your cat... I'm sure Sakura will not be forgotten :)

    Take care
    Louise xx

  38. I love how the bunny has one big button to keep his sweater together. The sweater on the stuff bunny adds another level of cuteness.


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